By: cia.nufer
Zorrilla & Associates
I would tell her/him that Mr. Zorrilla takes pride in each and every case he takes and personally sees to it that each case gets the undivided attention that it needs. Each and every client is a priority to Mr. Zorrilla, so he staffs his office with the best lawyers and staff.Excellence is a goal of Mr. Zorrila. He expects that from himself everyday and therefore expects the same from his employees.I would definately refer any friend of mine to this firm, knowing that they would be taken care of in the most professional and expidited manner.Sincerely,Cia Nufer
By: danielwoods
Patent assistance worldwide
A great place to start your invention. Which takes me to my next question; I'm having trouble reaching my design team. My advisor name is Geroge. My patent file #228273 (Smart Phone Inhancer). Call or, reach me at the following information: 785-226-0337, danielwoods201249@yahoo.com
By: Opcion R.
Jj Don Enterprise
hello passed me this address miami fl.I'm in mexico and try to import some boxes each month from hong kongbut my salesman tells me that send to Miami and then to laredo texas ... you can help me with this job? .... greetingsspeak Spanish? opcionregia@hotmail.com
By: imiami
Linea Legal
Great service. You can tell they care about their clients. I never knew going to a law firm could be a pleasurable experience. Very friendly team. Will use them again from now on for any legal matter.

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