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By: alaska
CJ's Premier Auto
Make sure you ask for a 48 hour warranty. These guys will fix just about anything to make a sale and told us that there were not probs with the truck we bought. We had an inpsection done but a glaring issue was hidden from the inspector and from us. By running the car before we saw it. When the truck starts for the first time of the day it wont hardly run at all.... after that first time it fires up beautifully as long as it has only been off for a few hours. We called back less than 12 hrs after our purchase begging to let us return it and get our trade in back and Leo flatly refused. He told me before I bought that he would fix mechanical issues or if he could not fix them he wouldnt sell it to me. We had a 6 hour drive to get home and were worried we would break down and he wouldnt even talk with us about it or have his mechanic look at it. We even asked to sell it back to him and buy our trade in and pay extra for his time and hassle. ! I really feel aweful- I trusted him enough to think that if it hadnt even been one day he would have at LEAST fixed it or helped pay to fix it or let us out of the contract. Thats what I would do for someone if it were me. I really liked his no pressure approach and willingness to get things we wanted on our truck but he was like a different person when we called back with a problem. We had a battery light come on after an hour of driving and les schwab tested and had to replace both batteries. Not sure if they were swapped out after our inspection or what but they were both bad. If we had been the first people to start the truck that day we wouldnt have bought it but obviously it had been running before we arrived to drive it. The truck is in the shop now trying to find out why it doesnt want to run or do cold starts. We will get what he promised ( he is not a liar ) to throw in with the deal to us but follow up on anything else is out of the question!!! so sad. Even if he had shown concern or interest that would have helped- he doesnt like to talk about problems today for a car he sold yesterday. That alone made us very uneasy.
By: melissa.perazzo
CJ's Premier Auto
I just bought a car from here yesterday! Just have to say how absolutely positive and exceptional my experience was!! I will never forget this place! This was my first process in buying a car from a dealership and I was afraid about feeling pushed into a sale by a car salesman so i tried to stay clear of dealerships. I got on KSL, found the exact car i wanted (color, make, under the miles i wanted, everything) and called Leo the next day. That day I ran by the dealership, test drove the car with my friend and Landon (salesman there) and It was a great experience! He told me all about the car, checked everything out for me and was completely honest about everything! I then went back to the dealership and decided to get the car that day, although I didn't have the money until the next day. Leo worked with me and made it possible that I could sign the papers that day and then just bring the money by the next day! I felt extremely lucky and felt like the staff really cared about my needs and made it possible for me to have the exact car I wanted. I went by the dealership the next day only to learn that they had cleaned up the car even nicer than the day before! They waxed it and cleaned it to perfection! And had been working on waxing it the entire day! I wasn't just some person trying to buy a car! service was very comfortably professional and also personable! I was extremely excited and felt very comfortable there with the staff and it was a very good experience! They really did their best to make it the greatest experience for me and I got the best deal possible without feeling like I was just someone to sell too! (I work in sales as well). I would recommend this dealership to anyone! everyone is so completely honest and friendly and I couldn't have asked for a better time in by my new car! I have never written a review for anything but I felt like this place deserved it and i had to let everyone know! Thank you CJ's Premier Auto!!
By: darreline
CJ's Premier Auto
I just bought 2 cars from Cj's Auto and I have to tell you that Leo was not the typical sales person. He was not high pressure at all. He let us take our time to make our decision. He was very pleasant to deal with and he was very funny. He should have been a comedian instead of a car salesman. He is also very polite and a gentleman. I also have read all the comments from previous customers on this page. I have to agree with all of them except " Alaska". Alaska said he had an inspector inspected the car and was not pressure into buying it. He bought the car after all that and now he is trying to blame the dealer for his own decision. GROW UP PEOPLE AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS. Especially after you signed, as like I did twice because I bought 2 cars, the AS IS form, signed a statement saying that if anything to go wrong you are paying for it, and signed a statement saying that you have completely inspected the car. Hello......what part those forms doesn't "Alaska" understand. If you want a perfect car, then pay all the money for a new car. I m not here to defend the dealer, but I m just sick of people who blame others for their own decision especially after "Alaska" paid a professional inspector to inspect the car and not being pressure to buy. Dealer usually like to pressure people to buy. Just like the old saying that if you make your bed you sleep on it. Take a responsibility.
By: mcmillonbe
CJ's Premier Auto
If you expect a used car to work flawlessly, I think you should spend the extra money and buy a brand new car. I see a lot of complaining about issues that come up after driving it off the lot. This should be expected when buying old cars, whether for a car dealer or private owner. This is going to happen.I bought an 01 Subaru Outback from Leo about a year ago. I put almost 20k on it in a year and it worked out pretty good. He gave me a fair price and made it easy to get super good financing through a local credit union. He didn't pressure me and made it super easy. Was the car perfect? No, but it was not his fault that I wanted to buy a 12 year old car with 150k miles on it. But all the work and maintenance on it was done by me and at the end of the day, I decided to trade it for a new car after I got tired of the work that it needed being such an old car.He sold me a solid car. If you do not have mechanical ability, buying an used car in the under 10k range is not a good idea. I paid for the gap insurance just in case my car was totaled out, and will be getting a refund next week. Thanks Leo for the good car buying experience and the laughs.
By: wonderwoman6921
CJ's Premier Auto
First I looked on KSL and found a car that Cj advertised. I was really skeptic about dealership and I searched Cj name on Google to find out what kind of reputation it has. I found it, read it and felt that there is no way that a car dealership has such a good reviews. So I went there and was greeted by Landen. He was young but very professional. We went on a test drive, and I felt really comfortable with him. After the test drive, I met with the manager, Leo. We immediately got along real well. We started changing life story and I forgot that I was there to buy a car. Leo made me a great deal I couldn't refuse. Then I remember about the google rating about Cj. It was all true. It was just amazing how different it was compare to my previous experience of buying a car from a big dealership. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND.
By: lkantos
CJ's Premier Auto
I went to cjs in MIdvale to buy a car for my daughter about a months ago. After a few days, I received my plate in the mail and I just received my title from the state before my temporary permit is expired. I bought cars before and usually takes along time. I just didn't expect that the title would come so fast. Leo was excellent to work with. He was fast, straight to the point, and honest. I want to give him 5 stars for his speedy paper work, good attitude and his enthusiasm. I wish more people has his energy, patience and honesty especially in used car. Used car will always has its flaws and Leo was honest about it. No wonder he got good reviews and I just wanted to add one more. Thank again Leo, and I will see you next year for my son next purchase.
By: engineeringbasic
CJ's Premier Auto
My sister and I just bought a car at Cj Auto in Midvale. Actually my sister was the one who bought the car. She didn't have lots of money and didn't have good credit. Once we met Leo, he was very polite and very understanding of her situation. He asked a few questions, and he showed us a Honda Civic. We test drove the car and my sister love it. We went to Leo's office, he then put my sister's info in the computer. Leo then called his friend at the bank. In less than 10 minutes, my sister application was approved. Not only she was approved, but Leo got the payment lower than what my sister wanted. I just want everybody to know how much we appreciate Leo's effort to get her approved. THANKS LEO!!!!
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By: janae.schultz1
CJ's Premier Auto
I saw an ad on KSL, went in. The car I went to see was in really good condition and the price was right. The reverse lights didn't work, but the promised to fix. They didn't pressure and came through with their promise of fixing the reverse lights. I'm giving them a 3 because the car clearly wouldn't have passed safety and IM with reverse lights faulty. The front tires were bad too. But for the price I paid, I just bought myself. Also beware of "Theft Deterrent Reg". They got me for $299.00 on that too. By the end of it, I was in a rush and just signed papers. That was my fault. Although, I felt they could have pointed it out and told me it was optional.
By: cjoneses
CJ's Premier Auto
It is funny that I just bought a car there last week and I to know what kind of rating this dealership has. So I started to google its name and read some of the comments. I have to agree that the Leo, the finance guy, is really funny. He made me and my brother laugh so hard our stomachs hurt. We felt that we just got out of a comedy show instead of buying a car. We were there for almost 2 hours and it seemed only a few minutes. There absolutely no pressure. Leo and his salesman worked real hard to find us the car I wanted. He was fast doing his paperwork and very entertaining. My brother and I definitely recommend this place to buy your next car.
By: perowan
CJ's Premier Auto
I bought a 2000 Honda Accord from Cjs Premier Auto in Midvale about a month ago. I usually not the type who like to write a comment, but I have to this time. I am 58 years old and had bought several cars in my life. I have never been treated so nice in buying a car than from Cjs in Midvale. Not only I was treated very nice, the whole process only took about half an hour. There is no back and forth, no having to talk to sales manager, no pressure, no pressure and not much haggling. It was just a nice process of buying a car. I definitely will go back to CJS for my next car and recommend this place to everybody.

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