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By: mustjustbe
One of the sales associates I like a bit, he is very nice every time I go it. Prices are a little high, but maybe negotiable. I went in to see what they would pay for some silver and a benchmade knife. The girl said she thought I was trying to sell the plastic container that had a silver coin in it, which is just a ridiculous idea and I see no possible train of thought that lead her to believe this. They offered me $5.00 for my 1 ounce silver coin, which is a bit insulting. I can't believe anyone would accept that price. Any other coin dealer or pawn shop pays silver price for them, which would be $23.00 at the time, or at least they pay close to it. My friend came in with me and wanted to see what they would pay for some silver dimes. I heard the guy at the counter say "We don't buy dimes. They will give you 10 cents for them at the register." I asked, a different day, if they bought nice knives because I saw they had some cheap generic ones for sale, and they said they would buy them. The girl said they don't buy them, that is fine, but she made me seem like "I should know better", when I was told they bought them.I'm sure the staff working there are only there because it's a job, but I would hope the staff of a pawn shop would be more knowledgeable, or the prices more fair. Exclude the one gentlemen in the front that is extremely nice, intelligent, and even remembers me when I come in. I looked at some gemstones, and earrings also. They were overpriced because they were generally cloudy, chipped, and scratched.
By: choklitmissis
After doing business with Moline's for years, being able to go to PawnAmerica was a blessing! For the amount I was gonna need to hold me over until payday, I was really dreading going in after the amounts I was paying with Moline's, I would have had to pay double the amount loaned ($600 for $300)... with PawnAmerica, I only had to pay 20% of the amount ($60 for $300) for 30 days! With the option of a grace period for another 30 days, for the same amount... this was the blessing I needed... thank you PawnAmerica! Kym
By: Heather R.
Rather expensive. Many items can be bought new at the same prices this store charges for used items. Be careful when shopping. Staff is helpful, though.

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