By: tallblondeheb
Sedona Mexican Grill & Cantina
The owner is dedicated using the finest ingredients, and products to create wonderful and cultural dining for Midland residents and now during the oil boom people from around America working here.For those who drink "Happy Hour" daily. One can eat outdoors or indoors and staff are busy but happy to serve.To see one negative post with so many complaints is a red flag. If smoking is allowed a diner knows this and can choose not to eat there or perhaps eat outdoors.Essentially this cantina is packed every night; there are inviting lights outdoors setting the pace for a pleasant atmosphere to eat, commune, and enjoy fellowship with other patrons.The owner is commited to this endeavor and actively working each day his business is open from all reports the foods on the menu are excellent, well prepared with the highest quality ingredients.One typically does not find two people dining stating both their orders were wrong,and on top of it there is smoking within a business. Clearly one can if they enter a business that serves food choose to turn around it smoking offends them and dine elsewhere.PEACE to a fine establishment and a very intriguing and dedicated owner.
By: usaearthling12355621
Fiesta Foods
This store has improved so much in it's cleanliness. The tortilla making section is a great addition because they have the best flour tortillas I have ever tasted, next to home made. The customer service is the reason I didn't give them 5 stars. The young girls that work there are always either texting, flirting with the grocery sackers or in a crappy mood and won't even greet you as you walk up to the register. This has been an issue since the store has been remodeled. I haven't seen many of the former cashiers but I can say they were always ready to greet you and appreciated your business. Nothing in the world bothers me more than to know that my business as well as other customers is paying these hateful cashiers who don't take the time to even say hello to you. The store cannot run itself without the cashiers but would benefit to have friendly people who are there to work, not to horse around and get paid for that.
By: Sam S.
This is my favorite one! Unfortunately I reviewed the wrong location earlier, this is the location I had a memorable experience at. I orderd the lunch enchilada plate and it was so amazing! The cilantro lime rice was so fresh and tasted wonderful. A very clean and friendly restaurant. The atmosphere is so comfortable and beautiful! Our waitress was informative, kind and friendly! All the employees were kind and helpful! My new favorite place to eat in Midland Texas.
By: alex.esquivel.7169
El Rinconsito Restaurant
Service and the food was great but... When I went to pay out I waited 5 minutes for the cashier to finish her personal phone conversation about her man getting arrested. Then she couldnt find our ticket. So she just typed some numbers in without asking what we had. So for two plates of Juevo a la mexicana and two drinks came out to $33.27. At those prices I don't see the resurante lasting very long. I definitly won't return.
By: Stella A.
International Taste
I have been shopping here since 2014 that we relocated to Midland, TX. This is our one stop shop for all our African and Caribbean groceries. The Cleanliness of the store is superb and various selections to choose from. I am so happy we have International Taste in Midland without the hassle of a long trip to Dallas or Houston which by my comparison, there is little or no difference in price range.
By: Denise W.
From the three different free starter salas to any of the appetizers or main dishes, everything here is delicious!! We always get excellent service and the new venue is beautiful and offers a nice ambiance as well! Perfect for a romantic dinner, a family get together or just stopping in to fill some hungry tummies!
By: nick.cruz74
El Rinconsito Restaurant
It's the best little mexican resturant I have been to in Midland and Odessa. They are fast, friendly, and it's a great enviroment. The food is delicious and cooked to perfection. I thank them for their hard work and friendly people that work there. Please go and visit. You'll love it.
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By: Lisa R.
Basin Burger House
I was honestly disappointed, there wasn't much on the menu to choose from so I ended up just getting a salad, which was like 5 lettuce leaves thrown on plate (and not cut up) with some dressing for a price of $13. What a bargain for .30 cents worth of lettuce. ��������
By: vanessa.ellis.37
Fiesta Foods
I agree with other customer.They need more friendly cashiers.Also some of the meat products they use to carry,no longer do. Thats very disappointing to the older customers.They like getting all the different parts of a chicken.
By: usaearthling12355621
Charlas Restaurante & Bar
Charla's has the best menudo,the best calavacitas and the best customer service in town. The ladies are always ready to serve you and the food is always fresh and excellent. Love this place, the best Mexican food around.

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