By: earlnstacey
Critter Capture
I live in Natchez, MS and had a bat problem. I called a local company that came out and gave me an estimate to get rid of the bats and seal up the house. The price was a little high but I didn't know who else to call. They came and did the work and gave me a guarantee. About a week or so ago, I began to get bats back in my house. When I tried calling the local company, they were no where to be found. They had gone out of business.I began researching on the Internet and I found Critter Capture. I was a little skeptical at first because their home office is out of Mobile, AL. I called and spoke to the owner Rick Wyatt and he assured me that they could get rid of the bats. He came to my house and gave me an estimate which I thought was very reasonable. I apologized to Mr. Wyatt for thinking that he would charge me double since he was coming from Mobile. I will forever be grateful to Mr Wyatt and his company for getting rid of my bats. It turns out that Mr Wyatt has a satellite office in Jackson, MS. If you are having any critter problems, I would recommend Critter Capture to anyone and I promise, you will be pleased.
By: tink12
Critter Capture
We had raccoons in our attic and we called several companies before we decided on Mr. Rick and his company. He was very nice on the phone and was very professional speaking. He came to do an inspection and was able to get started right away. His technicians were professional and very clean cut. The company all around just made me feel comfortable and I was confident that I had chosen the right company to get rid of our raccoons. They were able to get rid of the raccoon, get the house sealed up and the insulation replaced. I would recommend Mr. Rick and his company over anyone that I called. If you call and talk to Mr. Rick, you will see why his company is the best in our area.
By: Matt H.
Gulf Coast Pest Control
Been a happy customer for 7 years. 7 years ago we moved into our new home. Quickly had an ant problem. A friend gave me Gulf Coasts number. I called at 9 pm expecting to get an answering service. Rico answered the phone and wanted to come on out that night. we settled for the next morning and have been doing business since. Nobody can beat the attitude, professionalism, and charm this entire company has. Very small town, old school feel with the best results. I have never had to call them back on the 30 day guarantee. They just come to the house, do their thing and no bugs. I recommend to everyone i know.
By: tink12
Critter Capture
Rick and his techs were the best. They were very professional and punctual. His prices were a lot lower than his competitors and I was very pleased. They got rid of the raccoons in the attic plus helped me file on my insurance. Rick did most of the leg work with the insurance company and I was very pleased with how I didn't have to do anything. I made one initial phone call and Rick handled it from there.I would definitely recommend Critter Capture. Their prices are very reasonable and I don't feel that I was taken advantage of at all.Thanks again Rick.
By: rose1958
Critter Capture
This past summer I upgraded my insulation and made a couple of improvements to my home. The results were amazing. Where the A/C stayed on constantly, I can now set it to 74 and it barely runs during the day. I am excited to see the savings I have already saved and see what I will save in the winter months. I highly recommend Critter Capture to come out and do an energy savings inspection on your home. You will be happy you did when you see the savings.
By: brighteyes2010
Gulf Coast Pest Control
I have been a customer of Gulf coast pest control since 1999. I have been extremely delighted with there service and knowing my technician on a first name basis. I would highly recommend this company to my seniors and partners with my firm. Keep up the good work.
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By: Gwen R.
Dawes Grass Farm
We were pleasantly surprised. We only needed 20 pieces of sod and it was freshly cut, moist, green and waiting for us as promised when I arrived to pick it up. The price was lower than anywhere else I checked. Definitely will go there again. Gwen R.
By: Carol A.
Mj Trimshop
Repaired my headliner and did an excellent job for a reasonable charge. Great customer service too, and that is rare these days. Very pleased with their service and will recommend to family and friends.
By: Micheal W.
Gulf Coast Pest Control
I'm pleased to say this company is the best. I have used terminex and others in the past, but gulf coast pest control is the best. I'm a pleased customer of 3 years. I Recommend this company often.
By: rustynlea
Critter Capture
Rick at Critter Capture, LLC was very thorough with his inspection. I will definitely recommend his company. They took care of my raccoon problem and I was very pleased.
Tips & Advices
Ask your pest control company about no-kill traps you can use if you want to get mice, rabbits, opossums or other furry creatures out of your house without harming them.
Many pest control experts now offer environmentally friendly treatment for your home and yard with insecticides that aren't as harsh for the ecosystem. Check with exterminators around your area to see if they provide these kinds of services. Also, keep your plants free from harmful chemicals by spraying cedar oil or soapy water on your flowers.
  • Dispose of garbage regularly.
  • Don't ┬áleaving food or drink out.
  • Clean up after spills as soon as you can.
  • Drain any standing water in your house or yard.
  • Regularly mow and rake your lawn.
If you find insects and other animals trying to get in through cracks or openings, use a caulk gun to fill the gaps. You'll also want to either use traditional bug spray or a citronella candle to keep bugs such as mosquitos away from you during the summer months.
The price for exterminators can range broadly since they can charge for a monthly inspection and treatment. The final bill also comes down to the square footage of your property.
When pest control technicians visit your home or place of business, expect them to first identify what insect or other animal it is that's causing trouble. After identification, they will inspect your building to see where the pests are coming from and locate their hive or nest. Then the exterminator will spray or set out traps and bait according to which pest you have.

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