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By: sc1989
La Isla Restaurant Ii
I never had any thing bad to say aBout this place for years until now. Im not into giving reviews but went out of my way to warn others. Recently, I went in on a Tuesday with 2 other friends, we sat at their counter, looked at their menu. No one there even acknowledged us at all. We watched a man come in, got his food and left and two other girls after us come in, ordered and left before us. I understand they were busy but u have to be kidding me, that was ridiculous. My friend had to call out one of the girls to actually get her attention for help. And when she called her out, that girl looked at us like we were crazy. One of my friends wanted to order the Tuesday special, that wasn't available somehow. So that also makes the pernil sandwich unavailable too. This is a puerto rican restaurant. How do u not have pernil available? Ok whatever so we all settled for pastrami sandwiches. I usually tip even when I do carry out, but I didn't leave them anything. One Saturday afternoon, I was anxious to get out of work to go get their Saturday special which is cuajito. I work two jobs and both jobs are in oak creek, so in between jobs, I decided to drive out of my way to la isla just for the cuajito. Got there and of course, it wasn't available. Highly disappointed. How do u not have the Saturday special available on Saturday??? So I asked for pollo guisado, they didn't even have that. Wth. What kind of Puerto Rican restaurant are u?? No pernil, no pollo guisao. All their appetizers are good, such as the pastellios, relleno de papa, etc. I can get over the crap service but not the fact that they dont have much available from the menu. Disappointed that I wasted time and gas just for a damn sandwich, when I could've went somewhere else closer to my job for a quick lunch. Make sure u have food from ur menu available especially ur daily specials and have a motivational speech with ur employees every morning, if that is what it takes for them to smile more. Im not the best thing when it comes to customer service but my crappy customer service days are a lot better than their service any day. Oh and u would think that u would get better service from church going Christian Puerto Ricans, this place proves u wrong. What a disappointment to the Puerto Rican culture smfh.
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By: Desiree P.
La Isla Restaurant Ii
We were going to go to Chicago to eat and decided to try this place instead. The food is pretty good but the service was absolutely terrible. The girl dropped menus on our table and took about 10 minutes to come back. When we got there, there was only two other tables there. She talked very low, never said thank you or you're welcome. Took forever to bring us our drinks, my husband had to ask her to bring them and she asked what they were again. No music, bad attitudes is not a good mix. We paid and tipped well despite the service and got up before she came to get the check so one of the girls asked out loud if we paid in spanish. I'm Puerto Rican myself and I am disgusted my their attitudes. Embarrassed to call that a Puerto Rican restaurant. I will be going to Chicago next time. Never again. Not even for the food.
By: lou2531
La Isla Restaurant Ii
Food was very good and tasty...but the young server didn't have any customer service skills. Not once did she return to ask us how our food was nor if we needed anything. She didn't pay attention to what I was ordering. I thought maybe we were bothering her from doing her job...wait she didn't know how to do her job. Also something that really was disturbing was the floor being mopped while we were eating. Overcharged due to the server not understanding my order.
By: lou2531
La Perla Restaurant
Food was okay but couldn't ignore the bad smell of the table smelling like a dirty washrag was used to clean the tables. Service was okay. Asked 2 servers for extra napkins but they chose to ignore us. I guess it was too much of a hassle and they don't know how to provide good service. Will not return to this establishment.

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