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By: Fred S.
Milford Veterinary Services
For the past 28 years, I've entrusted the care and love of all my dogs to Dr. Stan Weill, Nona, and all his staff at Milford Veterinary Services. I highly recommend that everyone do the same. Dr. Weill's tireless approach to wellness, and the care of his patients, in addition to when more than a check-up is needed, is unsurpassed. He seamlessly integrates traditional aspects of treatment with naturopathic protocols very effectively. He leaves no stone unturned in his path to a correct diagnosis. When unavoidable surgery is required, Dr. Weill is, by far, the best veterinarian to perform the needed procedures. But it does not end there. Dr. Weill's insistence of a strict follow-up, post-op, immeasurably completes the healing process. Nona, his peerless assistant, does nothing short of a fabulous job of making sure a patient's owner is completely aware of, and understanding of everything that needs to be done on the homefront.I've been the proud owner of four Maltese, and a Shepherd/Collie mix over the years, all with their own set of issues that required attention. Dr. Weill and his staff, time and time again just knew what to do to bring each one of them back to good health and a long life. I can tell you with total confidence that Dr. Weill and his staff's attention is to detail, a factor that other services may overlook, and is met with many years experience. Trust your loving pets to Milford Veterinary Services. I can assure you, you will not regret it.Fred
By: plpggm
Snowflake Pet Center
This was a very good place to take my dog. They paid more attention to my dog then me. (which I loved). I moved here from Arizona and was looking for a new place to board my dog. I saw a lot of negative reviews but it was convenient to where I now live so I thought I would give it a try. What a good decision. They were very good with my dog and she was groomed when I picked her up. She smelled wonderful. I have made an appointment to meet the Vet and have my dog have a once over. I will post another review after I meet the Vet. Until then, I suggest trying this place for boarding and grooming and while your at it try out the Vet.
By: trey.smith.1671
Gold Coast Mobile Veterinary Service
I can honestly say that by using Gold Coast, the best scenerio was a reality. Unfortunately, we had to put my childhood dog down. As many if you know, losing a a close pet, who was part of the family, is one of the hardest things you can go through. Both Dr. Sariah and Daryl, were wonderful and made the most of a terrible situation. I honestly would suggest them to anyone for any pet reason based off of my one encounter with them. They are very understanding, down to earth, and well educated. If you are reading this review and are debating on what vet to call, call them now and set up an appointment. Seriously.
By: H C.
Snowflake Pet Center
Thrilled to know that SPC will accommodate any needs that I have. I made an appointment for my dog and cat in the morning, while there I apologized to the doctor that my pets were filthy and needed to have baths. The technician who was also in the room suggested I bring the right over to their grooming facility right after my appointment.. Sure enough they took them right in. I picked up my pets shortly after 1:00pm. They came home smelling great and with bandanas on!!!! I love this place and my brother started using them as well.
By: chelsea.massimin
Donald H Deforge VMD
My dog was in pain from a chipped tooth and no one would see her or address the tooth, in less than 24 hours of calling I was in the office with my dad and talking over the procedure she needed to stop the pain. The staff was great and I got to see the doctor prior to the procedure and he personally called me after. Would recommend to all. My dogs are my children and I'm well educated in the veterinary field. I could not be happier with the thoroughness of the doctor and staff.
By: Niki K.
Animal Clinic of Milford
I bring my dog to their vet and I really enjoy their professionalism and enthusiasm. However, anytime I call or ask about a simple thing or have a tiny question, they instantly tell me to bring my dog in. My dog is already a patient, I don't think it's necessary to charge for information or anything of the sort. I am not pleased with that. It is already expensive to being your pet to the vet.
By: byronebyrone
Snowflake Pet Center
We have been using Snowflake vet and grooming for many years. The care and compassion that they have shown our fur friends has always been excellent. Reliable, and the cost is reasonable. The vets have always explained what we were being charged and the reasoning behind it so that we never felt we were over paying for un necessary services. We highly recommend Snowflake.
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By: Aud B.
Gold Coast Mobile Veterinary Service
I can't say enough about Dr. Saria and how amazing she was during one of the most difficult times in mine and my husband's life putting down our beautiful dog of 15 years. She was sensitive and so understanding - if you have a choice to put your animal down at home, then please, call Dr. Saria. Thank you Doc, you made an extremely difficult time a little more tolerable.
By: Kathy R.
Gold Coast Mobile Veterinary Service
Tips & Advices
Most 24-hour clinics do not allow owners to stay with their pets overnight. However, many do have specific visiting hours or will let owners see their pets at any point during the day. In addition, owners can call most clinics at any time for an update on their pet's well being.
  • Important phone numbers, especially those of the the veterinary clinic, the animal hospital or emergency clinic, and the poison control center
  • A book detailing pet first-aid steps
  • Copy of medical records
  • Nylon leash
  • Muzzle (only use if pet is not vomiting and has no difficulty breathing)
  • Absorbent gauze
  • Nonlatex disposable gloves
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Nail clippers
  • Digital thermometer
  • Sterile saline solution
  • Hydrogen peroxide (to induce vomiting only at the recommendation of a veterinarian
  • Milk of magnesia (to absorb poison only at the recommendation of a veterinarian)
Find a 24-hour animal hospital that provides emergency services within your area. Keep the facility's contact information in a place that's easy to locate, such as the refrigerator, address book, or smartphone. Most veterinary clinics operate on standard business hours and are not equipped to handle emergencies.
Veterinary clinics operate on a smaller scale than animal hospitals. The latter are more likely open 24 hours and provide emergency services. The former generally operate on typical office hours and only perform wellness exams and minor surgeries. Veterinary clinics also do not generally perform laboratory tests on site.
The specifics vary depending on the type of visit. For a wellness exam, bring:
  • Medical records
  • The type or brand of food the pet eats
  • Medication (including flea, tick, and heartworm medication).
If the animal needs medical treatment, the following may be helpful depending on the situation:
  • Fresh stool sample
  • Vomit sample
  • Video of the pet engaging in abnormal behavior
  • Substance the pet may have ingested

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