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By: responder
Acacia Park Nursing Rehab Two
I use to work at this facility and have had a family member here and knowing everything I do I would recommend this facility. They have done alot of changes and are trying to better the building, it don't happen over night but they have come along way. The main thing is they are constantly striving to better their care for the residents. The staff really do care about the residents, when I left I cried and so did some of the patients, I still go visit. Its like a family invironment there and you don't find that in all facilities. Most of them are just trying to get your Medicare days and then kick you out if you need long term care, the admissions cordinator was always trying to help the family when they were having to find a place right away because all the rehab days were used. Yet after reading all the other reviews people still have ugly things to say. And the one that is from Katie, she use to work there too and was terminated. Her grandma was there and even after she was terminated, no matter how many times her grandma discharged to the hospital they brought her back to Acacia more than a dozen times by choice so they must not have been that bad huh? Do your research and make your own decisions and meet the staff that your family member is going to be spending so much time with, no matter how fancy the place is. My mom loved it there and still sends the staff pies and candy. She tells all her friends at in apartments to go to Acacia they are so nice. The place I work now is much fancier and all the rooms might have tvs and nice equipment, but the staff is so busy running around there isn't time to be extra nice and pay extra attention to the patients its about business and money. SO be careful how you choose.
By: myviews
Acacia Park Nursing Rehab Two
My mom had hip replacement surgery and I recieved a list of skilled nursing facilities from the hospital. I needed to place my mom for short term rehab possible to be long term care. After doing my research, touring the facilities and asking alot of questions, even though Acacia wasn't the best looking facility I felt the most comfortable with the staff. The saying don't chose a book by its cover is true. I've read some of the older reviews on this site and it has changed alot over the years. My mom was there 7/2012 to 11/2012 and the staff became like her family. There have been alot of improvements, new paint , decorations, TV's in rooms, the ceiling has been repaired. If there was ever an issue I just brought it to the attention of the Director of Nursing and it was taken care of immediatley. There are problems in all facilities I'm sure, but to know the staff generally cares about the patients made it easier for me to leave her there. I would recommend this facility to anyone I care about, the way the building looks isn't what got my mom back on her feet and strong enough in body and spirit to back at home alone and independent for a while longer. Good luck
By: Sara B.
Acacia Park Nursing Rehab Two
I was afraid to place my mom here but had no other choice after being told by the hospital that the only facility in the entire town with a bed to accommodate my mother for a long term stay was Acacia Park. Thank you Acacia park for accepting my sweet mother who at the time had a few problems adjusting to the idea that she would be living in a nursing home. The staff was outstanding and very loving to my mom. She was there for 1 year and during her stay she grew to love each and every person whom took care of her. The facility is by far not as pretty as many in the town of Modesto but overall my mother's experience was very good and the care was wonderful. If you are searching to find a place for a loved one this facility will take good care of them.
By: mloew1
Garden City Health Care Center
This is by far the best place ever. All of the staff are of the highest caliber. Treated with the utmost respect, compassion, understanding, caring. Excellent quality of care, excellent service in the food service and maintenance departments as well. The facility itself is very clean and very well maintained!!!! Would recommend this facility highly!!!!!
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By: Lynn M.
Garden City Health Care Center
My dad got excellent care there. The physical and occupational therapy is top notch. All staff appear to love their job and are very attentive. This place is very well run

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