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By: Dennis J.
Tall City Vapor Works
The person who gave a BAD REVIEW is a Hater!!! I don't know WHO in the hell they talked to, but I went in there, they greeted me at the door, SUPER FRIENDLY and They Love to Help and Educate!!! Talk to my Buddy (ORLANDO)... Very Smart Guy!!! No Snoots in this building... They have a LARGE SELECTION of Vaping Equips and Systems and TONS of samples for you to try ON YOUR OWN!!! Just go to the area, look at the menu, pic a flavor and try it.. It's just that simple... ONE LAST THING... I've went to several Stores in the area and one thing I can say is that THE VAPE COMMUNITY are cool people... Yes companies may compete... That's Normal... Don't go in trying to compare ONE AGAINST THE OTHER... It's not about that... Make friends wherever you go and remember they are ALL there to help!!! You don't just shop at ONE STORE for Cloths or Groceries... So WHY limit your Business to just ONE Store!?!?! TRY THEM ALL!!!
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By: Pat M.
Tobacco Alley of Midland
Vape Alley guy in back is super. I brought in a Spinner battery I'd had 7-8 wks which had been giving me trouble since I bought it, he tested it with his own tank and had clouds of vapor, I couldn't understand why it barely worked at all for me. But he ended up just giving me another battery. I will see if the original one still barely works after I clean the threads of my tank and take it back if it doesn't.Meantime, I'd love to have a tank like his to have big clouds of vapor. Next tank purchase!
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By: Weslee H.
Vape Shack
what tracheal? the first time i went there i thought there service was great!!! had just bought a tank from the mall and i couldn't get it to work went there to see if the could fix it and they gave me a tank for FREE and let me try a bunch of liquids and helped me pick a liquid i liked and explained the different mods and style and coil set ups etc. i think there service is 110%

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