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By: Devon O.
Bay View Dental Care
To start, I am in my early 30's and was at BVDC with my autistic 4 yr old daughter (her first cleaning, regular cleaning for me). I chose them because of a recommendation from a friend and proximity to my house.I arrived in during negative windchill, and a handicapped man was having a difficult time entering the building on his scooter. The reception staff didn't move so I immediately jumped up, helped him adjust the angle and assisted him to a chair. I filled out the forms and I believe it was Ann (based on website photos) that took them and was cordial but not at all friendly as one should be to a new client.The staff never ever looked up for that man, which bothered me, even though the room was freezing cold from the door being held open so long.When we were called back, we saw Zuzanna the Hygienist. I explained that my daughter had mild autism (she wasn't quite 4 yet, first dentist trip). She did my x-rays while my daughter sat on the floor of the hall and I thought she was very nice. Zuzanna did my cleaning, I thought SHE had a wonderful personality and was very informative. When it was my daughter's turn she was very helpful and tickled her finger with the brush, etc. She let me hold our ipad over her head while she cleaned to keep my daughter cooperative when she tried to bolt. My only "meh" is that I've had more thorough cleanings at my other dentist (Sorry Zuzanna!).Dr. Bruchs came in after. He was in the room for, at most, 5 minutes. I had questions about my impacted wisdom teeth and the 3 "baby" teeth I still have because the Xray looked concerning. He was dismissive of the wisdom teeth but told me that one of the "baby" teeth was starting to be absorbed at the root and was barely hanging on. He took a quick look at my daughter, then done.He was nice and cordial but clearly had somewhere else to be. In my opinion he could have taken the time to extract the "barely hanging on" tooth in question or told me to set up an extraction appointment, but he didn't.We left without a goodbye.Now 2 months later and that tooth is causing agony. I called and they said they could extract the tooth but that I would have to go to West Allis to see Dr. Berger for any type of bridge, retainer, or implant, etc. Their website boasts bonding, bridges, implants, and other cosmetic procedures, yet they actually offer NONE. Now I am scrambling to find someone who will extract the tooth and give me a consultation about how to replace it so my teeth don't shift. I will definitely be going back to see my old dentist and hygienist on Howell across from the airport.
By: kellyroase
Familia Dental
I recommend Familia Dental to everyone. I hadn't been to the dentist for a regular check up in about 20 years due to lack of insurance and intense fear of the dentist. Everyone there was very friendly and reassuring. Any time I felt discomfort from the cold water on a sensitive tooth that needs a root canal, the dentist immediately paused to give me a break. He was friendly, great bedside manner, just a nice guy all together. And speaking of root canal, I had previously been to a less than stellar dentist who claimed my tooth would not only have to be pulled, but that I had to go for oral surgery to have it done. Dentist at Familia said the tooth is 100% able to be saved with a root canal. I appreciate that greatly because I don't want to have a tooth pulled if I dont absolutely have to. For the first time in decades I have a dental plan and I'm actually excited about moving forward with taking care of my teeth. I also would like to point out that I have state insurance and was not treated any differently because of it. I read so many reviews for OTHER dentists where there seemed to be a trend of discrimination towards people on Medicaid. As for the facility itself, it was clean and modern. Each dentist chair has its own flat screen to help distract you, lol. There's also a play room complete with jungle gym for kids. Overall, I was surprised and impressed and recommend this place to everyone!
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By: Monica H.
Daniel E Tache DMD
Dr. Tache is great! I went it with what I thought was a minimal concern - it turned out being a major issue that required surgery. He referred me to a surgeon, contacted them for me and had an appointment the next day. During every appointment, Dr. Tache explained EVERYTHING to me, answered all my questions, cares, and concerns. He insisted that there was no such thing as a 'dumb question.' He even called me at home on two occasions to check on both my physical and mental state.He listened to everything I had to say. I was honest with him (re: things I was/would do and those I wouldn't). If there was any leeway, he'd go with it. However, if it was a non-negotiable, he made that perfectly clear! He is VERY knowledgeable and has many contacts.I have referred him many times. My strongest referral - my daughter. She had a TMJ concern and I told her there was only one option - Dr. Tache. I insisted that the hour+ drive to see him was well worth it. I informed Dr. Tache that I was sending my daughter to him and to take as good care of her as he did with me. And he did! He even went as far as referring her to specialists out of state as she was soon heading to grad school. Dr. Tache's office worked with her short timeframe before leaving for grad school and all worked out.I never thought I'd say I had a wonderful dental experience - but I did and continue to.I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Tache!
By: cheryl.arellano.7
Bay View Dental Care
I am one of those people scared to go to the dentist due to painful past dental procedures, but I was forced to go in due to extreme tooth pain lasting 2 weeks. When I finally couldn't stand the pain anymore, I called Bay View Dental, as they were a PPO with my insurance, and I was quite surprised when they got me in the same day. I was very nervous as I haven't been to the dentist in many years. I needed an extraction , which was 100% pain free. I was so pleased with the entire staff, and especially my dentist , I have agreed to continue to come back to have all of my teeth fixed, as they have been severely neglected because of my fear of the entire dental experience. I also have appointments for all 4 of my children to go there as well. Friendliest staff, and best dental experience ever. I am the biggest dental chicken you will ever meet, and I would highly recommend this business. I did not have to pay anything up front, and in fact took 5 months before I paid my kids bill with no harassment at all from the office. They were all very kind and understanding. Great place to go ! My dentist there is Dr.Thomas Bruchs, and he was amazing ! First dentist I trust completely !Cheryl A.
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By: Devon O.
Dental Solutions
I love my Hygienist (I can't remember her name but she has family, remembered me and my pregnancy, caught up from last time she saw me, chatted, super friendly), it has been 4 years since I've been there (we switched for convenience, big mistake). Dr. Behlmer is quiet but sweet, he filled my very first cavities and was empathetic when I asked him to explain resin fillings and porcelin...and the hygienist is probably as awesome as you could ask for. Don't go anywhere else if you can help a comparison: I saw another doctor at a Dental Care facility near my home in Bay View that saw a problem with a tooth, told me it was barely "hanging on" and didn't offer extraction or suggest I schedule one. Their website boasted cosmetic procedures but when I asked they informed me they do not.2 months later and I now look forward to returning to Dr. Behlmer's office where they are warm and actually care about the comfort (both socially and physically) of their clients. The tooth that was "barely hanging on" has had me in agony for days. I look forward to relief and guidance from Dr. Behlmer and his staff.
By: Mark B.
Capitol Family Dental Clinic
I had the complete opposite experience. I went to the office at 8422 W Capitol Dr, Milwaukee, WI 53222 in mid December 2014.Staff were very helpful and friendly. They were completely professional. I had to wait in the lobby for only 5 - 10 minutes (including filling out paperwork). There were LOTS of books and magazines to read. I had to wait in the seat for about 10 minutes.I was seen by Dr. Reddy. She was a bit snippy and short in conversation, but not bad at all.It was not an open office at all. I was in a private room. They did leave the door open until Dr came in to do work, but it was a room, not an open office.I was a bit nervous to go at first with the other reviews, but this was one of very few dentists that took Badger care / Forward Health. I am glad I went ahead and went. I was in and out in under an hour Total Time. I had an overall good experience, and look forward to returning
By: thomasscardina
G Dental
I started coming to G Dental back in the early month of April of 2012, I'm a 15 Year Army Vet. And I'm not afraid to tell it like I see it. With only one visit I could tell I was going to like G Dental, because Dr. G goes by the book and takes his work very serious, The only thing he asks for is to make sure you keep your Appointment’s and to treat Him and his staff with respect. Dr. G is not asking for much. I would, recommend G Dental to all of my friends & family in a heartbeat. On my second visit he told me I had a enlarge Thyroid; I knew I had a bump and was scared to have it checked out. Dr. G told me what could happen if I didn’t have it check out, so after my appointment I called my Dr. for an exam. And because of Dr. G I had my Thyroid removed. So if you are willing to keep your smile DR. G and his Team will go that extra mile for you and your family. God Bless Peace
By: Bruce K.
Berger Mark E DDS PC
My wife and I received five implants from Dr. Berger with yet another implant scheduled in six months, after a bone graft stabilizes. We believe Dr. Berger offers more experience, better pricing, and faster service than any of the other implant specialists we consulted. If experience and pricing are not enough, let us assure you that Dr. Berger provides excellent follow-up with immediate emergency care, including his personal cell phone number. Furthermore, Dr. Berger and his accomplished dental assistant, Jackie know how to relieve your anxiety. Just ask them anything. Dr. Berger's concern and compassion for his patients goes beyond what we have experienced in our many years of dental care. We believe Dr. Berger is truly gifted! He has been a real blessing to us; and we are ever-so grateful. Thank you Dr. Berger.
By: hair4kids
Michael Edward Flynn, DDS
Are you in search of a great dentist? I have found a treasure at “Doctor Flynn’s Dentistry”Located in West Allis, WI! I just had a bridge put in my front teeth, and I couldn’t be any happier with the results!He and his staff are perfectionists to ensure the greatest results. I love how they listen to MY needs before they even begin. He then consoles me, walks me through what will be done, and always makes sure I am comfortable. Next, he gets to work with such confidence that I can be rest assured I am going the have great results. So if you are looking for quality dentistry, give the team a call, you won’t be disappointed! 414-541-8250A very happy customer of 17 years! Simply the Best ofKathleen
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By: Consuelo M.
Bay View Dental Care
Bay View Dental Clinic is a family oriented atmosphere. The receptionists are welcoming and friendly. The staff that handles dental care demonstrate a high level of professionalism and show high interest in customer satisfaction. The staff go out to their way to make sure the patient is confortable and is provided with the best service. The doctors make the visit to the dentist enjoyable with their sense of humor and kindness. The doctors goal is to see the patient as confortable as possible during their visit. Thank you bay view for all the effort in providing great service. They also have a financial program that helps with a percentage of bill make sure to ask the receptionist.
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