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By: dshikoku
B And M Shell Lab Inc
I was in a need of a hearing aid due to my old BTE was going dead and I couldn't afford what some other companies wanted for them. I was looking online and found this company (it was weird because the company is listed as a Gas Station but the description about it is listed as a hearing aid shop). I was cautious at first because they advertised very cheap hearing aids but I decided to call them anyway. The customer service was very polite and answered all my questions, they told me to go and get a Audiogram done at a licensed Audiologist which I did the following week. I faxed them my Audiogram and they looked it over and said they knew exactly what was needed and asked me what I would like in a hearing aid, I was surprised that they could tell all of that by just looking at that piece of paper. After I was sure of my decision, I told them what I wanted and they made me my new hearing aid and the manager assured me that if the aid didn't suit my needs in the 45 day trial period I could return it and get my money back. It's nice to have that kind of piece of mind but all in all the hearing aid they made for me was perfect and has still been working for the last 7 months.I would recommend this shop for anyone shopping around for hearing aids or hearing aid repairs, the customer service is very reliable and knowledgeable (well except for one lad but he seemed to be just the help for the office, I knew he went well but he didn't really know much about hearing aids, he did know quit a bit about computers and other things that I asked about but that's another review).Two thumbs up!

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