By: Savannah W.
Ruby's Auto Sales
I've been talking to Ruby himself for about 3 weeks. I have drove all around Sullivan and Orange County looking at dealerships and always felt like something was missing. Ruby treats you like you're a person, not money. He is very upfront and honest. When I asked him if I could bring the car to a mechanic, he had no problem. Every other dealer I spoke with had some excuse why I couldn't bring it. In the end, after 3 weeks of running around and dealing with scum bags or horrible cars I found myself back at Rubys. He treats you more as a friend than a customer. He has stayed true to his word and stayed the Ruby I met. I will not buy from any other lots again. After being burned by scum twice before, I'm really excited and glad to find a dealer who is honest and true. I look forward to many more years of business with him and hope anyone reading this will give him a chance, he'll win your heart when you see the genuine honesty in his eyes. Definitely will be going back for all of my cars.

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