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By: lcadillac
Well, I will say that this place is really clean and has a great layout for a piercing shop. I will also say that I've gotten pierced here twice and those were my two worst, most painful piercings and both took longer than I expected to heal. A rook is (from what I've been told) always a painful one, but this was definitely the most painful of my seven piercings. It was done with an 18g something like 3/8" (maybe 1/2"?) BCR, which is not an easy one to find a replacement for, so that's kind of a hassle and I haven't changed it out since I got it. It also took days for the swelling to go down and a couple months went by before I could sleep on that side of my head again. My belly button was the one I did not expect to give me so much trouble, but it did. It also cost way more than it would have if I had gone somewhere else. Lastly, as someone who has no desire to name names, I will say that someone told me they witnessed some needle reuse, but I have absolutely no evidence of it, so I'm not gonna claim it's true, it's just a gross thought.Needless to say, all five of my other piercings done elsewhere have been better and cheaper than what I got done here, so I won't be back.
By: tracimarieminarik
Atomic Tattoos-Midwest
I had a great experience at Atomic! I came in ready, but hesitant, to get my tongue pierced. Sara made it so easy and not stressful. Her tips and advice were super helpful. She wasn't like most piercers or tattoo artists who I've experienced- most say "don't be such a baby"... She was understanding of my nervousness, and helped me through it. She's very talented, the piercing was almost completely painless! It's been less than 2 weeks and the piercings already completely healed! She was the sweetest thing, I'll definitely choose Atomic for any future piercings/tattoos. Thanks Sara & Atomic!
By: neil.aggen
Brew City Tattoo
Got my very 1st tattoo here on 8-14-12. Andres listened to what I wanted and set-up a appointment for me to return at my convenience. When I got there on the 14th, he had my design drawn up and was ready to go. He answered all my questions and also joked around with my wife who was watching the process. It was a great expererience. This shop is spotless and professional. If you've never got a tattoo before, you can't go wrong here. I highly recommend Brew City to anyone looking for a quality Tattoo. Already coming up with my next design. Will be making another appointment with Andres soon.
By: tim.snyder.7737
The Last Detail Tattoo Studio
This a great small setting that you can feel comfortable in. My 18 year old daughter got her tattoo here. I am not too enthusiastic about younger people getting tattoos, I hear they're kind of permanent. With that being said, this is a great establishment, with Tattoo Artists that really care about giving you a quality tattoo that you want. Check them out, you will definitely see what I'm talking about when you walk in the door.
By: Lindsay K.
Atomic Tattoos-Midwest
ive been to alot of tattoo shops over the years and ive got to say that atomic tattoo is my favorite place to go for my tattoos. the artists are very friendly and are very helpful with ideas and making your tattoo more than just a tattoo, an AMAZING tattoo! :) i recommend them to everyone i know! i couldnt be happier coming here for my work! thanks atomic!
By: Chantilly M.
Brew City Tattoo
Super clean studio with awesome artists! I was really surprised with how affordable the pricing was as well. I had been priced higher at other shops for what I was looking for originally and didn't like their work as much. I've now been back twice. Just got complimented again yesterday for the work on my arm. I love Brew City Tattoo!
By: scarebare
The Last Detail Tattoo Studio
Mike is a humble and talented tattoo artist. It is important to him that you get the tattoo you want and a great piece of art. The shop is clean and comfortable with some interesting autographs and posters.
By: ananda.morningstar
The Last Detail Tattoo Studio
Mike is amazing! What a comfortable place to get a tattoo. I would recommend it to ANYONE looking for a new tattoo.

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