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By: davidr.
Bargain Town Motor Cars Inc
BEST DEALERSHIP EXPERIENCE EVERI flew all the way out to Milwaukee from Denver, Colorado to purchase a car from these guys sight unseen. I had not done anything like this before and was somewhat uneasy, however, any worries I had flew out the window shortly after my taxi arrived at the dealership.My car was sitting right in front of the office with a 'Sorry, Sold!' sign on the rearview mirror and was beautifully detailed such that I could not stop smiling. I walked in and met Gustavo, whom I had spoken to on the phone several times prior to flying out. After greeting me and answering any questions I had he handed me the keys and said 'Test drive it as long as you want, just be back before we close haha' I offered him my carry-on for collateral but he refused.So I went for a drive and checked out everything - engine, lights, 4WD, brakes, acceleration, electronics, tires, alignment, etc. Everything met or exceeded my expectations so I headed back to Bargain Town, still smiling, to close the deal.Gustavo was busy with another customer but his counterpart, Cruz, was just getting back from grabbing lunch. He introduced himself and we shot the breeze a ilttle before he asked if I was hungry to which I replied 'Starving!' as I had only eaten airport McDonalds all day. He proceeded to give me half of his delicious meal and a Coke while I waited.Gustavo soon finished the other sale and went straight to mine which was wrapped up in no more than 15 min leaving me with the 4Runner of my dreams.I immediately drove my new car the more than 1,000 miles back to Denver through sun, wind, rain, and snow with no issues whatsoever. It has been over a month now and I have tacked on another couple thousand miles day to day and to places like Breckenridge, Vail, and Keystone still with no issues. Gustavo even had my car re-titled before I came out to ensure the transfer to a Colorado title was seamless, he also sent me a new temporary tag a week after I returned because I accidentally ripped it off in a car wash.I love my car and I love the service I received from Bargain Town Motor Cars. They went above and beyond for me, the customer rather than only caring about profit like other dealerships.If you're in the area you should definitely buy a car from these guys, and even if you're halfway accross the country I would still recommend it!Thanks to Gustavo and Cruz you guys are awesome!! Sorry the review took so long guys!
By: brandon.stout.3914
Bargain Town Motor Cars Inc
I searched auto trader for weeks looking for the perfect Honda Civic. I finally found one that looked great and had low miles. For the mileage and year of the vehicle the price was right on. I drove to the dealer ship on a snowy November evening. I met Gustavo for the first time and he gladly let me take it for a test drive. The following day I went for a second look and also to run the vehicle by my mechanic to see what he thought. He said the car was great except for a few minor issues( front brakes, rear links, airbag light). I brought these issues to the attention of Gustavo and told him if these issues were fixed I would gladly buy the car. He called me the next day JUST AFTER he had the brakes and links replaced and said they would bring the car to the Honda dealership for the air bag light which turned out to be a seat belt issue. The Honda dealership ordered a warranted part for the seat belt and in the mean time I bought the car. A few days later I brought the car in for the seat belt replacement and I was good to go. Bargain Town Motors has great vehicles and great service. They are honest people and stand behind the vehicles they sell. I might also add that their detail shop does an amazing job. Every car in their inventory is nice and shiny and extremely clean. My brother also bought his car there and couldn't be happier. It's been about a month now since I bought the vehicle and it's been great. I'm very happy with my purchase. I would definitely recommend Bargain Town to anyone looking for a quality vehicle.
By: dorothyy431
Reo Motors Inc.
Recently I needed to sell my 2002 Chevy Blazer SUV and I was having a very difficult time selling it by myself. After not having much luck selling it on my own, I decided to contact a few different used car companies. After meeting with a few establishments that really did not impress or appeal to me at all, I finally found Reo Motors. When I first called them they were very honest with me and told me exactly what I needed to do to sell my car. They didn't try to force me into anything and I didn't feel like I was being rushed or pressured at all. I was given a reasonable quote over the phone and when I finally came down to their lot, they came right out to my car and went over all the details with me step by step. They took their time with me and made me feel like was an important customer. The cash offer they made me on my truck was very reasonable and they gave me cash right on the spot! The whole process could not have been easier, and the majority of the time I spent there was spent just chatting with the guys on the lot. Everyone I dealt with was extremely friendly and they all made me feel very welcome and appreciated. I know that selling a car can be a difficult and stressful thing to take care of, but the guys here make it simple and fun. I never thought I'd be able to sell my truck for cash on the same day, and I never thought it would have been as easy as it was. I will definitely do business with them!!
By: Marge N.
BMW of Milwaukee North
Kelly Graham was my salesperson and he was appropriately helpful in the process without ever pushing the sale. He seemed to sense the pace I needed to take and followed those cues perfectly. I was very comfortable. Kelly is also very knowledgeable about the car which is impressive given the complexity of the various packages and functions. My purchase revolved around the settlement of the VW diesel emissions class action settlement and the team (Kelly and Kyle ) worked out a plan that accommodated me as I navigated through the final stages of the VW turn-in while taking advantage of a promotion at BMW. The process took about three weeks from initial inquiries to the final sale. It was their flexibility in working through this while not pressuring me in any way that left me feeling very comfortable and happy with the whole experience. This included the presentation the various warranty and maintenance upgrades which I decided to decline. Again, absolutely no pressure. I absolutely love the car! The dealership itself is really beautiful and the new vehicles are displayed almost like jewelry. And accept the cappuccino if they offer it.
By: Abra C.
Rosen Kia Milwaukee
Four years ago, while looking for a new car, a coworker recommended that I talk to Sherry at Rosen Nissan. I am so glad that we did! We were greeted by her, like we were old friends. My husband has wanted a truck, and had been looking at a Toyota. He went to Don Jacobs Toyota, to talk to them, and they were extremely rude to him, wouldn't budge on the price, and were so pushy, that he just walked away. He liked the look of the Frontier, so I called Sherry, told her what we were looking for, and made an appointment to see her. She was ready for us, having both of the models ready for us to test drive. She worked numbers with us, and made us an offer that we couldn't refuse, all the while, her name was being paged over the loudspeaker, and other clients were waiting for her. This is our 3rd new vehicle from Rosen and Sherry, and I couldn't be happier. The service department is fantastic! I'm glad that I had the chance to tell Jeff Rosen that myself. We have recommended Rosen & Sherry to many people. I would never go anywhere else.
By: dbrad524
Reo Motors Inc.
I was instantly impressed when I came to Reo. After looking at a few vehicles online, I went to check them out. I talked to Juan and he set me up with the test drives. The cars I was interested in we're actually at the other dealership so I just expected to drive down the road myself, but to my surprise Juan drove us down there himself which was great because I was able to ask him questions about the cars beforehand. He let us try out all 4 cars I was interested in and had them all lined up so I could go straight to the next one and not have to wait. When I decided on a car I was interested in we settled on a price and he took care of everything. The deal on the car was EXTREMELY competitive compared to similar cars. I can't state enough how important it was to have a salesman who listened to me and was not high-pressure like most dealers. That's what sold me on the car. Reo, I can't say enough how happy this car buying experience was for me! You definitely have a repeat customer with me!
By: Latonia M.
Rosen Kia Milwaukee
I baught both a Nissan Pathfinder and a Haundi Elauntra from Jeff Rosen, VP of Rosen Nissan in Milwaukee, WI. If you are looking for a great priced car go there. Our Pathfinder was used and when we baught it the onboard DVD player did not work properly, so Rosen replaced it with a brand new model with a larger screen and many more features at no cost to us. He also gave me a great deal on a remote start for my Pathfinder. My wife and I both have a recent bankruptsy and Jeff Rosen was able to secure us a loan directly through Nissan Motor Corp. (not some no-name bank) at a better interest rate than Ive ever had. Jeff Rosen also threw in free gap coverage and oil changes for life Rosen has a state of the art Nissan service center right down the road from my house. I was amazed. In the breif time I was there I must have seen Jeff Rosen help 6 customers. The secret to his success is obviously his hands-on approach towards helping his staff and customers. Thanks for everything Rosen!!
By: Saloma R.
Umansky Motor Cars
My experience at Umansky was satisfactory from beginning to end. Eliud, who assisted me with my purchase, was friendly, personable, and overall a pleasure to do business with. I did not feel pressured to purchase, especially right away, which is an issue at other dealers. I was also impressed with the dealers flexibility as a whole throughout the purchase process. My every need was was met from beginning to end. Mario, the finance manager, was very informative and easy to work with. He's also a huge car enthusiast himself which made for great conversation. I felt that the employees here truly care about the cars and their owners, not the sales. Normally I replace the dealer license plate frames, but I have no shame in seeing the Umansky logo adorned on the back of my car. They also did not stick their logo to the back with vinyl, which is nice. Would highly recommend purchasing from this dealer if anything on their lot interests you.
By: Nolie P.
Umansky Motor Cars
I have purchased 3 vehicles through this dealership with great sales and service every time. I have never been treated that way by a sales manager or service professional (we have owned 14 or 15 new cars and several used cars). Mr. Lee even gave me his cell phone number if I ever needed anything!!! I have never seen anything like this. And it all started a few years ago with Josette Ott who sold us our first car and then the next 2. Josette was actually the one who introduced me to Young Lee when he first started there and he remembered me when I talked to him on the phone. Josette also introduced me to all of the service people (including Todd) when we bought our first car. The customer service at this dealership is above and beyond any company (auto and non-auto) that I have ever dealt with. I am a customer for life.
By: Dillez L.
Umansky Motor Cars
Ben was great to work with! I was a bit apprehensive about traveling to Milwaukee to go car shopping, but once I arrived at Umansky and got inside the dealership, everyone there was very courteous, professional, and helpful. Although I expected a high-pressure sales experience, that was not the case. I really felt like they wanted me to find the car that was right for me and that they would do what it takes to get me in it. I left the same day with my 2014 Mercedes C-Class and am loving it. The quality and workmanship on the Mercedes line is impeccable, and you can tell that some common sense went into the intuitive design of all of the features and amenities of their vehicles. I would--and already have--recommended this dealership to anyone looking for quality high-end luxury or sport vehicles.

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