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By: Penelope R.
Five Sisters Spiritual Shop
Clearly I am not the only one that had a terrible experience with this blonde at the front. She must have missed Business Ethics 101, or maybe just a miserable, troubled, troubled, soul. I was told about an amazing experience with Maggie from a friend, and I quickly made 3 appointments. One for me, one for my friend and one for my mother. However, my friend missed her appointment or was running 10 minutes late and she said well you have to pay for the missed appointment anyways, which is fine, IF the policy is told to clients BEFORE HAND, or AT THE TIME OF APPOINTMENT. When I arrived, I simply mentioned to her that we were not aware of this and I wanted to clarify if I was told this and maybe I missed it when I made the appointment for her. And she quickly got loud and said that its common sense. Clearly it's not, I, like many humans, have had numerous appointments, and many places, and when there is such a policy, it is clearly stated. THAT, is common sense. As a business owner, THAT is the courteous thing to do for your potential clientele. It's really simple, you see, all it takes is for you to mention the policy to each new client making the appointment. Not rocket science. However, moving forward. I would consider this place again, only for Maggie, I have not have any experiences with the other sisters, I'm sure they are just as gifted. I will set aside the negative experience I had with this one person, and wish her all the happiness in the world. I overlooked it because it seemed she was not having a good day. Although I wish I would have not given my power away and let her get to me and ruin an appointment with Maggie that I was so eagerly waiting for. It is a shame that such a beautiful space with positive energy contains such a negative person inside. Don't understand the hostility, and lack of customer care experience. Not everyone's forte I suppose. And I am sure that I will be given a response similar to the one below by Rocky. Saying that I am wrong, and that I got the story incorrectly, although its really not so. But if that is the kind of karma that they want to accumulate, its their God given right. Sadly some people's realities are just distorted and the ability to see perspectives beyond their own is not present. We all choose our experiences, somehow, I tumbled into this ugly one, don't know how. In addition, I will make sure to be present with my mother, becuase I will not tolerate anyone treating her the way that I was treated.
By: Martin D.
Five Sisters Spiritual Shop
I absolutely love this place! I feel so good when I walk in. I am able to browse and take my time without being asked if I need help every 5 minutes. This is by far the best spiritual shop in Miami. They even have classes I can take! Please do yourself a favor and visit them. Don't forget to get a schedule of the classes they offer :)
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By: Bessie O.
Five Sisters Spiritual Shop
Love the items there. I have been going for years. I do not like the customer service. They are rude to you if you have a question or concern about a purchase. They follow you around when you are looking for things. I was loyal to here. Once I noticed it's all about money, little about customers, I lost interest
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By: Tim D.
Yoga Institute Of Miami
The Yoga Institute of Miami has a friendly atmosphere. Bobbi Goldin has been teaching Iyengar style yoga in Miami for 40 years. She is full of knowledge. She was certified by Mr. Iyengar himself. The studio is large and has plenty of props to fit everyone's needs.
By: Cindy L.
Dharma Yoga Studio
If you are a yoga enthusiast, there's no other place I can recommend you but this one. Definitely a great place to do yoga.
By: William M.
Fl Body And Brain Yoga
If you are a yoga enthusiast, there's no other place I can recommend you but this one. Definitely a great place to do yoga.
By: Olga B.
Yoga Institute Of Miami
great place for yoga. I went with a friend who recommend and will definitely be going back. very nice

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