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By: tblock1981
Half Priced Granite and Kitchen Cabinets
the woman up front christina will cause this company money, customers and return business. She raised the price one time, her mistake, forgot what color granite i ordered, her mistake, then calls me a week after the job is complete and sends me a bill for 675.00 dollars when i paid in full!!! her mistake, if it wasnt for ryan and chris the installers, i would have gone somewhere else. if you go with this company, make sure you double and triple check everything when checking with chrisitina she needs to go, and i expressed that to bryan the boss. Also add your numbers up before paying everyone, my numbers did not add up. All in all i am please with the finished product, the installers are professonal and on time, the office personell need an overhaul. The three stars in only for the granite itself and the installers.
By: gillns01
Half Priced Granite and Kitchen Cabinets
Pretty, but they Measured wrong and sanded a big dull spot. Over 1/4" difference on the section to the right of oven. Cabinets were custom built on site and are same depth from wall their whole length. They cut a whole in the back splash to shove the granite into, instead of trimming and evening up the seam. Very noticeable and Byron said I should 'pick my battles' while his second installer guy was there trying to polish out the dull spot the first installers made on the bar. It's still there and bigger. There was also over a half inch gap to the back splash on the other section. They filled it with black goop. I just shoved small appliances in to cover up. Disappointed and TRYING to get over it, but no luck. BTW this is my first review to ever write.
By: alex.esquivel.7169
El Rinconsito Restaurant
Service and the food was great but... When I went to pay out I waited 5 minutes for the cashier to finish her personal phone conversation about her man getting arrested. Then she couldnt find our ticket. So she just typed some numbers in without asking what we had. So for two plates of Juevo a la mexicana and two drinks came out to $33.27. At those prices I don't see the resurante lasting very long. I definitly won't return.
By: cgm990
Half Priced Granite and Kitchen Cabinets
I was recently looking to update my house but had not much money. A friend of mine told me about Half Priced Granite and told me her friend had put in granite from there and it was really nice. I decided to go check them out. The staff was very professional and helpful and I got my granite in within the next week. And I love it!! I would defiantly recommend this company to anyone.
By: Mike T.
Signature Remodeling & Repairs
We’re committed to architectural and interior design remodeling and to serving you with quality and value. Our team is highly skilled and has years of experience. Most of all, they love planning, designing, and building and care about your project. We bring value to every interaction. We strive to make our customers feel like family.
By: nick.cruz74
El Rinconsito Restaurant
It's the best little mexican resturant I have been to in Midland and Odessa. They are fast, friendly, and it's a great enviroment. The food is delicious and cooked to perfection. I thank them for their hard work and friendly people that work there. Please go and visit. You'll love it.
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By: Lisa R.
Basin Burger House
I was honestly disappointed, there wasn't much on the menu to choose from so I ended up just getting a salad, which was like 5 lettuce leaves thrown on plate (and not cut up) with some dressing for a price of $13. What a bargain for .30 cents worth of lettuce. ��������
By: munozanthony123
Ce Construction
Reasons You should use ce construction :1. GREAT price 2. GREAT quality3. Very friendly workers 4. They finished my roof In ONE day 5. It's just awesome and a great company
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By: Natalie R.
Crystal Cabinets and Homes Inc.
Amazing work! I couldn't be more in love with my new kitchen by Crystal Cabinets and Homes. I would refer them to anyone and everyone!
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By: Keyoka H.
Bubba's 33
Absolutely loooooooove this place drinks are great and good is delicious great atmosphere it truly is a great place to be
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