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By: Rod D.
Best Garage Doors
Best Doors, Inc is completely dishonest. I had my garage door replaced by one of their employees about two years ago. He used a Genie motor. Approximately two years later I having problems with that motor. I called the company and they stated that they do not use that type of opener. Best Doors, Inc. is the only company sticker I had by my door opener just in case I ever needed their services. However, representative said they never use Genie motors. Oddly enough when the rep came to my home to repair the door. He told me that was going to be an $95 service charge; however, when I called the office they told me their service charge is $85. That company is completely genuine. I will never use them again. I took their sticker down from my door.
By: jl1223
Ruiz Plumbing Industries Inc
I rarely come to the internet to criticize contract work, but I was so dissatisfied with Jose Ruiz that I would be remiss to not protect others who may hire him for his services.In September of 2012, i contacted him to install a faucet in my kitchen. The full cost of installation of a faucet (and fixing one of the lines to the faucet) came out to $500. While i thought this price was a bit high, I was at least pleased that when i didnt have water flow that was strong, Jose came back to look at it and provide other options.Well starting in november of 2012, i started having issues where the faucet made a real high pitch noise. Turns out there was air in the line, which was not there before he installed the faucet. The air got into the line as a result of his work. Instead of trying to purge the air out after he put in the faucet, he left it as is.Recently, I contacted him asking him to help remove the air from the line. He came by and told me it would take $1400 to fix the problem. he needed to put stoppers here, buy this thing to protect the water coming into the water heater, and his rate is $115/hr.To remove the air that he put in the line, he wanted to charge me $1400!!! I checked how to purge air from the house (basically opening all taps while the water into the house is shut off, and then once you only have air coming out then reopen the main water valve). My house now has no air in the lines (at least for now) and i didnt have to spend $1400 to remove the problem. Jose Ruiz did not give me any other options and tried to tell me he was being as professional and building a relationship with me as a customer. What he was trying to do was take me for my money.I would strongly suggest you find a different plumber for any of your work.
By: rivera256
Ruiz Plumbing Industries Inc
The customer service is great but the prices are too high. The company owner charged me over $1000 for a permit after talking with the city I found out my permit actually cost less than $100. The quality of work is above standards put pricing is very high, Jose Ruiz is very unconsiderable when it comes to that.
By: scrogue
Ruiz Plumbing Industries Inc
Came out to my house and did a wonderful job!! I Called around and they had the best rates in town
Tips & Advices
Basic screen-door fixes can be pretty cheap, and most can be DIY fixes. Replacing a door closer can cost less than $15. Door hinges and latches are usually less than $10, unless you are getting really fancy. You’ll probably only need a basic screwdriver and possibly some screws or shims. Replacing the mesh can be more difficult, so weigh the value of mesh replacement vs. full door replacement when considering the actual screen replacement.
Screen door installation, for a standard swinging door (not a sliding screen), is relatively inexpensive. Depending on your area, expect to pay $50-$100 for installation costs. The doors themselves are usually inexpensive and can be as low as $40 (beware of the quality). If you are handy around the house, installing a screen door can be a great DIY opportunity.
A screen-door closer, or a pneumatic cylinder, is a device connecting the screen door to the door jamb. It is usually located at the top of the door and is designed to close the screen door automatically after opening. They can be easily adjusted to quicken or slow the door’s closing speed.
To stop a screen door from slamming shut, adjust the door closer, usually located at the top of the door. There is a cylinder inside the door closer that controls how fast or slow the door closes, and it is usually adjustable with a simple screw driver. If adjusting makes no difference, the door closer might be faulty and need replacing – a low-cost DIY project that requires minimal time and tools.
The most common cause of a sagging screen door is loose or worn hinge screws that attach the screen to the door frame. If they are loose, you can tighten them yourself. A loose latch between the door and the door frame is also a common cause of sagging. Again, check the screws and tighten them up if they’re loose.

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