By: crossbow
Las Mojarras
Short story: Best Mexican place I've been to in Minnesota.I feel terrible for not visiting Las Mojarras sooner. Well, not THAT terrible because I haven't been working; only went there last night because a friend owed me a drink and that was the closest place. We were there during dinner hours - 6 pm to 8 pm - and in all that time only one other table came in.Highlight: Absolutely the best Sopa Azteca I've ever, ever, EVER had. Even though my lips were burning, I couldn't stop eating it. My friend had a spoonful and said it raised her core temperature two degrees. But it's not too spicy. It is spicy, but it's mostly flavorful and tangy.Food: We had an appetizer of some kind of fish tacos (I can't remember what they called it) with a really spicy red sauce, fresh veggies, beans, sour cream, and Mexican cheese. My friend had the chicken enchiladas with mole sauce, which she said was delicious. Everything on the menu looked delicious - it took us forever to decide!Drinks: Very limited wine selection, but it was only $3/glass or $11/bottle and very drinkable - which is outstanding at those prices. I think my margarita was made from a mix. I tried to ask about it, but he waitress didn't understand enough English and thought I was asking about flavored margaritas - which they don't have, which I consider a plus. Anyway, it was either very good for a mix margarita, or so-so for a scratch margarita, I'm not sure which.Atmosphere: It's hard to judge the atmosphere of an empty restaurant. I liked the decor a lot. They kept the interesting paint jobs from two restaurants ago on the walls and ceiling and added tropical fish murals on some walls. There's a tropical fish tank that could be better-placed. The music was not too loud, which I'm starting to think of as an extreme rarity.Service: Our waitress tried hard, she really did, but without her being able to understand us, it was frustrating. The menu was entirely in English, so it was kind of odd to have a non-speaking waitress. But she did make a good sales pitch for the special and told us all her favorite dishes.Price: Extremely low for the quality, but high for this neighborhood. Most entrees were under $20 but the house specialties were mostly $20-$30. As I mentioned, the wine was unbelievably cheap and good for the price. My soup was about $7. I would have paid a helluva lot more. My friend's enchiladas (a platter with beans and rice and all that) was about $12, I believe.
Catalina's Restaurant
Best Reviews is by others that ate here,check out what they wrote.Chosen best Central/South American Restaurant by City Pages in 2012.Good reviews City Pages. Good review by simplegoodandtasty food critic on internet.Excellent review in Feb. 2013 by sorelegsandscrambledeggs,stating the soup was so good she wanted to lick the bowl clean. Many good reviews by people at UrbanSpoon,St.Paul Pioneer Press gave excellent review front page food section.People write great things about it on facebook,such as: My son raved about your food;I'm dreaming of Catalina's; I LOVE this place! Catalina and Lucia, thank you for the wonderful ...;Just had a delicious dinner there! Why didn't we try this soon ...;This restaurant is amazing! I can hardly believe it. Everything is so fresh and made to order...,The service was wonderful and the food was so good. I would highly recommend it.;Best real Central American/Mexican food in town. Lots more good things written also on facebook by people that ate here.
By: peterr223
Ginger Hop Restaurant
My sorority chooses a different place to dine for an annual event. This year one of my sorors recommended Ginger Hop. What a great choice. This was the first time for most of us and by the end of the meal we were all in agreement that we would be coming back either as a group or other social situation. We each ordered something different then shared around the table. The portions were more than adequate for each of us which made sharing a great thing to do. I had the fried spring rolls for an appetizer. They were wonderful. I had stopped ordering eggrolls when I eat out because none compared to the handmade eggrolls my girlfriend makes. Ginger Hop's eggrolls are comprable. Crispy and flavorful. I no longer have to wait for my girlfriend to feel like making eggrolls. I like my food spicy so I had the General Tsiang Chicken. It had the right amount of heat and the chicken was tender and moist. I'll certainly go again and introduce some other friends to this great dining experience.
By: gfsdg564
Ginger Hop Restaurant
Went for dinner w. 2 friends. Loved the ambience- upscale and trendy. Menu was Asian fusion- fresh and inspiring. Shared the spicy ceviche with friends, very flavorful, fresh, exciting. I had a yellow curry dish with tofu and vegetables on rice- again, inspiring, great spices and seasoning. Service was good- but the waiter had to come back and ask twice to verify what we had ordered, a result of not having written things down when we started to order. Facilities clean. Would love to return- wanted to try friends' dishes.
By: caladan607
Pannekoeken Huis
The pannekoenkens are very good in both main dish and dessert styles. All their other food is delicious too, especially the Split Pea soup w/sausage! Service is quick and friendly. Decor is a nice Dutch style without being overdone. They have a nice patio too. The bacon Pannekoeken was awesome! So was the strawberry-rhubarb! The Banana Cream was good too. So many choices! They are very filling!! I heartily recommend the Pannekoeken Huis!!
By: Andy N.
Royal Orchid The Best Thai Food
I went to the Royal Orchid after seeing that the restaurant had high Yelp reviews and I was not disappointed.My party of 6 ordered family style, and so I ended up trying 7 different dishes (6 would have been the right amount, but we got greedy). Every dish we ordered was great, and we especially liked the red and green curry dishes, the pad thai, and a coconut dish that I can not remember the name of (oops). I cannot wait to go again.
By: showmemn
Carol's Restaurant
I have personnaly visited Carol's Restaurant, like every business showcased on ShowMeMn.com and I highly recommend stopping in for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You simply can't go wrong. The food is value-packed, meaning it's affordable for the average Joe and the portions are considerable. We give it Five Stars.
By: asfasd54
Stella's Fish Cafe
We had a very good tasty dinner. A fun place to celebrate my birthday. Lots of younger people of course, and a few tables with groups, bet even with a fairly, "full house" we were able to converse and enjoy our dinner. Our second time here and it is well worth the drive from Lakeville.
By: Janice B.
The Muddy Cow Bar
The food was great, prices excellent, wait staff friendly and courteous BUT. We ordered 4 burgers and waited much too long to get our food. One of my friends said she would never come back as it took to long..... You really need to remedy this if you want repeat customers....
By: kennethh140
Ginger Hop Restaurant
Everything during my first experience at the Ginger Hop was perfect. Food and cocktails were easy and not too heavy, the environment and wait staff was amazing and prices were reasonable. I thoroughly enjoyed our nice extended dinner during our time at Ginger Hop.

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