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By: Amy S.
Cub Foods
I regularly have a good experience shopping.Employees are helpful and courteous for the most part.I am a cashier as well so I know how it is, at the same time though, you need to suck it up and be nice, smile etc....only a couple of cashiers that I try to avoid..I'm actually only writing this review because I shopped at this location on 9/8/15 around 3pm and used the restroom. Another person entered,used the restroom as well,and exited while I was washing my hands. She was wearing a Cub Foods uniform and left quickly,after smiling at me, without washing her hands...I wanted to say something but I did not. I don't know what department she was working in but it's disgusting either way. It's true when they say "what you don't know won't hurt you".... well, now I know and I don't like it!
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By: Ninxoon30 ..
Cub Food Stores
This Cub Foods in Robbinsdale, is usually very nice. I have enjoyed shopping there since 2009. However, I have to say, there are a few employees who are very rude and not a customer service person who may ruin Customers' experience. I don't know their names, but one is a white male, who stands at the self check counter and watches customer. He is very lazy, everytime I ask him a question, he would look annoyed. Once he even whispered the F word when I was a approaching him. Very sad. I wish the management would know this.The other one is a lady at the dairy counter. She was once very rude, but later became friendly, I guess it was a bad day. Thank you.
By: pria.angelictribe
Wedge Community Co-Op
I Love the Wedge. It is such a vibrant store! They are my favorite food store in the twin cites and one of my favorite co-ops in the country! They have a wonderful produce and meat/seafood section as well as bulk spice and tea section. Also, they have bulk nut butters! The quality here is amazing. I highly recommend this store.
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By: Jonathon H.
Delmonico's Italian Foods
I grew up living near them, from there candy wall to there amazing sandwiches. I cried when I found out they had closed. An amazing store that made me want to go down just to see them even after I moved 2 hours away.i knew they were well worth the trip. You will be missed and loved by so many.
By: Laurene T.
Love, love, love this store. If it weren't for Addis, we would be starving!����Hey! Think I'm hungry now.
By: jill49855
Tienda Mexico Supermercado
Great selection of authentic Mexican food! Out of the way but well worth the trip.
By: Nikki E.
Lunds & Byerlys
Love this store! What a nice place to shop!!!

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