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By: Nicole H.
A Comfy Pet Grooming Salon
I made an appontment with Comfy Pet Salon the other day I have been to several groomers and have not been pleased with any, some places were like an assembly line with my peanut getting passed from one person to the next, some places just let the dogs all together, and others had really cheap prices but I got what I paid for my little boy had several nicks and cuts, anouther place that had really cheap prices sent him home with clipper burn and cost me a vet visit. When I walked into Comfy Pet I was thrilled to see my old groomer I had years ago, Mary used to be Bayside Grooming for years and then she changed her name to comfy pet because she always had gone the extra mile to make the pets comfortable. I was so happy to see her. I was told that she moved and went through a divorce, I had no idea that she changed her name, although I thought that she just moved away, Her daugther Nicole works with her now, I remember Nicole when she wa sa little girl she would dress in a dog costume and be playing in the grooming salon, now she helps her mother. Mary took such good care of my lizzy years ago when she passed away, it took me a long time to get over her and get another pet. I am so glad that Mary will be taking care of her. I had so many bad experiences or just jobs not done well at all. After all I am very protective of my peanut well he is part of my family I had no anxiety when I left him in Mary and Nicoles care. Mary did an awesome jb as always he was so handsome when I picked him up and showed no signs of being nervous. I am so blessed to have found Mary and her salonis so nice I can remember when she started out on Conleys Chapel Rd, She started working out of her house and now she has a beautiful salon, with a nice parking area, She has been in business for 20 years that I know of, I will definetly tell all my friends about Comfy Pet I would not take my Peanut anywhere else, and her prices are still almost what I used to pay when I took Lizzy there.Thankyou Mary andNicole for taking such good care of my Peanut, and Nicole has turned out to be suh a nice young lady who is so good with the dogs, well she should be she was raised in the grooming salon.
By: Melissa S.
A Comfy Pet Grooming Salon
I really love this salon,I was greeted by the sweetest girl upon entering, she was so kind and compasionate to my rocky he is 12 years old and blind in one eye, to my surprise he went rightr intoher arms and was not shaking, which he always does. That made me feel very good that he was not nervous, My other little guy simbais a little fireball, The last salon asked me not to bring him back, to my surprise she was able to pick him up without him snappong at her, Nicole was truly a dog whisperer. The salon wasvery clean and had a nice smell to it. I liked the openess of it you can see the bathing area, the grooming area and the drying tables, there were no wall or particians, every other place we have been to, have always had areas that you couldnot see, which puts up a red flag for me. Rocky and Simba were only there three hours which was reasonable, other place we went to keep them all day which we did not like, The salon had several areas that were seperated so that dogs could roam free but not be with others. We went to three other places in this area which keep all the dogs together, my poor guys were so stressed, so when we weretold that they din't put dogs together we were pleased. They even had beds and blankets for eadch dog and water bowls, this showed us that they really do care about the comfort of there pets. They did anawesome job with there grooming and the price were reasonable we finally after many places have found a salon where not only us but our doggies are comfortable. We would difinettly recomend this salon.
By: Cindy S.
A Comfy Pet Grooming Salon
Just movedto the beach a couple of months ago, been to a few places they just din't sit well with me. Someone I met at the boardwalk said that Comfy Pet was a nice placedecided to give it a try, Glad thatI ran into that person at the boards. I finally found a place that sits well with me. great service and just have a comfortable feeling upon entering.
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By: mary l.
A Comfy Pet Grooming Salon
I took my katie there and Mary informed me that she thought my dog had an yeast infection, she told me what kind of shampoo to use and for the first time in years my katies coat and skin does not have that awful smell. It took a couple of weeks to clear up. She is so knowledgeable and does a very nice job also.
Tips & Advices
Pets that do not get along with other animals may incur an additional fee. Some facilities have special solitary sleeping and play animals for these types of pets.
A checklist for what to bring to a pet kennel includes:
  • Vaccination records
  • A favorite toy or blanket
  • Food and feeding instructions (if the pet has dietary restrictions or is a picky eater)
  • Medication (if necessary, in its original bottle and with written instructions)
Some pet kennels have veterinarians as part of their daily staff, while others only have vets part time or on call.
Most kennels can provide basic care such as administering medications, but owners of pets with serious medical issues should choose a facility with a veterinarian on call.
Bordetella, commonly known as kennel cough, is highly contagious, and most dogs catch it at least once in their lifetimes. As such, all dogs should be vaccinated at least 7 days before boarding.

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