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By: alex.niderman
Fox Bay Cinema Grill
Review:Yesterday, my wife and I decided to go out for a movie at Fox Bay Cinema Grill to see Silver Linings Playbook. The movie started at 9:30PM. My wife and I were a few minutes late getting there and walked in at about 9:33PM. Nobody was at the ticket counter and after about two minutes of searching around I spotted and flagged down the young lady that was cleaning the front lunge so she would come and sell us the tickets. We walked into the theater and the movie had just started (about 9:36PM). As the waiter made his initial rounds already and had taken everyone's order, we did not get services immediately. My wife suggested that we can wait until the waiter comes around again and place our order then. About 30 minutes into the movie, nobody came up to us to see if we needed anything or would like to place an order. I walked out to the bar to see if I could find someone, and there was nobody at the bar. The young lady that was there initially was nowhere to be found also. I went back into the theater and after a while realized that we would not be serviced at all. We decided not to interrupt our movie anymore and that I would try and find someone after the movie to make a complaint.After the movie, we came out to the bar and after standing there for about 3-4 minutes, a woman came out (turns out it was the owner, initially I did not know that). I explained my situation and she was apologetic, with a professional tone of voice, but was not sincere, like it was no big deal and I was being brushed off and nothing would get done to rectify the situation. I was professional and polite in my demeanor, and the lady was calm as well. I wasn't expecting any handouts, but I was never offered any compensation (any other place would offer a free ticket, dessert, etc..), not for any other reason but to be business courteous and to show the customer that their business is welcomed and appreciated. Furthermore, as I felt that I was being brushed off, I explained that I have been coming to this establishment for many years, and that I am beginning to think that I should seek to take my business elsewhere. The owner even went as far as to tell me that "it's my choice if I want to come here or not" and that they are cheaper than other theaters. I know it's my choice. As a consumer, I do not have to be told I have choices as I am aware of that. But thank you for your permission to have that choice. I stated that I will write a letter to the owner and was informed that she is the owner. So, here is my letter!
By: Rose B.
Fox Bay Cinema Grill
My favorite place for dinner and a movie. The service is superb and the food is really good. Great prices too...very reasonable. Better than every dine and movie place in Wisconsin. Highly recommended.
By: Ari R.
Fox Bay Cinema Grill
Good food, good service, enjoyable movie experience. Been there dozens of times. Not sure what these people are whining about.
By: Shaun L.
Rosebud Cinema
love it...quiet and right in the neighborhood: )

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