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By: ejrubi
Hyperbaric Therapy of Florida
This place saved my right lower limb from possible gangrene! On Jun/2016 a surgery left me with a gap knew to ankle 5+ in in the middle of the inside calf. Took 5 weeks to leave the hospital 2 weeks later I'm back purple leg. antibotic and hyperbaric oxygen treatment recommended Insurance susgeted Hyperbaric Treatment of Fl.In this place I have felt that my recuperation is what only matters. Today I can say my lower leg calf is SAVED.The compasion, the personal touch I can't say enough. If ever you or anyone you know can benefit from this treatment don't give it two thoughts! I've got to run, they are waiting for me! Thank you ���� Hyperbaric Treatment oF Florida
By: Cira O.
Hyperbaric Therapy of Florida
Nice service for treatment of Autism, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Lyme disease, Alzheimer, Parkinson, Release of Stem cells, Brain Injury & Trauma, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Thermal Burns, Neuro Rehabilitation, Healing Wounds Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections and others.
By: Anna M.
Aventura Wellness and Rehab
The doctor is a cool guy, but the staff is not the best including the reception, plus lack of parking.. wait time can be real bad too.
By: Frederick B.
B and C Rehabilitation Center Inc
Great!!!!!! excellent place and service , Dr and all staff have very good relationship patients staff.

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