By: ilovefood0424
I've very pleased with their service..and food quality. Some of the items might not be like other places but there sure are some items that are just out of this world! I do not care for their ginger salad dressing..it's a bit too clumpy and not creamy like other places. My husband absolutely enjoys their clear mushroom soup...and he's not one for asian cuisines or sushi type of entrees..but he likes the chicken tempura rolls and hibachi. They put on a splendid show, this is a place you want to go with coworkers after work or luncheon/dinner. Place you want to celebrate your birthday..they take pictures and have music with lights and sing to you...it's a fun and inviting atmosphere. There prices are fair, and now they offer the discounted menu on Monday/Tuesday evenings after 4..but make sure u make reservations..because they get BUSY!! I do not however care for the short hair lady that is apart of the manager team...she's very rude and inconsiderate of people and if your running late she'll let you know and i thought that was not a nice approach...yes i understand im running late..(about 5 minutes)..but to say it in front of everyone and to make me feel singled out is a bit rude....so if u make reservations and dont want to be singled out...be there at like 15 minutes early....dislike that on monday/tuesday discount days you can only order off the menu ONE time..verus other places u can keep ordering and ordering until your satisfied..so if u order too less and ur still hungry..u might just have to order a regular menu priced item...but i think it's a good location/atmosphere and food quality.
By: ebaevans
Stella J's
Very nice and friendly staff, only open 3 weeks at my time of dining, clean and nicely decorated interior, not that of a typical strip mall. The menu had one item covered in black tape which I didn't particularly care for. I ordered the catfish dinner and yams and greens. The fish was fresh and perfectly seasoned! The greens and yams are just like grandma used to make! Cornbread was more like a cake texture than cornbread but eveey aspect of the food was delicious and I really appreciated the fresh fish!
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By: Colleen W.
Edgar's Calypso
I went to this place more than 6 years ago. I had gone with my then boyfriend, who happens to be Jamaican and from Montego Bay. My boyfriend said it was very close to the food from his country. I liked the food. I did not order the American food because, I feel, when going to a restaurant that specializes in another cuisine I should try that cuisine. I plan on returning soon because the food, to me was good. The decor was great and made me feel like I was in the Caribbean. Loved it!
By: Addison J.
Vietnamese Noodles
I am obsessed with this place! The food is always amazing! They do get very busy on the weekends sometimes and the service can be meh but the food is definitely worth the wait! Great quality and customer service! The menu also looks really great with lots of pictures and easy guides of which noodles to pick for your meals. Very clean place as well. Definitely will be returning if I'm ever in the area again! :)
By: bigtruck1
Urban Joe Cafe
I Love Urban Joe Cafe! The wraps and sandwiches are loaded with all the right stuff! Not run of the mill food - but Boars Head meats, and ingredients things like roasted red peppers, sprouts, kalamata olives, sun dried tomatoes, goat cheese, arugala, fresh basil, etc. The soups and crepes are great too! And the coffee......... Best Around! I highly recommend!
By: winged-heart
Cynthia's Restaurant
Want to try different ethnic dishes? Cynthia's menu changes every day so you'll have a chance to eat a Thai dish one day and a Moroccan soup the next. Their Mexican entrees are spectacular and accented with your choice of six homemade salsas. I've loved everything I've had there so far and Cynthia and Fernando go out of their way to make you feel at home.
By: Maya C.
Vietnamese Noodles
Vietnamese Noodles satisfies that craving. The food is fresh and very soothing. This restaurant is dominated with Vietnamese patrons which boads well for their good service. So if you know and like Vietnamese food they are very accommodating to any of your desires with herbs, vegetables, or spices. Give it a try and see how you like it!
By: Daring A.
Vietnamese Noodles
How nice is it when you're craving noodle, you try one and it turns out it was one of the best bowls of noodle you've ever had? Vietnamese Noodles was that for me. Not fancy but really good. The broth was excellent, the noodles fresh, and the steak tender and flavorThe service was pleasant and friendly, and the food came out fast.
By: Terry O.
Allgauer's Bistro In The Park
Excellent Fish Fry. I was pleased to find that Perch was offered in the All- you- can- eat fish fry. It was delicious and the potato pancakes were the best I've ever tasted. I ordered the Baked French Onion soup and was so pleased. It was wonderful. Our server Rebecca was awesome. Definitely going back.
By: delilah.harris3
I enjoy the food, I just wish that the meals were about $1 cheaper. They need to have an online menu with order options. After ordering the confirmation number should give proof that the meal was paid for, allowing the customer to pick up the order with the confirmation number...just saying, its an idea

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