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By: Redd B.
Ray Tann Tire Inc.
YellowPages did a poor job in representing Ray Tann's! Also Ray Tann Tires Inc DOES in fact have a website www.Raytanntires.com which unfortunately is not yet completed, due to poor communication and execution on yellow pages behalf.. Furthermore Mastercard and Visa are the only credit cards accepted at Ray Tann's.. Goodyear and Kelly, as listed, are just a few brands sold here, many many others are too.. Just about any tire you've got your eye on, Ray will get ahold of, and FasT!! Just in stock; brands include Firestone, Dayton, Cordovan, Uniroyal, Sumic, Dunlop and the list goes on, plus the unlimited possibilities available within a day, sometimes even hours!..Whatever your price range, whatever your tire need, Ray is the only shop to go to!! They do one thing and one thing only-Tires-that being said they do an over the top job!! New, Used, fix a flat, balancing, whatever you may need pertaining to tires you won't find a better place than Ray Tann's.. By far the quickest and most thorough. Best deals, friendliest staff that know's their stuff, and most importantly HONEST.. If you need new tires, Ray won't hesitate to let you know, BUT if you don't they won't try and talk you into wasting money. I recommend everyone I know and will continue to do so for very good reason, I simply wouldn't trust anyone else. One of the most important aspects for a comfortable ride and being safe driving in these unforgiving Wisconsin streets is and always will be a good set of tires...So thank you Ray Tann and crew and for years of excellent service and the best prices on top of the line products..
By: lynncleanwalker
Unique Custom Car Care
I'm not saying Unique Custom Car Care is exceptional, but the technicians who worked for the company were great! In fact the technicians weren't bad mechanics at all. This business was just managed unprofessionally. That includes ordering, management, pay raises or getting paid on scheduled pay dates. I was a assistant shop mgr. for this business and one of the best automotive technician, Unique Custom Car Care ever hired. The owners I think took advantage of the employees dependency of this company as leverage over whether you'll remain an employee or get paid according to how you perform as a follower rather than a leader. I wanted to help this company, along with others who worked for this company wanted to help get this company out of debt and make this job a reliable permanent placement. Not doing accordingly with profits and deposits may have cause this company to close permanently. This review is to you who came to Unique Custom Car Care and claim to have had a bad experience. I'm sincerely sorry for the inconvenience and for your lost. Your lost of compensation. -lynnedwardwalker@gmail.com
By: kathy.chatty579
Lakeshore Mobil
I was in Milwaukee on July 17th, the hottest, most humid day of the summer this far. Drove all the way from River Falls, WI. My car's air conditioner went out and the battery was also at it's end. I needed to pick my daughter up at O'Hare, the next day. Someone mentioned they had a repair done at Lakeshore and I just barely made it to the station as my gauge was about to hit the red line.I explained my situation to Dennis who assured me he would look at it, even though he had many vehicles that day, and said I should be able to pick it up by noon on the 18th. He found my daughter and I a ride back to her place and had the car ready to go by 6:00 p.m. !Service was very friendly, professional and respectful. I definately recommend Lakeshore Mobil!Thanks to all of you, I got to the airport on time :-)
By: Jason L.
Jason Imports Parts & Service Inc
I have a 2004 530i that had the ccv freeze up and on -40 degree day and pushed the oil out through my exhaust. I had the car towed to Jason imports and they fixed it at I guess would be a ok price. I think it was 600-800, I cant remember. If I remember correctly he replaced the ccv and the hoses and put a ccv winter kit on(which I was able to visibly see the new insulated hoses). My major issue was the customer service of the mechanic working, he just seemed very rude and had a constant attitude. if I could give 3.5 stars I would. They got my car fixed in a timely manner but customer service on the mechanic's part sucked. I would have rated higher with 4 or 5 stars if the customer service was better.
By: Cassie M.
Leonard Auto Body
This was hands down the best experience I have ever had with a body shop! My 2013 VW GTI (my baby!) ended up with a pretty nasty door ding. My friend who also owned a VW had work done here. Brian, the manager couldn't have been more caring and honest about the work my vehicle needed. He did such a great job and in such a timely manner, I was almost in shock. The fact that he genuinely cared about my car as much as I did really spoke volumes to me. I felt more like I was dealing with family, then an auto body shop. It's rare in the auto industry to find such an honest stand-up company like Leonard's Auto Body. I would refer this place to the moon and back!
By: molskat
Gizmo Auto Service
Marwan has taken nothing but great care of me since I moved to Milwaukee. He replaced my window when it was smashed in with a perfect match. He was also able to get me a replacement part for maintenance on my 190,000+ mile car for a fraction of the price another mechanic quoted me. Marwan is very serious about the quality of his work and make's sure to mark his repairs with his signature to guarantee it's quality. An Auto Service business should be rated on the service done on your vehicle, not the ability to fill in an invoice. Ask around, Marwan runs the shop ALL BY HIMSELF and has a great reputation in this community.
By: T M.
Fairview Sales & Service
Jerry is a throwback to the days of honest-top notch work, for an honest price. He's got at least 40-plus years experience and it shows, my family has been dedicated to his service for over 20 years. He's a fresh breath of air, in the era of $130+ per hour labor and being pressured into non-needed work. He's incredibly reasonable, and fixes ONLY what is needed. As honest, and genuine as they get!! If you want first class service, no pressure, quick work and to be treated with respect. Don't go anywhere else... I'm a mechanic myself, with 30yrs experience. I wouldn't recommend anybody else!
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By: Brianna W.
Wisconsin Muffler
First off Steve and Jarod are absolutely awesome. I recently bought a car here and they did everything possible to help me out and fix whatever needed to be fixed. Anytime I brought it there even if they were booked they still managed to get my car in and get it done in a timely manor. everyone there is really nice and ive never gotten any attitude. Even when I sit there waiting for my car I've watched customers come there and be difficult and they delt with them really good. this is the place I will always take my car to, its not very close to my house but its worth the drive.
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By: Dennis N.
Advantage Auto Parts
I damaged the side of my new lease truck while trying to park a trailer. quite a few people around the job site recommended Advantage. after my insurance company flat out told me it wasn't covered for some crap reason, I needed it to be a reasonable price. my co workers showed me a few of Their vehicles that have had repairs and I couldn't even tell something happened. I dropped my truck off on a Thursday and within a week i got a call that it was ready for pickup. needless to say the repair was perfect and i should have no problems with the dealer when i go to turn it in.
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By: Mike N.
Expert Car Care Inc
Awesome service at this place. I was told by a dealer that my catalytic converter needed replacement. I went and got some estimates because the dealer was too expensive. I got a reasonable estimate from expert car care and when I brought it in they looked at it first before replacing it and found the converter was fine and I needed a thermostat. My repairs cost mme under 140 bucks and never charged me the diagnostic test. I was so pleased with the service and saving me over 800 dollars. Its great to have found a honest shop. I would highly recommend this shop to everyone.
Tips & Advices
You should change your oil filter whenever you change your oil, that is, approximately every 7,500 miles.
A oil filter is a device that helps remove contaminants from motor oil as it passes through the engine. A pump pushed the oil through the filter where it is strained and goes back to the engine.
High-mileage oil contains special conditioners that are said to help prevent gaskets from drying out and thus preventing leaks. This can be beneficial to engines with many miles on them.
Synthetic oil costs more than conventional oil, but the price is offset by the need for less frequent oil changes due to the oil’s durability.
Tools needed to change your own oil include jack stands or ramps, a wrench, an oil filter wrench, an oil drip pan, funnel, replacement oil filter, and replacement oil.

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