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By: Food H.
Panda Express
The takeaway: decent food, HORRIBLE "service"!I have eaten here about 10 times in the last 3 months or so, and the line at the counter moves SO SLOWLY!This place is set-up like a Subway- you move along the counter and tell the employees what you want. They dish it up from the steam table, you pay and either sit down and eat or take it to-go.Today, I walked in and there were about 10 people in front of me. As I stood waiting, I noticed the trash bin near the restrooms was LITERALLY OVERFLOWING WITH TRASH. As I got closer to the food I noticed they were out of fried rice (which is always my choice to accompany my entrees). I stood in line 10 minutes before I even got to order!When it was my turn to order there was still no fried rice and I heard an employee tell another customer "it will be ready in 3 or 4 minutes". I ordered fried rice and Kung Pao Chicken- which was basically just the guy writing on an empty Styrofoam container "fried rice and Kung Pao Chicken". The employees continued to fill more food orders as I and two other customers stood waiting for the fried rice. AFTER 9 MORE MINUTES the fried rice was finally ready and they actually put some food in my Styrofoam container and I stepped towards the register. The girl running the register overcharged me by about $5.00- I asked for a manager who proceeded to charge me an ADDITIONAL $7.28 AS A REMEDY!!!After I pointed out to the MANAGER that she had just made another mistake she then proceeded to "fix" the problem by running my credit card through the machine 2 more times and printing out 2 MORE receipts for a total of 4 TRANSACTIONS on my credit card for one meal!!! (I took photos, for you in the audience who can't believe such incompetence!)After I got home I looked over the four receipts and I THINK the manager finally got it right, but I'm not 100% sure.Also, I almost forgot to add, they were out of Pepsi. The machine wasn't broken or anything, they were just out, no one bothered to order more.Total mount of time spent to get ONE order of Kung Pao Chicken and fried rice at Panda "Express"...ALMOST 25 MINUTES!!!As I said at the top, the food here is decent, but, I have had slow, horrible, even rude service from the employees here about 50% of the time I have visited this place in the last few months. I now stop and think twice before going into Panda "Express".*************UPDATE, 5-25-2015 ********************I cc'ed the above to Panda "Express" on their customer contact web page and I have never heard anything back. Apparently Panda "Express" doesn't care about customer service!
By: Food H.
Nedderman's Steak Place
I feel like the little kid who can't see the emperor's new clothes, but, here we go anyway...I've lived in this area off and on for 15 years- I've driven past this place hundreds, if not thousands of times. My spidey-sense always told me "that place CAN'T be all that great", "it looks like a carnival food stand". Today the weather was beautiful, I was in a good mood and I finally stopped at Nedderman's.I decided to eat at the picnic table- I walked up to the window and the girl took my order. I got the large steak tips sandwich with green beans and mashed red potatoes with a Coke. She "suggested-sold" me some mushrooms for $1 extra and some A-1 sauce for .50 more cents.As I waited for my food I could hear the drive-thru orders being placed and people were being asked how they wanted their steak tips cooked- I was not asked what temperature I wanted for my tips, and since this was my first time here it did not even occur to me to request a certain doneness. I received my food in about 10 minutes and I did not get the A-1 sauce for which I had paid extra. I walked back to the window and got my sauce. I also asked about the side of mushrooms I bought and I was told they were on the sandwich under the meat. I looked and saw the mushrooms under the meat - large, un-cut, whole mushrooms that took up a lot of space- where maybe the rest of my steak should have been? I expected the mushrooms to be on the side and I would add them to my sandwich as I saw fit.The steak was bland. Not horribly tough, but not melt-in-your-mouth tender either. The only salt and pepper available was ONE each of those tiny little packets that you get at McDonalds or Burger King that was included in my plastic wrapped fork-napkin-salt-pepper kit. The potatoes were unremarkable to borderline disappointing, the green beans were beans. I need to repeat this- THE FOOD WAS BLAND, UNREMARKABLE AND UNSATISFYING!And it was not cheap!, $13.35 for a steak-tip sandwich! For just a couple dollars more I could have gone to a real steak house and gotten a REAL steak dinner with table service, unlimited salt and pepper and no flies!The place always seems busy, and they were busy during my visit! But, I have no reason to lie- if the food were good I would be shouting it from the rooftops. I am always excited to find a new, GOOD restaurant. Didn't happen today. As I said in the beginning I feel like the little kid who can't see the emperor's new clothes- well, we all know the moral to that story.
By: jailer9877
Burger King
I'm darn near 40 yrs old and have never been so impressed by a fast food restaurant that i was compelled to review it. The folks at the Grape rd BK are friendly, professional and courteous. One even offered to fetch me a glass of water when she saw i hadn't bought a drink. Way to go, BK
By: jred
I always enjoy stopping by here when I need that sweet tooth fix. Sometimes they mess up food orders and don't listen, but that's when they are in a lunch or dinner rush. Their concrete mixers are what blizzards use to be and at a better price.
By: Fullmoon ♡.
I'm happy to say this is a good arbys not all the time but it's been good for a year no problem fast service I wish the rest of the neighborhood restaurants were running proper thanks for not messing my orders up send more coupons out
By: jred
Taco Bell
As far as Taco Bell restaurants go this is a 4 star Taco Bell all the way. I rarely have any issues and they treat myself and those I know ,whom have gone there with respect and kindness.
By: jred
Normally when I go to Arby's the food taste a bit better. At this place my fries were stale and full of oil. Normally they are not that bad
By: hoppytoaddaycare
Taco Bell
My family and I love going to this Taco Bell location. The employees are all friendly and the service is 99% of the time outstanding!
By: jred
Rather it's to go or dine in the associates seem disinterested in any kind of service and the food is prepared without any care.

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