By: charlotte.h.dey
Crisp Pizza Bar & Lounge
The service here was great, but the food was terrible, We wanted to send back 75% of everything we ordered, but didn't, because we figured it looks obnoxious to do so. The guacamole tasted like it was straight of a can with a few onions chopped up and thrown in to make it look like it was homemade. The pizza was so salty and greasy that I couldn't stand to eat more than one piece - it was also overcooked on the bottom, giving the name "Crisp" new meaning. A blackened chicken sandwich was anything but blackened, and was instead rubbery with no flavor. The entree priced salads were small and looked like something I could have assembled at home, with one overwhelmed by cheap croutons. Finally, our drinks were so watered down that at least one of them, we could not taste any discernible alcohol. HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT, we will not be returning. We boxed up everything to take home and left hungry. Also, a note about the atmosphere: nice, hip atmosphere, but it was ruined by classic rock ala Led Zepplin playing. I don't go to Brady Street to hear WKLH type music.
By: joeydunne19
Lo Cash Bar
I went to Lo Cash Live on Friday evening after hearing some good things about the food, music and owner. This BBQ, Beer and Bands venue exceeded my expectations! The interior is warm, southern and comfy. They also have a large outdoor patio, complete with a parking lot. I was able to try the bbq beef brisket and fried okra. The beef brisket was among the best briskets I ever ate. It was tender, great balanced sauce, delicious! If you like fried okra, you will love it at Lo Cash Live. The staff was very attentive, friendly and unpretentious. Its tough to find places that have as good of a staff. This place also has country/bluegrass bands playing music on stage every night. It was a fun, lively ambiance and it seems like everyone in the place was really enjoying themselves. I was very impressed with this place SO MUCH, that I returned the next night for their NYE celebration. Couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate the new year than listen to great music, eat bbq, and all you can drink for $20! I cant wait to come back in the summer time!
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By: p0tpie
Hubbard Park Lodge Restaurant & Banquet Facilities
We had our wedding at the Lodge on 5/12/12 and it was perfect. I chose the Lodge because the food was excellent there during brunch, and after having our food tasting for the dinner, it was great, too. We got many compliments from our guests, which was awesome, because wedding food usually sucks.The ambiance was perfect for our wedding, and very affordable (the minimum for dinner was easily a few thousand dollars under that of the other venues we looked at). Alexia, the coordinator that we worked with, was very helpful and knowledgeable about the business, and was able to offer suggestions.The ceremony and reception were BEAUTIFUL, the servers and bartenders were very polite and prompt, and everything went perfectly. I would absolutely recommend them to friends and family for their brunch and as a venue.
By: Yvonne B.
George Webb Restaurant
Was there on Thursday. Evil waitress Amy snapped at me after I waited 15 minutes and asked for coffee since someone who came in after me was served. The young man waited on me instead. Another couple came in and Amy was terse with them. When she threw a straw at the young lady causing her to yell at her they left. What upset me more was a transient sitting who began cursing me (inserting God in her swearing) and said Amy should have spit in my food as I was an instigator. She acted like she wanted a fight with me. I'm done with this location and the crazies that come in there. The regular personnel were not there but if this is the type of people they hire and welcome I'm done. Back to Maxfields or decent George Webb's.
By: kellymarchese
Sobelman's has the best variety of burgers. The burger itself is juicy and has great seasoning. The toppings are very tasty and fresh. Their appetizers are awesome to. The service is great & friendly. The atmosphere is wonderful. If you go for lunch, they do get very busy so go early or plan for later lunch. I want Sobelman's to start making the "Juicy Lucy". This is a hamburger filled with anything you would like. Most customer's perfer different types of cheeses. Well, time to go. Try Sobleman's!! I can reassure you, you will not be disappointed. Also, tell your friends and family!! Thank-you Sobelman's for doing it right!!
By: snapdragn1981
The Cheesecake Factory
For a chain restaurant...this is one of my favorites. I like the ambiance. The staff is very polite. We had one of the best servers we've ever had anywhere. I especially love the HUGE menu...and if you go there you will know what I mean. Some of our favorites (so far) would be the appetizer fried calamari - one of the dipping sauces is a bit heavy for the light breading but is much better with a little squeeze of lemon. The steak Diane is one of my favorites. The Godiva chocolate cheesecake is unbelievable. The cheesecake puts the bill a little higher than I'm used to but it's worth it.
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By: jetaime.taylor
The Cheesecake Factory
Went in to get 2 slices of 1/2 price cheesecake... I was then told it was 1 slice per customer to get the deal! How is it any different if my mother was right next to me or not? Not to mention the lady was rude and acted like I was inconveniencing her. So I ordered 1 slice and a whole cheesecake. While waiting, customers that were leaving from dining in were told they needed to ask their server for the cheesecake if they wanted it for 1/2 price! Very disappointed in the service I received. I will go back to the one in Mayfair as I know I will receive better service!
By: ebaevans
Stella J's
Very nice and friendly staff, only open 3 weeks at my time of dining, clean and nicely decorated interior, not that of a typical strip mall. The menu had one item covered in black tape which I didn't particularly care for. I ordered the catfish dinner and yams and greens. The fish was fresh and perfectly seasoned! The greens and yams are just like grandma used to make! Cornbread was more like a cake texture than cornbread but eveey aspect of the food was delicious and I really appreciated the fresh fish!
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By: Colleen W.
Edgar's Calypso
I went to this place more than 6 years ago. I had gone with my then boyfriend, who happens to be Jamaican and from Montego Bay. My boyfriend said it was very close to the food from his country. I liked the food. I did not order the American food because, I feel, when going to a restaurant that specializes in another cuisine I should try that cuisine. I plan on returning soon because the food, to me was good. The decor was great and made me feel like I was in the Caribbean. Loved it!
By: mzchocolate1
Best Friend Clubhouse
Even though the bar is on 3rd just off Center St its a cool place-They have a mature crowd (30+) and everyone was having so much fun. The drinks was only $3 (well i was drinking during thier drink special) but even afterwards my absolut was only $5 which is cheap compared to "other" bars ive ben to. The bartender kept me entertained the whole time that i was there i cant wait to go back on thursday to try out my singing skills at their karaoke.

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