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By: Magan P.
Cimarron Ridge Apartments
I lived at Cimarron Ridge for 2 years. The first year was great. The management was always friendly, prices were fair, and the whole atmosphere was very open and friendly. We did have an issue with maintenance and their lack of effort in fixing certain issues in the apartment, such as our bathroom cabinet having a hole in it. They fixed it by placing another piece of plywood on top of it. Could not use that cabinet for the entire time living in the apartment.Once the new management took over a year later, all the decent quality went down hill. My first experience with our apartment management was when we had just rescued a small puppy that we wanted to add onto our apartment lease. We already had one dog on the lease, which the lease said that 2 pets were acceptable, so we were simply adding on a new pet. The management told us that they would reduce the pet fee to $200.00 (which was the original pet fee) instead of the new pet fee of $400.00 that they demanded per pet. Of course we thought this was nice and accepted the terms, but once we got the $200.00 paid we got a late notice on our door saying that we owed another 100.00 for our rent. When we asked about it, the manager said that we still owed 200.00 for our new puppy, but that they had said that they were only going to charge us $300.00 for our new puppy. Ok, we did not get the original agreement in writing, stupid move on our part. However this new agreement I made sure to get it in writing. My fiance and I both went there and signed the agreement ourselves. Next month we got another late statement saying that we owed another 100.00 for the pet fee. When I approached the ladies in the office, they tried to place the blame on us saying that there was a miscommunication between my fiance and myself, even though we both went in together and signed the agreement. I have a copy of that agreement still in case they decide later to charge us again. I would not have mind paying the 400.00 if they asked for it up front, but they lied saying they would discount only to try and make us pay the full 400.00 anyway. After that they tried sending us a notice again saying that we were paying too little, and tried to say that we needed to pay for cable and trash. So ultimately in the middle of our lease, our rent went up even though our lease plainly stated the amount we were supposed to pay every month and said nothing about paying for cable/trash. I did not care to argue with them and conceded to pay the higher rent cost despite what the lease stated. Ultimately, we were conned by them and I can honestly say I have lived in multiple apartments and have never had such dishonesty from management before. As far as the overall area around the apartments. It is nice and quiet, but the maintenance lacks in multiple areas. The dog stations never have any doggie bags, the safety lights on the sides of the buildings are always out so there are a lot of dark areas around the apartments, and the lawn service is done sporadically. The pathways between the buildings can be dangerous because they allow sand and mud to build up along the concrete. I slipped several times because of this. They do not keep the gazebo area cleaned so be sure to take a dusting rag with you if you plan to use it. The apartments are now overpriced for the quality of appliances and lack of maintenance done on them. On the plus side, they do have a small gym, laundry center, and 2 pools around the apartments. They also have a little place where you can wash your car. Water cost are supposed to be included in the cost of the rent, but they may have changed.I suggest that for anyone going to rent there, be sure to double check every i dotted and t crossed on the lease to make sure they do not add in extra costs without you knowing it.
By: flyingsidekickr
The Grove Apartments
The Grove is a great place to live because the rent is cheap and the commute to classes is minimal driving-wise. In fact, for new incoming residents wanting a 3 BR 1200 sq. ft unit, the rent, which always includes all but like $10 of utilities, is only going to be $485/month. In my case, it is only $455/month, because it is my second year here since a $30 cheaper rent was an incentive to sign for another year, six months early. Often times, in my experience, the occupancy level is below capacity; My unit only has two of us, and my roommate is moving out at the end of this month, while I happen to be looking for someone to take my lease because I am doing a leave of absence from school. The free internet and basic cable have been nice. I don’t know if phone service is free or not because I just use my 688,9377 non-Mobile mobile (480) number. There are volleyball and basketball courts and a soccer field for the athletic, and there is a fire pit and grills for outdoor hangouts. If you wanna swim, there is a decent pool, and for those who are into the other kind of pool, there is a pool table at the main office, across from their fitness center which is available 24/7 to only those living in the Grove. I would definitely recommend the Grove to incoming students, whether I was leaving or not.
By: thejedhi
Sterling Place Apartments
I am unable to reach anyone in the office after repeated efforts. I know that the apartments have a reputation for being somewhat transitional with people moving in and out all the time and always leaving without paying the rent they owe. I am trying to notify management., Dustin Rogers, and his wife, Sandra in Apt. 601 are moving out today (Friday - July 27th) without notice. I know they owe rent. I know that "Trudy", the office manager of the property - has done everything in the world to work with them and been so incredibly kind to them that I felt I should make you/her aware of this. If they aren't held accountable then nothing will change for the better. I know I tried to do what's right. That's all I can do.
By: missy.braune
Arlington Park Apartments
I will be moving out of these apartments next month. We signed our Notice to Vacate (a date which was already laid out in our lease signed August 2013) a week and a half late, and are therefore having to pay an extra $200. The gate has been broken at least three times for weeks at a time, where it then stands wide open day and night, negating the whole "gated community" sense of safety. The fitness center offers basically nothing; there's a tower with broken cables and a usually broken elliptical. The office staff is three beautiful young ladies who will smile pretty before you move in then treat you like an idiot from there on out. Just sign your notice to vacate, people.
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By: Meredith M.
Classic Rentals Inc
I am someone who likes to do research before working with a company. I rented a house for a year when I moved back to Mobile. Classic Rentals helped me find the perfect house! I tend to make pros and cons lists as well!Pros:1. Dedicated professionals that work for the company2. Numerous properties to choose from3. The company has been around for a while4. The customer service is 5 star which is hard to find these days.Cons:1. My house was broken into right before Christmas, but the manager of Classic Rentals visited my house that evening to be sure that I was alright!
By: Brenda L.
Sombery Of Mobile
My Mom moved into Somerby a week ago. She is already attending exercise class, going to movies, and to church. These are some of the things that she was no longer able to do on her own. Now all of these activities and many, many more are available to her. The staff at Somerby is wonderful. They are kind and patient. They are truly concerned about the health and welfare of the residents. The staff makes each resident feel cared for and special. I am so happy that my Mother is living in such a loving and supportive community.
By: Alison C.
Sombery Of Mobile
Encouraging my Dad to move to a senior community was made easier by the friendly staff and "just-like-home" atmosphere at Somerby! The sincere concern for his health and happiness was apparent from our first visit and still continues today, almost eight months later. As a new resident he has adjusted well, made new friends, enjoyed some success at Bingo, frequented the work out room, and participated in a theatrical production. Thank you Somerby for providing such a wonderful, engaging and active environment!
By: Lauren K.
Reeves Reality
Reeves Rentals has been extremely useful in helping me find my home. The receptionist up front is very polite and willing to answer any questions regarding our home search with a smile. The company was open about issues with the property and intent to repair said issues which provided reassurance that we were in good hands. We love our home and every issues encountered once we moved in was repaired quickly by licensed plumbers and repairmen. I would recommend this company to anyone!
By: Eddie B.
Sombery Of Mobile
My mom moved here two months ago and it's the best decision she made. She no longer sits around the house feeling lonely. Being on a walker changed her life and she suddenly felt restricted to a home life. She now can enjoy so many activities right at Somerby. Her days are once again filled. Her demeanor and attitude about life have greatly changed for the better. Everyone at Somerby was helpful and so nice to help her meet new friends and learn how to get involved.
By: Nancy W.
Sombery Of Mobile
My parents moved into Somerby Assisted Living over a year ago. It has been just what they needed. They love the activities, especially the van rides around the city. The staff is great: helpful, patient, caring. We have talked it up so much that my mother-in-law has just moved to the Independent Living apartments. I think she will love meeting new friends and having all the activities she can do located right in the facility.

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