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By: John S.
CPS Contractors
Installed a pool liner for me that fell out in less than 24 hours . Now I need to Pay someone else to finish the job . Nice for over $6000.00 !
By: Mikey R.
Supreme Builders Inc
Easily the worst apartment I have stayed at. I lived there 2 years. You figure because they have Jackson park across the street, that it is family friendly. NOPE!Property management is a joke. They only do what's best for them, whenever they feel like it. They do not maintain or clean properties. They do no facilitate or handle any issues/situations that occur with other tenants. They seem to allow anyone to rent from them. Apartment hallways smell like marijuana, other smoke, or trash. I could keep going on... but long story short, not worth the hassle and money. Save your money and use it elsewhere. When we didn't renew our lease, we needed them to verify rent history for our new place... they tried to tarnish our name!DO NOT RENT FROM SUPREME BUILDERS
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By: Aaron N.
Dornbrook Construction
Never heard back after leaving several messages. Extremely disappointed that they offer to do free estimates but they never get back to you!
By: changedbyrayoung
Supreme Builders Inc
SAVE YOUR TIME, MONEY, and many headaches-DO NOT RENT from Supreme Builders. They are rude, unhelpful, do NOT maintain their buildings and will walk in your apartment with NO prior notice and LIE that notice was given. Carpets are filthy, units aren't painted and carpets aren't cleaned good if at all in between tenants. Cigarette smoke PENETRATES your unit if your neighbors smoke as well as their dinners.Carol, the office hench is nothing further than a complete bitter rude snot & that's being polite. She's nice when you come to sign the lease but other than that forget it-she won't help you with ANYTHING unless it comes to occupying the units she has for rent.Kellie the daughter in law to Bob (married to Jonathan) is a lying sneak who will try to bully you to get what she needs. KNOW YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS and use them, if needed!"Maintenance" which happens to be some of the BAIERL family WILL enter your unit without your knowledge or permission and then deny that they did so; they will also claim that you wouldn't allow them entrance; OR say that they gave prior notice when in all actuality THEY didn't. When you question them and that's when the bullying starts from Kellie (Kelly) Baierl. That don't work well w/me.If something breaks or is supposed to be fixed don't HOLD YOU BREATH because it won't get fixed for weeks upon weeks upon weeks.Sure the units are large and would be a GREAT place to live IF they were maintained and upkept but for the Greenfield Park ones where Monica & Felippe are in charge of on sight care, good luck with that. My apartment is infested with Boxelder bugs, Earwigs, Carpenter ants and I have a noisy neighbor with medical issues which causes him to bang against my walls and scream at the top of his longs ALL NIGHT LONG which means NO and I mean NO sleep for me. Despite asking to get out of my lease, they won't allow it even though Kellie claims they don't "have to put up with tenants like me". Well, Supreme Builders, I gave you a FREE pass for entering my apartment once; NO more free passes from me. Do it again, not just to me but to the worng person at the wrong time and you may be surprised at some point at what could be waitiing for you the next time you turn someones door knob the next time!Bottom line is this; if you want to pay high rent to be a good locations but don't want any maintenance or clean UPGRADED MAINTAINED apartments (the appliances are from the 80's (oh did I mention the earwigs in my fridge too?), not to mention there's no ceiling fans just light fixtures from the 80's and the closets are bigger than the kitchen) -GREAT then this is the place for you!If you're like me and want to get what you pay for, a quiet nights sleep, management that CARES, management that is on YOUR side and management that actually FIXES, maintains and does what it's supposed to do, save yourself the headaches, cigarette STENCH, nasty food cooking smells, the stress, the condesending tone from Carol the office hench, and SAVE YOUR MONEY find a nicer place, a cleaner place, a quiet caring place. This place is legitimately a money pit with flickering lights (oh did I mention two of their locations have had fires? One where people actually died becaue they couldn't get out) which may be due to an electrical issue (BUT AGAIN THEY DIDN'T care) that's why they have you sign a FIRE disclaimer upon lease signing. Seriously people don't do it. They may be large but they are unkept; unreliable and disturbingly vendictive, IF you let them!
By: kissthisangel
Supreme Builders Inc
WHY DID I MISS THESE REVIEWS BEFORE SIGING WITH "UN"SUPREME BUILDERS??! UGH. Smelly, filthy, cigarette burned carpet-worn out/faded carpet upon start of lease; unclean apartment upon moving in, certainly NOT painted between tenants even though supreme builders claimed it was. Took 4 weeks upon moving in to get the water to stop running even though it was running before I moved in (and not made aware), kitchen floor damaged and 6 months later-still not replaced, I too have a bug infestation but not the kind the health department acts on unfortunately. Management if that's what you want to call them; THEY DON'T CARE about you-AT ALL and will talk to you like you're the skum of the earth. Call there, see for yourself. Carol will most likey answer the phone. She's been running the main office in West Allis for 10+ years and acts like life is the most miserable thing there is. She is moody, rude, snotty and overly condescending. She acts like she should be bowed down to.Maintenance; FUNNY....there is no maintenance on site unless you call the 'un'caretakers of the building maintenance and if they can't fix what's broken-low and behold get ready for the "work order" (did I mention my kitchen floor hasn't been fixed yet...6 months later-yeah that's what I mean by "work order"). Another HUGE issue; they WILL enter your apartment without prior notice and LIE and say notice was given. KNOW YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS. (P.S. They don't like when you know them either, that's when the fun begins from the Baierl family (Kellie especially), they have a MAJOR issue with you questioning anything they do. Bottom line THEY don't care about you. The units, sure, they are large which is a bonus for the need for larger rooms/furniture or for roommate situations. The appliances are older, I can't even read the numbers for the temp settings on the stove. There are outdated light fixtures, possibly from the early 80's. There is no ceiling fans in ANY room, the free heat is basically the DRY baseboard turn the dial 'heat'. The washer and dryer are the small & the stackable kind. The kitchen is SMALL and certainly not functional. AT ALL. There's no storage room whether its in the kitchen or the hall closet (unless you use the bedroom closets or under beds for extra storage) and there is NO microwave either in the kitchen. So, with all that said; if you like paying HIGH rents for a filthy apartment, cigarette stench that waffs in from your neighbors apartments, smelling their food cooking and hearing your neighbors SLAM the doors to the underground parking-THIS is this place for you! Oh before I forget, the underground parking is a nice perk, sure BUT the spaces are so small so either your neighbor will DENT your car or you'll hit the cement pilar. Unreal. Trust me, you can find a BETTER place out there. STAY AWAY, FAR AWAY from Supreme Builders. You will avoid a nightmare, I promise you!
By: Katy T.
Dornbrook Construction
Dornbrook took care of our new concrete driveway. Larry was thorough and communicated well during the entire process. On the day of old driveway tear-out Larry went over the plans with us to make sure we were getting exactly what we wanted. I told him my favorite flowers would be ripped out when the demo began, when I got home he had dug the flowers up and saved them for me! A very sincere touch! They completed our driveway in one day due to being ahead of schedule. The crew cleaned up everything and left no mess! I would highly recommend Dornbrook Construction!
By: James K.
Supreme Builders Inc
I lived in their Oconomowoc building for 2 1/2 years 2012-2014 and was very impressed not only by the quality of the building and the value, but the staff was fantastic as well. I've lived all over the country, and this was by far the nicest place I've rented. The building I lived in is going on 25 years of age and is constantly maintained. It may not be brand new and there are a few buildings in town that are - half the size unit twice the price! I had to move for work in 2014, and was in Illinois and North Dakota. We decided to return to Wisconsin at the end of 2016, and waited for a unit to open in the same complex. Very glad to be back!
By: Robert G.
Supreme Builders Inc
I have no idea where anyone else is coming from with all of them being 1 star reviews. Maybe it was based on which property they lived in and the issue was the on-site manager.I lived in their Greenfield Park property from June 2001 to August 2011 and couldn't have been happier. Any issues I ever had were dealt with quickly and the one time they said they didn't receive my rent check they didn't charge me fees as clearly it had to be an issue with the mail (they gave me the benefit of the doubt). I'm back looking them up as I'm looking to move back to the Milwaukee area from Chicago. I lived in their 2 bedroom 1900 sq foot loft which I see is currently priced at $1140. Here in suburban Chicago I pay $1156 for a 2 bedroom 990 sq foot apt in a bad area with no underground parking. They are a great deal and great people. Loved Kellie, Carol, and Johnnie
By: Lanita W.
Supreme Builders Inc
I wish I would have read the reviews! God why me! Please I sign a year lease and lord knows I came from a Christian/ Baptist background! This was a lessoned learned! Never again! They are the true definition of dirty stallis!
By: Star J.
Supreme Builders Inc
READ ALL COMMENTS! Very Unprofessional! I wish I had read the reviews on this place before paying a $30 application fee for my spouse and I . The process of applying was horrible so I could only imagine what it would be like living there. My story is my BF and I applied and what was suppose to be a 2 day process took 2 weeks for a response. We called twice in a 2 week period and was told that the Manager had our applications. Come on now 2 weeks! For some reason people think that b/c you prefer to rent and not own you are stupid. That is neither here nor there. When Kellie finally called after 2 weeks to my better half ONLY, she stated that he was not qualified enough and there was an applicant who had a better credit score. Really.. Keep in mind she still has not contacted me. This was such a lie. My BF has 2 friends that stay in one of the properties closer to the NORTHSIDE that are felons and horrible credit. One had to pay a double security deposit before moving in. We didn't mention this b/c there wasn't a need. My dilemma is the property manager stated to us that no had showed interest in this particular building for sometime. Could that have changed of course. My theory is that Kellie held on to our application until someone else applied or until she realized she couldn't keep stringing us along. 1. We are African Americans applying for an apartment in a predominantly Caucasian and other race area outside of our color 2. We have a child and no one else in the building has children. So maybe Kellie thought we would tear the place up, play loud music, have our homies running in and out all day or leave dirty diapers laying around like you see in hood. LOL But after reading all the reviews the place sounds like a zoo. Thank you Kellie for saving us from living in you and your family's establishment. If we wanted to see animals we have the Milwaukee County Zoo for that. We don't do unwanted pets, unprofessional/racist people that feel we don't belong in a certain area. Btw Conceal and Carry is real. You may want to think about that before you send someone in a place and they are not expected. Some of us colored folks do know more rights than you think. Best of luck to the next people that apply or rent from these people.
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