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By: bobby1555
Whistle Stop
I,found this place one day while driving. The Whistle Stop Cafe, It looked kinda neet from the outside, so I turned around to give it a try. (The best move I've made in a long time). Upon going inside, I was greeted very nicely, and they really make you fill at home,there whole staff was very plesant and friendy, kind of nice to see people working and having fun with the custormers. This place really has a following, as I, sat while waiting for my food ,which did not take long, I notisted that the staff new a lot of people by name as well as a lot of the customers new each other. After biting into the Softshell sandwich that I, havent had sence I, was at my uncle's house, down on the bay last summer. It was, Exceptional to say the least. I, really enjoyed myself so much and the food was so good, I deceided to invite my aunt and uncle, of course my wife and son as well, for lunch the following weekend. This was a brave thing to do as you would have to know my aunt when it comes to food, Of course she had to have the seafood platter, uncle Roy tried the Bar-B-Que plate, Bob my son had a Whistle Stop Burger, which they asked how he would like it cooked!! my wife had a Smoked chicken salad stuffed tomato, she said was to die for and I, went for the Softshell Platter and a cup of Gumbo this time.This is a MUST TRY, You won't be sorry, You'll be glad you did !! Bob Shoeman
By: flyingsidekickr
The Grove Apartments
The Grove is a great place to live because the rent is cheap and the commute to classes is minimal driving-wise. In fact, for new incoming residents wanting a 3 BR 1200 sq. ft unit, the rent, which always includes all but like $10 of utilities, is only going to be $485/month. In my case, it is only $455/month, because it is my second year here since a $30 cheaper rent was an incentive to sign for another year, six months early. Often times, in my experience, the occupancy level is below capacity; My unit only has two of us, and my roommate is moving out at the end of this month, while I happen to be looking for someone to take my lease because I am doing a leave of absence from school. The free internet and basic cable have been nice. I don’t know if phone service is free or not because I just use my 688,9377 non-Mobile mobile (480) number. There are volleyball and basketball courts and a soccer field for the athletic, and there is a fire pit and grills for outdoor hangouts. If you wanna swim, there is a decent pool, and for those who are into the other kind of pool, there is a pool table at the main office, across from their fitness center which is available 24/7 to only those living in the Grove. I would definitely recommend the Grove to incoming students, whether I was leaving or not.
By: thejedhi
Sterling Place Apartments
I am unable to reach anyone in the office after repeated efforts. I know that the apartments have a reputation for being somewhat transitional with people moving in and out all the time and always leaving without paying the rent they owe. I am trying to notify management., Dustin Rogers, and his wife, Sandra in Apt. 601 are moving out today (Friday - July 27th) without notice. I know they owe rent. I know that "Trudy", the office manager of the property - has done everything in the world to work with them and been so incredibly kind to them that I felt I should make you/her aware of this. If they aren't held accountable then nothing will change for the better. I know I tried to do what's right. That's all I can do.
By: missy.braune
Arlington Park Apartments
I will be moving out of these apartments next month. We signed our Notice to Vacate (a date which was already laid out in our lease signed August 2013) a week and a half late, and are therefore having to pay an extra $200. The gate has been broken at least three times for weeks at a time, where it then stands wide open day and night, negating the whole "gated community" sense of safety. The fitness center offers basically nothing; there's a tower with broken cables and a usually broken elliptical. The office staff is three beautiful young ladies who will smile pretty before you move in then treat you like an idiot from there on out. Just sign your notice to vacate, people.
By: braincandy251
First rule in serving food: serve hot foods hot,in hot plate; serve cold foods cold in cold plate. I've served for years and I was truly dissapointed to get my california chicken salad in a hot plate with hot wilted lettuce and strawberrys :( The server didn't check back to correct the problem quickly. And my party was finished with their ribs and chicken by the time I got a freash sald with cold lettuce. That was dissapointing considering salads should be ready first. Please lteach this simple rule to servers before they are on the floor.
By: John m W.
Chili's Grill & Bar
Not all Chili's are created equal. Food wasn't the best. Went to the all you can eat enchilada promotion well, you get what you paid for. My sever was good. I then went back and ordered a rib-eye steak the steak was if I'm luck an eight of a inch thick and was under cooked (my bad I've should have sent it back) my server was nowhere to be found and when I pressed the call for assistance button he was nowhere t be found and had to ask another server to locate a manager. i've had good experiences wit the Chili's in Miami FL and Humble TX.
By: Kurt J.
Logan's Roadhouse
The last few times I have been here I have asked to speak to the manager about how great the service is. They really do go above and beyond. If you get good service let your waiter and manager know. The food is decent. We usually just get appetizers. The nachos are pretty hefty. try it out if you are in the area.. They have roasted peanuts at the beginning of each meal and they are really good.
By: Kurt J.
TGI Fridays
Service is up to par here. They live up to their name. Great quality ribs ,and shrimp are large and juicy. Steaks are fresh not frozen and you can tell it.The slaw is not average.. some may like it asian style but not I..If you like a mayo base do not try it! Very good drinks and specials. Would like to come back with the guys and get one of the new bar booths.
By: cyathere
Blues Tavern
I have traveled many places looking for music, this bar is the best. Live blues 5 nights a week. All the bands are top rated. Day drinking is fun here too. You will feel right at home. There is a court yard and a man cave. A middle age crowd where a woman can walk in and will feel at home. Dancing a must!,
By: mary r.
TGI Fridays
My friends and I love this Fridays!! The bar is great and the food is really good! They have a lot of new items on their menu. I love the garlic Parmesan sauce on the wings, and I recently tried the french dip and fell in love!! This place is really clean and classy! service is friendly :)

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