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By: B W.
Roundys Inc Corporate Headquarters
THIS IS AN EDIT:A BIG thank you to Mike at the 76th and Good Hope store, for rectifying a problem that I encountered at the pharmacy with a meter. Mike called, and was very apologetic with my situation. He was also nice when I met him at the store the next day.I still think the pharmacist needs a 101 class in etiquette. I picked up three prescriptions, one being a narcotics, and he never asked if I had any questions. His assistant brought the medication to the counter.Thanks again Mike, I give you FIVE stars!! I recently visited the pharmacy on 76th and Good Hope to pick up a diabetic meter. The pharmacist gave me a meter that had expired over four (4) years ago. I noticed that the rebate card expired in 2012, but I simple tossed it in the garbage. When I tried to test with my meter, it did not work. I called, and the manager was on duty that day. I told her that a male pharmacist was working that day, and gave me the meter. He was not professional at all. I called him after I returned home and stated it was the same out-of-date meter that I was trying to update. He simply replied that it was the meter the Dr. prescribed. It was a free meter, so I guess he did not care. When I spoke to the manager, she told me to bring the meter in, and she discovered that it was expired. There was one more meter on the shelf and it was due to expire in January 2016, which would have only given me nine months. She said she would order me a new meter, and she did. I now have an up-to-date meter. The other pharmacist, did not check the expiration date, and apparently did not care, since it was free. I had to make three trips back and forth because of his carelessness. SHAME ON HIM!!!!
By: Mary B.
Roundys Inc Corporate Headquarters
I shop at the Shorewood Metro Market. Tonight I went in to redeem a free gelato that I had earned having bought 10, actually 11 containers of the ice cream previously. Last time I was in the store the young man asked if I would like to receive my free ice-cream as I had qualified for one. I said, " no, next time." Tonight I came in and a girl was checking me out, she pulled up my account and asked if I would like to use this purchase as my free ice cream. I said I would. The young lady had to ask for help to properly put thorough the sale. She asked another girl who said, I think you only have 8. I told her this was not correct and I had in fact bought 11 and still did not redeem my free purchase. They then asked the manager, his name is Matt. Matt did not bother to get up or come to the register, but instead looked over and spoke loudly in front of other customers that the problem was I had taken a large but I was supposed to get a medium. I asked if he would like me to pay the difference. He said, " No, I'm not going to argue/deal with this now. Just put it through." I purchase almost all of my family's food at your store--my food bill is $1,000 a month. If your manger thinks his behavior was professional or appropriate, and that he can humiliate me or treat me dismissively, I would be happy to take my business elsewhere-there are a number of food stores in this area.
By: joeyrobles1
El Rey Food Mart
I understand that we need more bilingual speaking workers nowadays but when you can't speak English in an English speaking country how in the world can you get a job??? But I can't get one if I can't speak Spanish?? Everything is backwards now! Maybe 10 of the employees in this establishment speak English most don't understand what I'm saying, it's ridiculous!!! I will no longer shop here it's one thing to give someone a job but if you can't even understand the language in the country you are working in then you should be learning the language at least or don't work
By: Shasha A.
El Rey Food Mart
Their pre-seasoned meats are usually spoiled. I've bought chicken that was bad. Their cooler section doesn't get that cold(once I bought frozen fries and they were moldy). The meat trays smell like Fabulous cleaner. All they seem to have on sale now is Agnus beef at 3.69 or more a lb. In this economy and for single parent households who in *ell can offord that. I don't get free government hand outs or live with my whole family.......
By: joeyrobles1
The store is ok it's kept up pretty well, a couple of the staff are just flat out rude and the security is a JOKE!! Every single one of them don't care and it's only like 5 different ones they just don't care they sit there n chit chat with employees while I've watched people steal and they do not tell the pan handlers outside to leave the security is useless but overall the store is good just crap security make it a bad experience
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By: Warren S.
Roundys Inc Corporate Headquarters
It's time to re-line your Mequon Metro Market parking lot. As a Disabled Veteran I am appalled that cars are now parking in between disabled parking spots because the markings are not very visible. Vans with wheelchairs cannot be discharged because there is no space.
By: D S.
Nehring's Sendiks On Donwer
unimaginative effort to figure out how much proprietor can price items at and get away with it... sad, the location could offer a great exchange of value between proprietor and customer. Flat, plain shopping experience results. Too bad - want to like it but yikes.
By: moorefood
Indian Groceries & Spices
Awesome and Amazing! They have moved into a new location across the street (107th). Much more larger and better organized than their old place. Would recommend for your Indian fix or just for spices and rice. Nice deli section too.
By: Pat B.
Roundys Inc Corporate Headquarters
I regularly shop at your Brookfield (Ruby Isle) store. I want to let you know how very impressed I am with your store manager. He is extremely helpful and a very nice gentleman--and he always has a smile!
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By: Meghan C.
Roundys Inc Corporate Headquarters
Thank you for changing from canola oil to olive oil in your Roundy's Delicatessan Hummus Variety container. Please consider this healthier change for the rest of your Roundy's hummus flavors.

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