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By: Zach R.
Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals LLC
Charged me $1800 dollars over what they quoted me they would charge. They thought major surgery on a 10.5 year old dog was a good idea and kept her there a week after and I never got to take her home again. $9000 for a dead dog. Thank you very much MECA.
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By: Rosie M.
Serenity Funeral Home
It was easy a fast. I like to use the yellow pages online. Everyone need to use the yellow just try it out and you will see what I mean.
By: rescuer2
Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals LLC
This animal hospital is all about the business of making money only, and not about the well being of the animals. I read very similar reviews to my exact experience and I am saddened to have put my baby through such a horrible experience which ultimately lead to her passing. I wish I had read the reviews first because I wouldn’t have chosen this hospital. I am an avid animal lover and my dogs are treated as part of the family. I have owned 4 dogs throughout my lifetime and never once came across such a place as this during such a vulnerable time in my dog’s life. As another reviewer stated it was a haunting experience that I wish no future dog lover or any other animal and their human to have to live with.** - Short summary, if you walk in the doors of Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals (MECA) you will be pressured to hospitalize your animal regardless if it will actually help your animal or save your animal, you will be told that they need to run a number of costly, unnecessary diagnostic tests, medication prescriptions will be written that they will fill without regard of the side effects to your dog, and they will do this all with advising you to open a line of credit through Care Credit Card (oh yeah, it’s so easy that they will phone in your application for you right there for your convenience.) Once they know your credit limit you’re done. They will tell you repeatedly that your animal needs their services regardless if this is a true statement or not. They definitely prey on the animal lover, as well as, the dog that needs to be laid to rest. My dog was sick and was going to die regardless of what they did to try to save her due to old age and her multiple diseases that they uncovered. They were not upfront with their knowledge, they misrepresented the fact that my dog would survive, and racked up over $4,000.00 worth of vet bills by telling me she was going to die and wouldn’t live through the weekend if I didn’t commit her to their hospital right then – even though I repeatedly told them no I need time to think and need to leave with my dog. If you can believe it the bill would have been thousands of dollars more but I pulled my dog out after her initial hospital stay there to tend to her at home and move her to new professional care under Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists (LVS). LVS is my one and only recommendation for anyone that has an animal that needs an ER or 24 hour care.
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By: Angela W.
Amiable Dog Training
When I first heard about an online dog class I was pretty skeptical. I thought how on earth is this going to work? In the short three week session I was apart of we covered over a dozen topics from walking nicely on a leash, social skills, establishing that my command is priority and more! Pros: •Attending the class from my living room couch! •Having the ability to rewatch the videos we take while training helps improve technique •Watching other peoples videos to gain additional training ideas•The meetings are recorded allowing us to listen again•When posting videos I would receive a response from Amy the same day with tips on what I was doing well or what I could still work on. Cons: •Personal problem – sometimes I’m not motivated to train if I do not have to go to a physical class location (but on the calls each week I did feel obligated to share what I have worked on – which helped me train throughout the week!).
By: Kayla S.
Lyl Community Services
Love them.. Will definitely use them all the time.. Very professional and prompt..A++ service..Recommended to all my freinds and coworkers.
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By: Romeo V.
Lyl Community Services
Good experience with the ride because they were on time. I will be calling them back again. Overslept for work and when I called them they were five minutes early.
By: Natural B.
Lyl Community Services
This company is great, very professional and on time, which is a major plus!! I would most definitely recommend these services to others!! Keep continuing to be a blessing!!
By: C N.
Lyl Community Services
Happy holidays to the LYL family Great company. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to a few of your Vans riding around Austin TX. LOL
By: Tony D.
Lyl Community Services
The driver was very nice and on time which is good for taxi companies. I hope that you guys are tipping this company! Great conversation. Paid with the green cash app.
By: Shanean W.
Lyl Community Services
I really enjoyed my ride with lyl the driver was great. I was in west bend wisconsin could not find a way to the greyhound without paying a arm and a leg and even when I had decided to pay the arm and leg I could not get a car service to take me to the bus station so I called a friend who barely remembered the name of the company so we called the company to set things in motion and no answer!!! I could have just screamed and just as I was about to give up for the night the company sent a text requesting that I call back so I did and a short time later lyl community services pulled up. Even though I missed my greyhound bus to Illinois from milwaukee the driver took me to the bus station in Illinois and I was able to board the next bus there luckily it was a nice layover before my next bus arrived. Thanks again you guys are lifesavers.
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