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By: meganlk
Renee Row Apartments
I lived here for a year. The apartment was very nice, and the underground parking was a big plus. That said, the management was terrible. They were rarely in the office during their scheduled hours and didn't respond to my calls or emails about broken appliances until over a week after the fact. Like broken AC during a 90 degree finals week.They made billing mistakes and charged me for other people's missed rent, when none of my roommates had these charges. I worked for every penny of my rent checks and paid them before the deadlines. That's a lot of money to a college student trying to pay her way through private school. And no, management never corrected their mistakes.Overall, Renee Row is in great physical condition, but their management sucks. You can take the chance that they won't bill you for things outside of your control, but chances are they will write you off because come September there's always a line of unknowing students waiting to sign a lease. They don't know what they're getting into.
By: cassie.caldwell.9849
Harbor Pointe Apartments
This place is ok...I live in Glenbrook apts...which is still apart of Harbor Pointe just under a different name. I have to say this building is pretty nice...just don't like seeing bugs...but that is normal for any place( its the normal like spiders, etc). I especially like how quiet this building is but from time to time you hear kids running around, but like I said before that's very common anywhere. One thing I don't like is the fact we pay for everything except the heat. I do like having underground parking, I feel a little safer coming in and out of the building. You're going to have problems everywhere you go, whether its a small or big problem...it will always be something. I say look into it and really see if you like this place...but I would recommend the glenbrook apts over harbor pointe any day...this side of the area is quiet.
By: Trace M.
City Hall Square Apartments
I've enjoyed the past 3years here. Interior is nice awesome large windows, cream city brick walls. BEAUTIFUL views of the river. River walk access from the Harp to beyond the Ale House. PRIME DOWNTOWN LOCATION. New owner Pete is available and attentive. Formally 606 MH
By: brenny
Tuckaway Heights Apartments
The community is very welcoming and clean (just drive through--you will see). It is also secluded. The staff is very nice and helpful. I am very impressed by the quality and cleanliness. I was happy I found a nice community to live in at a great price with a pool.
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By: Hope S.
Majestick Loft Apartment
I have lived here for a while. The view from my apartment is amazing and I would not change it for anything. I have my own washer and dryer in my apartment and I do not have to leave my building to work out. Plus I can just go downstairs to Applebee's!
By: ryliel
Glenco Properties Inc
Tuckaway Heights and Glenco Properties is an overall gorgeous community! It is always very well up-kept and you can tell my neighbors respect it too. I love the location it is very close to my world (family/friends) and the freeway. Thank you Tuckaway!
By: mollyb513
Glenco Properties Inc
Tuckaway Heights is a really nice and safe enviorment. Everyone is very friendly. I like all of the different amenities that are available to me. It also really really clean.

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