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By: Pier B.
When I was out at my beach house last year, my propane refrigerator stopped cooling, I spent a few dollars to have a tech come in to evaluate/repair. The refrigerator was only 2 years old, however, the tech stated that it could not be repaired and would need to be replaced. I put it "on hold" until my return here this year and so that I could investigate my options. I asked several other owners in my village, what they were using. Several have Sun****, however, every owner(6-7) had some type of problem with cooling, they either replaced the thermostat, electronic controller or needed to have them recharged OR had to upgrade the battery storage to at least 4 6 volt batteries. Since this is a very remote area, only accessible by boat, I wanted something more reliable, if possible. There were several others who had replaced their propane refrigerators with the ESCR175 and are extremely happy and satisfied with their choice. I contacted the EcoSolarCool company and asked them what additional parts would I need to keep on hand should there be a problem, their answer to me was, "we never had to replace any parts on any of our units". This surprised me since SunFrost recommended that I should purchase a few hundred dollars in extra parts"just in case". I decided to upgrade my solar and install a Ecosolarcool refrigerator/freezer. I had it installed prior to my return in January 2014. I am very impressed with the performance of the unit and I am very surprised as to what little power it seems to draw(I still have plenty of power for my stereo/phones/lighting/etc.). I am very satisfied with my decision on deciding on this unit and I am very relieved to NOT have to haul in those heavy(& costly) propane tanks!!! Installed Puerto Vallarta(south), Mexico
By: Rand K.
So far so good. I installed my Ecosolarcool refrigerator as a separate system,( it runs as a 24v appliance) to the rest of my house which runs 12v input to the inverter in my off the grid setup. The fridge/freezer works effortlessly, I spent the first few days in total awe of the compactness of the design and how efficiently it worked. To my amazement when the sky was over cast and the other system was showing the warning light the Ecosolarcool set up was fully charged and functioning as though it was a sunny day outside due in part to the low amp requirement I was informed by the technician who did the installation. It currently runs off of two AGM Intimidator 100Ah batteries. The customer service was very professional and helpful, which is comforting when you are purchasing from Guyana (outside the United States), it arrived before the expected date in tact, the Paypal payment system worked well and after sales questions and guidance was prompt and yes helpful, it is great to have same day or at least next day response to your questions (assisting with installation). I would definitely recommend this product based on my to date experience, if the fridge works as well as it does I only wonder at the freezers performance.
By: Peter K.
Los Chonchos Eco Preserve, Jalisco, Mexico. I had Homestead Energy upgrade my solar system out at my part time home on the Pacific coast of Mexico, just south of Puerto Vallarta. The upgrade consisted of a new, single, 250 watt solar panel, 2- Trojan T-105 6 volt batteries(connected as 12 volt), a Morningstar MPPT charge controller, and most importantly, a new EcoSolarCool 175 refrigerator/freezer. The system has been working great and I am very impressed with the performance of the refrigerator. During the "rainy season" there were times when the sun hardly came out for 5-6 days...the refrigerator continue to work great and there was very little draw on the batteries. I found that I only need to turn the dial on #1 for it to keep cold and make ice in the freezer! I no longer need to have heavy/costly propane tanks brought in, which was needed in the past for my propane refrigerator. I am very happy with the refrigerator and the installation. Installed Sept.2013
By: Rick G.
I'm a Realtor currently doing constructing an off grid home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I would have enjoyed owning one of these Eco Solar Cool (ESCR 175) refrigerators the last time I built an off grid adobe home. At that time, I used a propane refrigerator. Many times I would return to find melted ice and rotten food. The design of this refrigerator keeps a steady temperature for fresh and frozen foods. The proof is in perfect ice cream texture. Also, it uses very little electricity which is good for solar applications. I think it is wise to have the pull out drawers which retains the cold when one is getting something from the freezer. The well boxed unit arrived soon and was light and easy to handle. Ordering was also easy because the Eco Solar Cool personnel were helpful with my electrical questions and knowledgeable about their products. Rick Green rick@rickgreensantafe.com
By: sufromca
MCI Construction Inc
I hired this company to do some work in my condo in Florida. I am from out of state and first time owner of a condo. Of all the contractors I called, Carlos, the owner was the one who told me that I needed City of Miami permit to alter any flooring in the high rise. We signed the construction contract where every detail was noted. I sent him all the paperwork needed including the floorplan. He knew the process and was able to secure the city permit before I landed in Miami. The job was to put in soundproofing, the new marble flooring, paint the condo, and few items. The job went through inspections and the permit got its FINAL status on the last day of the contract. Even though the time was limited the job was done. I would recommend Carlos Montenegro. He is a licensed contractor. (By Su S, California)
By: Eddie R.
Fernandez Finishing & Painting Corp.
I just used this company to complete the stucco on a new home I am building and I am satisfied with the results. Jorge ( the owner) did everything exactly how I asked and the quality of the work was good. My only complaint was the amount of time it took to complete the scratch coat since he only sent 1 worker to do it. However, once the scratch coat was completed, he finished the 5000+ sqft home in a little over a week to my satisfaction. I must admit, that I read the negative review below AFTER I had hired him and naturally, I became very concerned. So to make sure I didn't have any issues, I kept a close eye on his workers and monitored the job as much as I could instead of leaving them alone. Overall, I'm quite happy with the results and I would not hesitate to use him again.
By: Bri R.
I have been running my Ecosolarcool refrigerator in myoff grid cabin for a little over a month now. It reallyworks great. My fridge runs on the same solar systemthat runs the rest of my house. My whole house's system consists of twoKyocera 245 watt panels, the Outback Power Flexmax 80charge controller and 4 390 ah deep cycle batteries.It took a little time to get the temp setting correctbut after that I have had no problem with it. It justruns!!! It is really great to not have a power bill orhave to buy propane to run my fridge. The guys atEcolsolarcool were great, easy to contact and talk toon the phone. I would recommend Ecosolarcool for yoursolar powered refrigerator needs.
By: Kathy N.
After much investigating and comparing of solar refrigerators, I decided on having a EcoSolarCool 6.2 cu ft solar refrigerator freezer installed. My other considerations were Sun*****, which is extremely heavy and uses much more energy then the EcoSolarCool. I also considered a Sun******, however, they did not make an upright, dual refrigerator/freezer unit that would fit into the space where there had originally been a propane refrigerator. It was installed in Mexico with a 250 watt panel/MPPT controller 2 6 volt batteries. I am extremely happy with the refrigerator and service, and would recommend them to anyone interested in a solar refrigerator. Installed Nov.2013
By: Cristian A.
MCI Construction Inc
I would recommend Carlos to anybody who is looking for an honest, hard working professional contractor. He works with you in order for you to get the best price for your project and best quality overall. He meets required deadlines and maintains a good schedule. From the biggest to the smallest detail is always taken care of and is honest about anything else that needs to be done within the job. Very important since this is an area where there are MANY fraudulent, dishonest/scammers who are simply more worried about the money than the job itself. Overall great satisfaction and would hire him again for any future projects
By: Bose W.
ESCF250 Product Review Installed 02/04/2014 The idea of a solar powered, battery operated freezer was really exciting. I had my doubts at first but the thought of food storage independent of the unstable power from the grid was too good an opportunity to pass up. I gave it a try and I am delighted I did. This is what every family should have in Africa. No more food waste, everything frozen solid. On the down side, it's a little bit noisy compared to our regular freezer we plug directly into the grid, it needs a light bulb inside and the price needs to come down so that most people in Africa can afford it.
Tips & Advices
Many refrigerator repair companies offer warranties on their work, and this can provide you with peace of mind if you need to hire these companies for appliance repair and service. In many cases, a warranty is offered on parts used in the repair of your refrigerator. Some companies also offer a warranty on related labor costs.
To decide whether it's worth repairing a refrigerator, you need to get an estimate of the repair cost. If the cost of repairing the product is more than half the cost of purchasing a new refrigerator, it's recommended that you purchase a new unit. Modern refrigerators are a lot more energy-efficient than older models, so if you have to replace your unit, take comfort in knowing that the new model will likely reduce your monthly energy expense.
The average lifespan of a refrigerator that has been well-maintained is 14-17 years. A refrigerator's size plays a role in its life expectancy. Compact models last an average of 14 years, while standard refrigerators can last up 17 years. You can make sure your refrigerator lives a long life by practicing diligent maintenance and keeping the unit away from direct sunlight and appliances that generate heat.
No, it is not normal for a refrigerator to run constantly. If you face this problem, it could be caused by dirty condenser coils. Your refrigerator's condenser coils should be cleaned twice a year. If your refrigerator runs constantly, the problem could also be the result of a defective defrost heater assembly.
The optimum temperature for a freezer is zero degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is cold enough to halt bacterial growth. While food that is stored at this temperature will be safe to eat indefinitely, keep in mind that there will be a diminishment in tenderness, flavor, aroma, and juiciness the longer food is left in the freezer.

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