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By: ejrubi
Hyperbaric Therapy of Florida
This place saved my right lower limb from possible gangrene! On Jun/2016 a surgery left me with a gap knew to ankle 5+ in in the middle of the inside calf. Took 5 weeks to leave the hospital 2 weeks later I'm back purple leg. antibotic and hyperbaric oxygen treatment recommended Insurance susgeted Hyperbaric Treatment of Fl.In this place I have felt that my recuperation is what only matters. Today I can say my lower leg calf is SAVED.The compasion, the personal touch I can't say enough. If ever you or anyone you know can benefit from this treatment don't give it two thoughts! I've got to run, they are waiting for me! Thank you ���� Hyperbaric Treatment oF Florida
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By: Michael C.
Victoria Nursing & Rehab Center
My father was placed in the rehabilitation center for 3 months and then transferred to the nursing home into a long-term bed. During his time at the rehab center, the technicians helped him maintain strength and agility by doing various hand and leg exercises. They were all very nice and helpful. He has now been in the nursing home for two years and has been well taken care of with few incommodities.
By: Jose R.
We hired MEDHEALTH BILLING SERVICES to do our Billing & Collections 1 year ago and we haven’t looked back. They got to know our practice and have exceeded a 90% collection rate consistently. We have continued to grow our practice and will definitely recommend other doctors for billing and collections.Thank you. Dr. Ramirez
By: Wilson C.
All Custom Corsets Inc
Servicio excelente. Tienen zapatos ortopedicos muy lindos y comodos. Mi medico me dijo que necesitaba unos zapatos especiales. Ellos los tenian y me resolvieron con soportes y otras cosas que me hicieron sentir mas comoda. Tienen mucha paciencia y son muy dulce la gente de Quirantes.
By: Cira O.
Hyperbaric Therapy of Florida
Nice service for treatment of Autism, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Lyme disease, Alzheimer, Parkinson, Release of Stem cells, Brain Injury & Trauma, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Thermal Burns, Neuro Rehabilitation, Healing Wounds Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections and others.
By: Maria P.
Victoria Nursing & Rehab Center
Mi madre estuvo recibiendo terapia en Victoria hace 3 meses. El lugar es fantastico, el cuidado es humano, los empleados siempre amables y dispuestos a ayudar. Personalmente me atrevo a recomendar este lugar para el cuidado de sus queres queridos.
By: John F.
Medical Supply Depot and Repairs
Very fast service. Staff was very helpful in helping me determine the correct product for my needs. Courteous lady on the telephone on my initial inquiry. Prompt delivery of each order. Very impressed.
By: Chantell G.
Universal Medical Supplies
Very happy with this company! The lady is great to deal with and very helpful. I bought gloves and diapers from them. I have been shopping with them for about a year.
By: Jackie M.
Los Angeles Medical Center
You can't find a better clinic, their staff is top rated. You walk in, and it's smiles everywhere. Check this place out for the best of the best service.
By: Christina F.
Medical Supply Depot and Repairs
I love this company. They are quick and reliable. Very fast service. Staff was very helpful in helping me determine the correct product for my needs.

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