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  • They are ehhhh.....

    I came here with one of my lady friends, a couple of weeks ago. Let me tell you, don't ever bring anyone here or yourself for that matter. they are one of the worst experiences I have had downtown and I have had some pretty bad nights down here. So my recommendation, DON'T!

  • Doorman is a Jerk

    A few friends of mine went downtown to hit a few bars and Drink was one of them. I was wearing a party top, nicer jeans, and converse shoes as my shoe supply was limited at the time. The doorman let my friends in with no problem but paused for me and said ""well, for future reference no girls in sneakers"". I was shocked that there was a dress code considering the fact that the place is essentially a grubby sports bar. Expensive drinks (though I wasn't there at happy hour), unfriendly staff, and obnoxious costumers. I wouldn't go again.

  • What!

    Too many people complain. Well, If the drinks are overpriced, come when they have specials. Every time, and I mean EVERY TIME, I go to the Drink, it is fun personified. This is from someone who visits from Chicago and I enjoy myself, each and every time I go there.

  • Customer Service?

    So I know a door man's job isn't exactly easy but man who says you have to be a nob job about it? After he questioned me a thousand times the bartender was no different. She was snotty and rude. I probably won't be back and suggest you don't go either.

  • No good

    We went for some fun girlfriend dancing on a Saturday Night, we had been to another bar/club prior to this one, and showed our Military ID's and were exempted from paying the cover charge. But at Drink we showed our ID and still had to pay the cover charge. The other clientele of Drink give others no respect, or courtesy. Didn't drink at drink due to the other feed back we had heard. The dance floor was so dirty your feet stick to it, so made it difficult to actually dance.

    I do feel if a bar has ""Service Industry"" nights and 'College ID' Nights they can exempt a Military member.

    Probably won't go back.

  • Dont go there unless you'd like to be assaulted by their staff

    We went there on a Friday night and a friend of mine from our group was assaulted and mased by one of the bouncers. These people have absolutely no regard for the law and do whatever they please. Having witnessed the incident myself, I can say with confidence that the intersaction between the two of them did not raise to the level at which a reasonable person would feel that its necessary to attack someone with mase. I deeply regret not having filed a police report on the spot because we would have definitely sued the place for assault & battery otherwise. Unfortunately, getting him to a clean and safe place at that time took priority. This is not a good nor safe place to visit. Please go elsewhere.

  • Drink = Dirty Bartenders that steal and just a nasty place in general-ABSOLUTELY NO STARS

    This place is not a good place to go. Repeatedly they have put drinks on tabs if they think you have had a few to many cocktails. I have heard from repeated people that say they have been ruffied in this establishment and BY THE BARTENDERS..they suspect. Really Sad.

    Needless to say they have a good location so you go there but really it is not worth it. Overall bad service and well the character is disgusting.

    If you must go there only get drinks from a cocktailer because they are non biased and will just order your drinks...nothing more about it. less chance of anything being put in your drinks- i think.

  • Does NOT support America's Troops, hates freedom

    Last Friday (3-7-08) I was going to meet some friends at Drink. I just got back over here and wasn't too familiar with downtown (new light rail, etc.), so I left a little early and beat my friends to the bar by 10-15 minutes. I wandered around a little bit and then decided to wait inside out of the cold. The bouncer refused me entry because of my military jacket. WTF?! He said that wasn't an expectable look at Drink. He claimed there was some sort of ""business casual"" dress code for Friday nights. They apparently have a different idea of business casual than I do, because a number of people walked out of the bar while I waited for my friends in what appeared to be jeans and a t-shirt under their coats. When my friends arrived they asked the bouncer again. He said if I took off my coat and put it in the car we could all come in. It was a least -10 ?F. I surprised he didn't just ask me to sp*t on a flag to come inside. Needless to say, we didn't. We walked across the street and had a great time at Brother's, which I highly recommend.

  • Racism

    They declined entrance to me and my friend. We are both mexican. They told us that they had no coat check, and since we were wearing winter coats, we couldnt come in. However they were letting all the white patrons in, with their baggy winter jackets.
    My friend then asked if it was because we were brown, the idiot ID checker laughed and said ""of course not."" I would recommend that you never go here.

  • Worst Place to Go if you're a colored person and you're not dressed skanky!

    SO my friends and I are from out of town and we went to visit Minneapolis for a conference. We had some time to waste and decided to check out some bars. We stumbled onto the ""DRINK"" because a man was soliciting free drinks to passerbys. At first we thought, why not, we should support the guy and he did a cool dance to get our attention. As we edged closer to the ""Drink"" , we noticed two caucasian men and as soon as they saw us, I had a feeling we would have some difficulties entering. My group consisted of 1 asian female, 1 caucasian male, 1 asian male and a black male. To my surprise, my black male friend was picked out of our crowd due to his ""outfit."" We all had casual winter clothing on and the only difference was my friend had a black velor warm pants and jacket on. We were not admitted in. But of course the next groups of white caucasian men as well as skanky clothless females were immediately let in.

    I mean, I thought racism ended already. We're no longer in the 1950's and there shouldn't be any more discrimination. We felt dehumanized and in total disgust at how people can still hold such ignorance and expect ""colored"" people to tolerate such an act.

    My friend was a better person because he left with the idea of rather reinforcing stereotypes, such as swearing at them, we brushed it off and moved on. AGAIN, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE. People deserve to be treated fairly and ""Drink"" is not a place you can expect to recieve such a right.

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