By: smiley2010
DA San Yuan
I don't know what Krethotis is talking about. This place has the BEST Hot and Sour soup. I love bamboo shoots and tofu and they definitely don't hold back on those ingredients which is great. The lunch specials aren't bad either. I had the Orange Beef with fried rice and it was mouth-watering! The staff there is also wonderful. The server was attentive, came to the table every now and then to see if everything was alright and if I needed anything else. As I was paying for the meal at the front desk, the cashier also asked if everything was alright. I like the atmosphere there alot. It felt nice knowing that the staff cared about their customers. Great job Da San Yuan!
By: julie_beanie
DA San Yuan
Don't listen to Rivadeneira!! He's probably just used to restaurants who claim to be Chinese places but have Mexicans cooking the food. Da San Yuan is authentic Chinese cuisine! How cool is that?! It's a great place to go to for lunch or dinner out with the family. They have a HUGE menu...so many dishes to chose from. What I liked the most is that they can custom make your dishes (add or leave out certain ingrediants) unlike that nasty place Dia Tung on Sharry Rd.
By: laura.ayala
Taqueria De Jalisco
The food is good, if they can take your order right. It's been four times that I place an order to-go and they are distracted on the phone not paying attention, rushing your order, only to come home to tacos I did not order.I called to let them know it's been four times my order was placed incorrectly and they did not take responsibility. They even blamed me for the order being wrong.
By: Ulyses A.
Mariscos El 7 Mares
he restaurant is very clean with friendly staff and the music is not too loud.They have big screen TV's for your viewing pleasure and the food is not expensive good value and great tasting I was not surprised since I found out it's a mom and pops restaurant so they take care of their clientele very well.yeah highly recommend
By: natalie125
DA San Yuan
This place is great! Went there and had one of their lunch specials. Fills you up and definitely wallet friendly. Atmosphere very calming and the servers there are attentive. Couldn't ask for more. :)
By: Joe H.
Taco Ole Restaurant
Taco Ole is by far the best Mexican Food in all the Valley. Great prices and very affordable where you can feed the whole family. I highly recommend this restaurant.
By: Jenny T.
Mariscos El 7 Mares
The Best Seafood restaurant in Mission Texas, everything in the Menu is fantastic and the owners are always there try the Srimp Tacos they great!
user avatar
By: J.r. A.
El Papa Taco
You need to come try all the tacos they're delicious !!! They also serve corn In a cup ,hot Cheetos and cheese , and nachos w/ fajita !
user avatar
By: Anna S.
Tamales Y Mas
Love this place. Breakfast and lunch are excellent. Friendly staff n good atmosphere.
user avatar
By: Leo A.
Mariscos El 7 Mares
Best seafood place there is the tostadas de ceviche caldo 7 mares the best...
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