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By: travelerfoodie
Manolo & Rene Cafeteria
There is no other gut bomb at 5am than a great sandwich from the side of the road, literally. When you are out on the town, Downtown Miami to be exact, stop in at one of my old holes and experience ultimate early morning fill up.How did I come across this place? Well, if you must know, during my stint of living in South Beach, I ran across this place. The ideal location, last street before you cross the causeway back to South Beach or looking at it the other way first street over the causeway away from the beach, made it a convenient stop. Living and working on South Beach did not necessarily equate to playing on South Beach. Metro Miami, Aventura, Kendall, let’s leave out Hialeah, Calle Ocho, Little Haiti, Culver City, and all the other unsavory locales that if you are not a local don’t venture into. Not all of Miami is a 24 hr. operation, there are few here and there, if you know where to go. After grazing, it is advisable to keep one of these places in your memory bank. Manolo y Rene was my choice.After watching the Heat vs Rockets game last week, I went back to retrieve my car from the valet to go grab a bite on South Beach. Ooops, language barrier or my trusting self, the valet was closed for the night. Luckily, I was staying at the Continental Bayside Hotel right downtown. So I walked around the block to find my old haunt. Places change and memory fade, I did not realize that Manolo y Rene Cafeteria was on the back street of the hotel. Was it memory fade or fogged memory from the time in Miami. Needless to say I was delighted.This place takes up the corner of NE 1st St. and NE 3rd Ave. The windows open towards the street. I don’t even know why they bother to have roll up doors, this place is open 24 hrs. Maybe for rain, oh Hurricanes. The counter is lined with chairs and if there are people sitting on those chairs, which there almost always is, you have to scream your order over their shoulder. The menu is large and hung behind the counter or a specials board is not the side. If in doubt ask. If you can’t speak Spanish, ask a customer to help you. Most of the people behind the counter speak broken English, but they’ll understand. The truth, you can’t go wrong with anything here, so fair none.Palomilla Steak with French Fries and Salad – Thin cut steak pounded even thinner and marinated in Cuban seasonings, grilled on a flat top to tender succulent perfection. You don’t need a fork and knife for this. Grad with one hand and rip into it like a savage.Steak Sandwich – Same palomilla steak with french fries, tomatoes, and lettuce in toasted Cuban bread. This puts any late night cravings to rest.Pasteles – Flaky Cuban pastry filled with Guava and Cheese. Fresh and delicious.The memories of long nights, though I can’t quite disclose for obvious reasons, came rushing back. This is just honest down to earth food in what can sometimes be a very pretentious city. It is sad to see some smaller excellent food “holes” get snuffed out by larger more hip and cool joints on South Beach. Here is hoping that the revitalization of Downtown Miami does not snuff out Manolo y Rene Cafeteria. Great reliable food for real people.
By: Mark H.
Junk Removal Ecs
Some Businesses are started because an Entrepreneur comes up with a great idea and then some businesses are started from necessity and just trying to make other people's lives easier. This business is of the later.Hi I am Mark Horton and a few years ago my father past from at the early age of 76. It was a stressful time not only was the man who I loved dearly now gone from this world, I was confronted with the task of cleaning out his estate. Over the next 4 months I would travel from Miami Florida to Baltimore, Maryland every other week working to get my father's home cleaned out. This would require multiple airfares, car rentals, eating out day and night; yes, the expenses were piling up. My back was sore and I didn't know what I was doing. It was emotionally draining wanting to hold on to almost everything. I had nowhere to keep this old stuff and all I would have been doing would be moving it from his house to collect dust at my house.Many, many thousand dollars later I had it done. But the house needed cleaning and fixing in order to sell. I needed a low cost way to get the house ready to be sold at top dollar. This required even more time. Fixing, Cleaning, Painting and bring the house to code. Finally, the house was ready, several more thousand dollars later, a lot of lost wages and a sore back.There must be a better way? A more cost effective way? An easy way that the surviving family members could afford and that would eliminate so much stress? Ultimately, a company that would allow consumers like you to get a great "Return On Investment" from ECS removing your trash, Junk, cleaning the home, repair minor things, professional painting, new flooring and assistance with finding a great Realtor.
By: Myra S.
Sasa Stones
My husband and I bought an apartment in the Brickel area. We needed to change and update the whole bathroom. We were looking for a special kind of marble called the 'Volakas spider'. We were so amazed to find SASA Stones a few blocks away from our apartment. The price for this marble was incredibly good (back in August 2014); we paid $9.38/sq.ft. (24x24). They also installed, re-disigned, and re-did all my bathroom in no time, and at a very reasonable price. The quality of the materials they used was amazing, and the finished work was very professional. I recommend any related services offered by this company. The show room has a lot to choose from, and for every budget. The customer service team is also very friendly, and knowledgeable of their products.
By: dave g.
Frankie's Pizza
BY: DAVEGARCIA.NET - Driving westbound on Bird Road I spotted a vintage sign that reached to the clear blue Miami sky, with flashing marquee lights that read “Frankie’s Pizza.”Some said it served one of the top-ten pizzas in Miami. Still, others boasted it was one of the top-five. But the hardcore fans claimed it to be the #1 pizza in Miami. It was delicious! A soft little square that was crunchy and tasty at the same time. How did Frankie do it? What was he secret? Regardless, I agree with many fellow Miamians – this was definitely one of the best pizzas in town if you were driving down the road and you got the munchies.
By: frnmachu
Pops Pizza & Subs
hi, my name is francisco,and just I would like tell you thank you from your support since september 2009 this is challenge everydays to keep our pizzeria #1 from our competence, we work hard everyday to have the best pizza in town at the best prices and our local delivery ARE FREE AND FASTEST.We have a huge selection plates as our famouse philly steak, calzones, stramboly,20 kinds of pastas,cold cut subs,crossants,wings,hamburgur,platos Argentinos and some latin plates as rice beans with meat or chinken with FREE GARLIC ROLLS TO TRY.This is the www.popspizzaandsubs.com
By: cynthia.yesbeckshapiro
Steve's Pizza
We ordered from the Steve's in Palmetto Bay and I have to say we were very disappointed. First when I called to place my order the kid was laughing and not very professional. When we went to pick it up almost every staff member was coughing and sneezing. When we got food home everything was packed in bag upside so dripped everywhere. We ordered 3 dinners. They were covered with way to much cheese and just didn't look or taste fresh! The only thing good were the garlic rolls. I will never order from there again and what a waste of $40.00!!!!t
By: garysonthego
CiCi's Pizza
My Son and I eat here today 09/01/2014 and this is a # 1 CiCis in Miami FL, the employees are really Nice And the Manager there Tom Smith is # 1 he REALLY DOES HIS job there and is Great with the customers I asked him for his card so I could write this review We enjoyed our Visit at this Location as we been to the others and the others could Learn from this location on how to keep costumers coming back over and over Keep up the Great work your doing Mr. Smith and thanks for he great Lunch experience we had. GM AND JM MIAMI ,DADE, FL,
By: frnmachu
Pops Pizza & Subs
I would like to tell you guys this pizzeria have the best pizza in Miami, also they have philly cheese steak, and the fettuccini Alfredo with chicken or shirmp that are delicious, they give with the pastas (garlic bread) it is always fresh.the delivery always are on time.They have a lot of good subs too as tuna melt sub or Italian sub, and I do not want to forget above the wings that is para chuparte los dedos.Always with my friends or my childrens I call Pop to have a good food, also I can affort it becouse they have good prices.
By: Linda B.
Infinitum, Inc
I was matched with a one-on-one mentor from Infinitum to give me ideas for growing my business. I came to the meeting with some skepticism, unsure exactly how I would walk out the door feeling differently. He really helped me put everything into perspective, and gave me some scenarios to think about. He is extremely knowledgeable and insightful, and has a handle on various aspects related to managing and growing your business.
By: Carolina A.
Steve's Pizza
great pizza place, steves pizza is a nice restaurant the pizzas are well cooked nice ingredients everything is perfect too much or less of something , they have toppings on pizza that i never even heard of before i really cant accept the fact that their pizza is better than most of the local pizza store like Dominos, Little Ceasers, Pizza Hut, and Papa Johns. Nice Steve keep it up

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