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By: ilovefood0424
Lychee Garden Garden
I absolutely love this restaurant. One of the best Chinese cuisine restaurants I have ever had!! Ever since they reopened due to a fire in the kitchen... At first, they had to work out some of the kinks but what place doesn't right? Now they are back on nothing happened! My all time favorite cruisine. -Special Shrimp. It has jumbo large shrimp, with pan fried noodles with a variety of vegetables...definitely a treat! Also their Hong Kong Sizzling Steak!! mouth watering juicy!! I also had their bone in filet. Its not on the menu, because its a new item, it is worth every penny!! Alot of the specials are not on the menu, you have to ask, " What's the specials for today?" and they list a few items that are wonderful!! The atmosphere is inviting and the waitstaff are wonderful. beautiful decor and full bar, love the varieties of drinks they offer..and they also have a lunch and dinner buffet. On the go...absolutely LOVE there carry-out service, on nights when I just want to grab some food and go home and relax. They also modify entrees to your liking and preference. Definitely a must!
By: swiatczak
Wok To Go
I WANTED to like this place, but can't say I'll be back. I went ahead and tried it out because I had a coupon for $3 off. I ordered the 'shrimp with lobster sauce' and wasn't impressed. It was really 'soupy' and surprisingly flavorless compared to other shrimp dishes I've had at other Chinese restaurants. Also, I'm used to seeing big pieces of vegetables (baby corn, water chestnuts, etc.) in entrees at other places, but the only veggies in my dish were peas and diced carrots. On a positive note, I will say that the woman working the front desk was friendly, smiley and made a good impression on me. It also was quick service.
By: ilovefood0424
J J Chen Eatery
This place is good. I've had my fair share of chinese/asian food and let me tell you that the taste/smell/look of the entrees are just yummy! I really enjoy this restaurant and think that it's nice clean. The restaurant is a bit small maybe about 20-30 people. They also offer delivery and the man that delivers the food is acceptionally nice and speaks english very well which makes ordering enjoyable. I really enjoy the Beef Chow Fun and chicken feet. So good! Overall a good place. Nice people as well.
By: ilovefood0424
China Hut
This place has really good food. Reasonable prices as well as good service. The only downfall I have is -not an eat in restaurant. When ordering food via phone call Kim never says good-bye and rarely says thank you, very quick to hang up even though there's a rush or something, everyone should be treated with respect. I've been in a restaurant environment for over 10 years. Rush is something I have under my belt... Other than that. good fresh food. I recommend them.
By: Another G.
Bamboo House Chinese Restaurant
The atmosphere is outdated.The service is sometimes iffy.The food is some of the best in the Milwaukee area. I don't mind the d├ęcor and I will tolerate the service because the food is that good. I have been coming here for over 20 years and there is like, one other Chinese restaurant in the Milwaukee area that compares food-wise. And I have been to China, and I have been to San Francisco. I think I know Chinese food pretty well.
By: xecantruc.liu
Genghis Khan Mongolian BBQ
First things first this is Mongolian not Chinese. Second if you come before 3 o'clock that is when lunch is otherwise its closed and the food go bad n dumped. if you didn't come after 3 o'clock that's when you get the last bit after lunch and when you do come in during lunch you get the best picture of the food that's when it's fresh don't blame the business if you came in after lunch is over
By: Mark T.
Eat Rice
all-business carry-out with simple, carry-out atmosphere: when hungry for quality Chinese, this family-owned and operated (including 2 teenage boys) is great. Excellent traditional flavors, light but substantial soups, everything very reasonably priced. my goal is to try everything at least once. There's one table that's great for a not-fussy single or duo wanting to eat there.
By: Rebecca S.
J J Chen Eatery
I had to order lunch for my very picky boss. He wasn't sure about me ordering JJ Chens because...he's picky. But I said it was good and that they deliver (It's snowing outside). He reluctantly said sure. It was delivered quickly. My boss came out 15 min later and said it was the best - very fresh, very good and to put them on our "A list" for lunch orders
By: swiatczak
San Dong Express
I'm a pescatarian (vegetarian that eats seafood) and San Dong is one of my go-to restaurants when I don't have the energy to cook. I usually get the shrimp fried rice and it comes to around $6 with tax.... not too shabby. But the icing on the cake is that that one meal is actually FOUR for me. They give you THAT much! Delicious food, great prices!
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By: Kelly G.
Jixiang Chinese Restaurant
Don't let the small size of this restaurant and being next next to a gas station fool you, they have dine in/carry out. The service is fast and friendly. What keeps me coming back is no where i eat it or reheat it, it is always Delicious to the very last bite. I highly recommend trying them, you won't be disappointed.

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