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By: Maggie B.
Rasmussen Cleaning Service LLC
I had a fantastic experience with Tom & Brandon. It started with a phone call about 25 minutes prior to when they were to arrive just to let me know when they would be arriving. This was nice, as I work from home and it gave me time to wrap up any important items before they stared working.When they arrived despite my objection that they did not need to wipe off their shoes (as I was planning on cleaning the floors later that day) they insisted and were very courteous.Both Tom and Brandon were very kind towards giant breed puppy who looks like a full grown dog, being a giant breed dog and is scared of new people. Despite this both men said don't worry about it and even introduced themselves to my pup by sitting on the floor for a minute and extending their hands so he could smell them. I offered to put the dog away but they kindly said he did not have to and that it was his home. From here we went through the house and pointed out where all the vents were and addressed the main trunk lines. After counting everything they checked took a look into things and wrote up our estimate. Tom was very knowledgeable and proceeded to break down the cost and then wrote up estimates for optional items that we could have done if wanted as well. I in turn only opted to add one additional item to my service, they did not pressure me to buy anything more than I wanted which was nice.The men were very thorough in their job and did take pictures of the vents before they cleaned them (I was there to watch as they took a picture and then showed me at the same time) and then again at the end after they were cleaned (again they had me go with them and take a picture with me standing right there and showed me what they now looked like).I was extremely satisfied with both Tom and Brandon's job, they insisted that we could call with any questions. They were genuine and personable and I would highly recommend this company and this duo.
By: katier2013
Rasmussen Cleaning Service LLC
Rick the owner came to our home in October of 2013 to clean our air ducts. We explained that all the vents seem to be Extremely dirty and that they probably have never been cleaned out. We also explained that our family has allergies and we thought that cleaning the vents/ducts would help but that since we did not own the house and we're just renting we didn't want to spend too much money. After educating us on our options, Rick gave us numerous discounts and he and his crew cleaned and sanitized All of our vents/ducts/returns and then even inserted a mini camera into the ducts to show us the completed job. He even advised us that there was about a dozen dead mice in the vents, which was common but home owners don't realize, that they removed. The job only took about an hour. Since then, about a week ago, our home feels and smells fresher and cleaner. It has helped with our allergies too with everyone sniffling a lot less :). Thank you soo much Rick for your advice and thorough sanitation of our homes air ducts. The service was well worth the investment of cleaner air for our home!!! In the future will have no hesitation referring Rasmussen Cleaning Service to ANYONE or using them again!!
By: jenna.kresahelget
Rasmussen Cleaning Service LLC
Rick and Jeff were awesome. From the first day that I called to set up my appointment with them they were very informative and told me everything that was included in the price and everything that was extra and even let me know about the confirmation call I would receive the day before. They called the night before our appointment and confirmed all our information (which was great because they didn't have the right house number). Then the day of they kept in contact all day with us and let us know that they would be earler and even called again when they were on their way. Jeff and Rick got here and walked us through the whole house and told us exactally what they were going to do and even gave us an estimate before they even started to make sure we were ok with the price of everything. They were very efficient and done in an hour. They cleaned up after themselves and let us look at the camera that they put in the duct work to show us that it was clean.We would definatlly use them again in the future and even would request Jeff and Rick specifically.
By: K N.
Rasmussen Cleaning Service LLC
I had spoken with a few people on the phone prior to setting up a visit. I thought I knew what the price would be. It ended up to be over $180 MORE than the original quote. A competitor did an estimate the previous week and warned me that Rasmussen has this reputation; they get you to their home, and then add on tons of extra expenses. I was shocked. And for kickers, I wasn't aware of the huge price increase until they had been in the home for over 30 minutes. We had done a walk through, gotten a price, started to take vents off, gotten equipment in the home, and THEN, once it was certain we were going to commit to this, the tech finds a surprise other vent. And voila - our price is over $500. Unbelievable. At that time it would have been silly to back out, so we went ahead with the cleaning. Other than the techs smelling like smoke, they did a nice job with the work. We were just disappointed in the price being so much higher than we had expected.
By: Colleen S.
Rasmussen Cleaning Service LLC
You can expect Excellent, friendly & professional service with Rasmussen Cleaning Service. The technicians cleaned my chimney last month and I was so pleased with their service, I called them back to clean all of my air ducts. Now I can enjoy a cozy fire with confidence that I am safe from any sort of home fire disaster...and I can breathe fresh air free of mold, bacteria & germs because they also treated my ducts with anti-microbial treatment. I had recently purchased a short sale home with tons of deferred maintenance issues and now I feel so much more at ease, knowing that my ducts and chimney are clean and free from the vermin and contagion that the previous occupants left behind. As a Realtor, I will be confident in recommending Rasmussen Cleaning Services to all of my home buying clients...it's super important for home safety to have ducts and chimney cleaned!
By: johnop
Rasmussen Cleaning Service LLC
Best Service in State! In the past 5 years we have had 3 duct cleaning services. The first company cleaned the ducts in one hour and we know now they really didn't even do the job. The second company walked away because they couldn't work on our square venting. Then came Rasmussen. These folks are incredibly intelligent, skilled and hard workers. We didn't realize what "real" duct cleaning was until they came. They took time to show us what was in our vents with cameras. We had so much dust I'm surprised we weren't sick from all those years of improper or no cleaning. By the way, they even found a porcupine that somehow got into our house and vents. I will never go to any other company again for this type of work. They are honest, affordable and very good at what they do.
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By: Brad L.
Rasmussen Cleaning Service LLC
Happy to have gone to the Home Improvement show this year since that is where I was introduced to Rasmussen. From the get go they were polite and professional. I had a reminder phone call and Nate called prior to coming over to my house to make sure I was ready for him. Nate showed me pictures of before and after pictures of my air ducts and it was amazing how clean he got them....he even said there was pieces of sheetrock and Lucky Strike cigarette butts in the ducts which tells me a proper cleaning was never done since original construction in 1980!! My wife and I are very pleased with Nate and the fine job he did and will definitely recommend them to friends and family. We are planning carpet cleaning and will be calling Rasmussen again!
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By: Mike H.
Rasmussen Cleaning Service LLC
Made arrangements for carpet and duct cleaning on the phone with Rick. He was very professional and courteous. He also took the time to explain a bit about Rasmussen Cleaning Service and what to expect when the cleaning team arrived. A couple weeks later, Andre and Ryan showed up on time for our cleanings. They explained everything they were going to do before the services started and their work exceeded our expectations! These guys are absolutely the best in the business! They even assisted with moving furniture during the carpet cleaning! We are very pleased with the outcome of the work and now have a clean home! We would recommend Rasmussen Cleaning Service to anyone who wants great customer service and a clean home!
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By: Jeff A.
Rasmussen Cleaning Service LLC
Abe and Larry were very courteous and did a great job. They surveyed our home to calculate what the total cost of the duct cleaning would be and to offer some options. I knew we had more vents and main lines than were covered under the special price and Abe's numbers matched with what Rick had told me over the phone. Abe and Larry did a very thorough job. We could hardly believe the before and after photos that Abe showed us of the ducts. When Larry was cleaning out the dryer duct, again it was hard to believe that there was that much lint and debris in the duct, but there it was coming out of the outside exhaust port. We plan on calling Rasmussen again to clean our ducts and next time we won't wait so long!
By: holly.rouhoff
Rasmussen Cleaning Service LLC
No need to call anyone else! Rick at Rasmussen Cleaning Service provided hands-down the best service I have ever had. Prices are way below others. 3 furry pets and a child with asthma - we needed help! Rick used a camera to show us how clogged our vents were and then when he was done he used a camera to show us how clean they were. They look brand new! Rick used a chemical in our vents that will kill mold and other irritants and will help my child with her asthma. Within 20 minutes, we could all could tell a difference in the air. It was amazing to be able to FEEL the results! We also had him clean the carpets using a special cleaner to get rid of pet stains. Carpets look amazing and smell wonderful.

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