By: Madelyn madi C.
Milwaukee Career College
I was enrolled in the MA program from July 2014 until February 2015 at first I thought it was a good school the problems did not start until externship the first site I was placed at was a complete dump with the preceptor that would talk down to me and apparently she didn't like my attitude so I was thrown out of the first site and the second site where I was constantly insulted by a person who worked there. I found out that almost everyone in my class did not like their externship site everyone was complaining of the same thing either there wasn't enough work there was too much work the people there were nasty or didn't fit them the instructors said that they would pay attention to our personalities and demeanor to try to find a good fit but really they were like so far off Im really starting to think that they don't care where they send students to so they really need to think twice about the externships they're sending students out to I can't speak on behalf of the veterinary programs or the dental program but the medical assistant program really needs to work on their externship site choices. I graduated and applied everywhere but I never got past the first interview for the places that actually did call me back no matter were applied I was always turned down. The biggest problem is career services does not tell you how difficult it is to get a job they tell you all this other crap but yet they never mention that finding your first job is almost impossible I never found an MA job and one or two other people my class did not find a job either. I had to take another job that has nothing to do with MA work and I plan to go to MATC to be a phlebotomist because the phlebotomy that they did teach at mcc was next to nothing as a result I gained nothing and I lost a lot I lost money I lost free time I lost self-esteem so unless they fix the problems that they have at school I will never recommend the school to anyone
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By: Latashia J.
Milwaukee Career College
I love this school I finshed in 2013 and landed a job at Wheaton Franciscan Health Care everything I learned in class I use,the hands on training was the best it got me ready for the real world work place my teacher were kind, caring and helped my every step of the way I passed mt RMA with a 98% and everything that was on the test I learned in class the school was worth every penny and if I had to I would do it again that school made me a better person for my family
By: bnoach
Charles H Mason Bible College
This Bible Seminary prepares young Theologians for the Kingdom of God " Great Commission " Ministries Internationally. The student graduates with great wisdom, knowledge and understanding. The ability to walk and demonstrate in the Holy Spirit. Additionally, the student congratulatory awards from both the seminary and governmental office giving them the option of ministry or community leadership.
By: rentmej
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Outreach & Continuing Education
This is the wrong location and all of the phone numbers listed as well. The School of Continuing Education moved from this location 10+ years ago to 161 W Wisconsin Ave Suite 6000, their number is 414-227-3200 and their website is sce.uwm.edu
By: wheels1
Bryant & Stratton College
Don't listen to the last review. This school is great. Fantistic programs and very will to work with you financially. I had no problem going to school and working. I would highly recommend.
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By: Gregory b G.
Wisconsin University of Theology
Great school. I believe that Wisconsin University of Theology gives every single student the opportunity to be successful in school and in life. This school was incredible.
By: kaylanimmo
DeVry University Milwaukee Campus
Overall, this is a wonderful school to attend. The campus is friendly and an open environment. So many tools available to you.

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