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By: p0tpie
Hubbard Park Lodge Restaurant & Banquet Facilities
We had our wedding at the Lodge on 5/12/12 and it was perfect. I chose the Lodge because the food was excellent there during brunch, and after having our food tasting for the dinner, it was great, too. We got many compliments from our guests, which was awesome, because wedding food usually sucks.The ambiance was perfect for our wedding, and very affordable (the minimum for dinner was easily a few thousand dollars under that of the other venues we looked at). Alexia, the coordinator that we worked with, was very helpful and knowledgeable about the business, and was able to offer suggestions.The ceremony and reception were BEAUTIFUL, the servers and bartenders were very polite and prompt, and everything went perfectly. I would absolutely recommend them to friends and family for their brunch and as a venue.
By: Yvonne B.
George Webb Restaurant
Was there on Thursday. Evil waitress Amy snapped at me after I waited 15 minutes and asked for coffee since someone who came in after me was served. The young man waited on me instead. Another couple came in and Amy was terse with them. When she threw a straw at the young lady causing her to yell at her they left. What upset me more was a transient sitting who began cursing me (inserting God in her swearing) and said Amy should have spit in my food as I was an instigator. She acted like she wanted a fight with me. I'm done with this location and the crazies that come in there. The regular personnel were not there but if this is the type of people they hire and welcome I'm done. Back to Maxfields or decent George Webb's.
By: snapdragn1981
The Cheesecake Factory
For a chain restaurant...this is one of my favorites. I like the ambiance. The staff is very polite. We had one of the best servers we've ever had anywhere. I especially love the HUGE menu...and if you go there you will know what I mean. Some of our favorites (so far) would be the appetizer fried calamari - one of the dipping sauces is a bit heavy for the light breading but is much better with a little squeeze of lemon. The steak Diane is one of my favorites. The Godiva chocolate cheesecake is unbelievable. The cheesecake puts the bill a little higher than I'm used to but it's worth it.
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By: jetaime.taylor
The Cheesecake Factory
Went in to get 2 slices of 1/2 price cheesecake... I was then told it was 1 slice per customer to get the deal! How is it any different if my mother was right next to me or not? Not to mention the lady was rude and acted like I was inconveniencing her. So I ordered 1 slice and a whole cheesecake. While waiting, customers that were leaving from dining in were told they needed to ask their server for the cheesecake if they wanted it for 1/2 price! Very disappointed in the service I received. I will go back to the one in Mayfair as I know I will receive better service!
By: mzchocolate1
Best Friend Clubhouse
Even though the bar is on 3rd just off Center St its a cool place-They have a mature crowd (30+) and everyone was having so much fun. The drinks was only $3 (well i was drinking during thier drink special) but even afterwards my absolut was only $5 which is cheap compared to "other" bars ive ben to. The bartender kept me entertained the whole time that i was there i cant wait to go back on thursday to try out my singing skills at their karaoke.
By: ilovefood0424
The Cheesecake Factory
There's just tooooo much going on all the time! So many people crammed into one space...we were eating dinner and people were just hovering around us....a bit weird feeling...Selection of food is good, variety is nice, cheesecake awesome...but I would NEVER wait in line like that EVER again...its not truely worth the can find exceptionally good food/price some where else. It was good but not my cup of tea.
By: mille564
My problem is with the corned beef. I have eaten corned beef that tastes fresh and delicious. This is not it. It taste like it was cooked in a plastic bag for over 10 hours. The Plastic penetrates the meat and makes it have a odd flavor. Not the best place for the amount of food they produce in that kitchen that is smaller than my bathroom.
By: wendy l.
Silver Spring House
wonderful local bar and restaurant with lots of charm. Food is not as good as it was a few years ago but still is generally good. The wonton wrapped motzarella sticks are to die for. The fish fry is not as good as it was a while ago. I have had undercooked fish several times and not eat there for fishfry's any more.
By: constance.lucy
Bakers Square
Seems like groups were separated. Blacks served by blacks, whites served first and seated in a white only section. Food was delicious, but not greeted or offered flowers for mothers day by the manager as white customers were. Not the only customer to observe this, many walked out after being seated.
By: Olivia S.
Jimmy's Island Grill & Iguana Bar
The customer service here is slow. They forget you're even at the bar or at a table. The bartender walked past us multiple times while our drinks were empty and we tried getting her attention multiple times with no luck. Same can be said for the waitresses. Needs improvement

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