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By: Elmer H.
Crystal Clear Hearing
Currently Ms Rodriguez has gone the extra mile in trying to satisfy any complaint i have, I was sold an invisible hearing aid by Siemens. The former person that occupied Ms Rodriguez position did not acknowledge my complaint that my left ear aid didn't fit and didn't work properly Her solution was to order these strips that wrap around the aid` and help keep the unit from moving. That was not an acceptable solution. Ms Rodriguez called me probably because my units are nearing three years old. I let her have it with my complaint. I have not used my aids in the past three years except at my group meetings at work. The units that sit in the ear are not for me. I sweat a lot. They slide out and turn around in the ear. I feel that Siemens owes me. The Siemens product is less than satisfactory. Ms Rodriguez has had to bear the cost of the current repairs. Siemens seems not to care. Their website offers no place to complain. If it was the technicians fault for not selling me the proper product, I would think that is something any responsible company would want to know. So my next hearing aid may come from Ms Rodriguez but I don't think I will be buying s Siemens. I would like to say that if you see Ms Rodriguez behind the desk, you will be in good hands. As for the ownership. They gave me extra warranty in the beginning but what good was it? I was unable to use their product. $3,600 dollars later Ms Rodriguez is having to bail them out and I think Siemens stinks!!!!!! Ms Rodriguez promises me that I will get to try out my next units before committing to pay the $3000.00. I would not come back to this business if Ms Rodriguez is not present.

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