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By: Mary kate C.
Mid-continental Gem Imports
I had originally written a very different review of this business. I had not had a good experience up until today. My fiance had my engagement ring made at Midcontinental Gems. When we got the ring, there were some issues in the construction. Diamonds kept falling out! I took the ring in many times and still had not been able to have my ring well and truly fixed. After several visits and many phone calls I was finally able to connect with the woman who gets things done. I can not say enough nice things about Heather Zastrow. Heather patiently listened while I explained the entire story of what was going on with my ring, all that I had been told, all of the interactions and all of the communications that had occurred. Heather then started taking action and she has not stopped. She took my story into account and followed up with Marie who was still in the office. She got all the facts. She then rang me again to explain that the store would take my ring, have it completely remade by a true goldsmith and even went so far as to loan me a ring while the new one was getting remade. Up and to this point, I was extremely upset with the level of service I received at the hands of Midcontinental Gems. Today, I was shown the level of service that I was told I should expect from the first day I arrived. Heather truly cares about her business and she is making this situation right.She meets after hours and keeps in touch after hours. I feel like I will know every step of the process moving forward. I can tell she really cares about the reputation of the business. She had fired the jeweler who made my ring a while back. She stands by the jewelers she uses now. I am looking forward to working with them as well. I look forward to receiving my back, fixed and beautiful in a couple of weeks.
By: mustjustbe
One of the sales associates I like a bit, he is very nice every time I go it. Prices are a little high, but maybe negotiable. I went in to see what they would pay for some silver and a benchmade knife. The girl said she thought I was trying to sell the plastic container that had a silver coin in it, which is just a ridiculous idea and I see no possible train of thought that lead her to believe this. They offered me $5.00 for my 1 ounce silver coin, which is a bit insulting. I can't believe anyone would accept that price. Any other coin dealer or pawn shop pays silver price for them, which would be $23.00 at the time, or at least they pay close to it. My friend came in with me and wanted to see what they would pay for some silver dimes. I heard the guy at the counter say "We don't buy dimes. They will give you 10 cents for them at the register." I asked, a different day, if they bought nice knives because I saw they had some cheap generic ones for sale, and they said they would buy them. The girl said they don't buy them, that is fine, but she made me seem like "I should know better", when I was told they bought them.I'm sure the staff working there are only there because it's a job, but I would hope the staff of a pawn shop would be more knowledgeable, or the prices more fair. Exclude the one gentlemen in the front that is extremely nice, intelligent, and even remembers me when I come in. I looked at some gemstones, and earrings also. They were overpriced because they were generally cloudy, chipped, and scratched.
By: A B.
JRS Jewelry Repair Shop III
Extremely nice man who knows the value of good customer service. Overall really good experience, this man went above & beyond what I was expecting. The only complaint I had was that I brought in 2 pieces of jewelry that were at least 14K gold, but he told me one piece was 10K gold, which it isn't. Now, I completely understand that it's kind of a crap shoot with these dealer's, but this particular piece was indeed stamped, but he insisted that it wasn't, thus he believed it to be 10K gold. I am no expert, but I am not stupid either. What he offered me for the two pieces, in addition to some sterling was way too low. However, I think he really thought the one piece was 10K gold, so that's why he low balled me. I could tell just by looking at it it was 14K gold, so I declined on selling him any of my gold. As far as the silver, he asked what I thought it was worth? I had a good idea, but wanted to see his offer, so I said about $70.00? He said I was spot on after doing some calculating. antennae went up, but he was very friendly and to his credit, he sincerely attempted to examine the gold to the best of his ability. Sold him the silver which was fair considering all the time he took examining the gold. I would go back to him again, he additionally repairs jewelry, and had some really quality pieces of fine jewelry on display at a decent price.
By: rosemary.powers.12
Reflections Jewelry Inc
I have recently went into Reflections Jewelry and Pawn. I was a little short on cash to go visit family for Easter. I wanted to pawn my ring and bracelet I asked for a specific amount the gentlemen that took care of me were so care somatic to my needs He told me what the interest would be on my loan it wasn't over the top as some pawn jeweler stores are. He explained they don't make profit to help a hand the do it for the care of the customers I felt right at home. The gentlemen treated me professional he cared for my jewelry as it were his own when I went to pick it up. The staff cleaned my jewelry above and beyond any customer service I have ever had. Thank you gentlemen very much for making my holiday with my children as well as not breaking the bank.
By: choklitmissis
After doing business with Moline's for years, being able to go to PawnAmerica was a blessing! For the amount I was gonna need to hold me over until payday, I was really dreading going in after the amounts I was paying with Moline's, I would have had to pay double the amount loaned ($600 for $300)... with PawnAmerica, I only had to pay 20% of the amount ($60 for $300) for 30 days! With the option of a grace period for another 30 days, for the same amount... this was the blessing I needed... thank you PawnAmerica! Kym
By: ivory.beauchamp
Beauchamp Enterprises
At Fast Business Cash we love watching Businesses grow, and establishing a long term alliance with those Businesses. The team behind Fast Business Cash is a dedicated group of funding professionals with years of practical business experience. We understand business, and the ever changing need to raise capital fast. BUT mostly we understand your needs as a small business owner. Our goal is to form a true partnership while working with you to help your business grow and succeed!
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By: Bikerchad H.
Shorty's Shooting Sports
My girlfriend and I took Shorty's concealed carry course at the House of Harley-Davidson on Feb 11, 2016. The class was great and covered more than was required. Even though he had a very full class, he and his staff still took the time to explain how to handle many styles of handguns on a one-on-one basis hank you Shorty! Overall, a great experience! I recommend the class to anyone who is thinking of getting your concealed carry permit.
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By: Brad B.
The Shooters Shop
This is the best Gun Store in Milwaukee. They have a VERY large selection and sometimes prices are negotiable. Plus they have a range. Don't believe the bad comments. Sometimes if the staff thinks someone is not capable or mentally stable enough to own a firearm, they will be turned away. That is why they have a low record of people straw buying. Some of the people posting bad stuff may have mental issues and got turned away on purpose.
By: gomersgirl
Brown Deer Store
I purchased my bathroom tile just days after this store opened and I had a fantastic experience. Sarah and Brynley helped me with my selection of color and size of tiles and offered me many tips on installation. Additionally, they cheerfully answered all of my questions, which I had many! I strongly urge everyone to purchase from The Tile Store and be sure to ask for Sarah or Brynley.
By: bugbuster
Shorty's Shooting Sports
This guy is very friendly but he's overworked and under stress sometimes. He has some of the best prices in the area.As someone else noted,he's near a school, so what? he doesn't sell guns to kids. This was a strawman argument when he got his license. He doesn't suffer fools gladly but will teach you if you listen. If he doesn't have it in stock, he will order it for you.

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