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By: dawn3000
Her Majesty's Event Rental & Design
I must address the review above!!!I am the PROUD owner of Her Majesty’s Event Rental and Design, and I am tired of being slandered across the internet as a result of this particular event! First and foremost, the bride chose her own decorations; thus, my job was simply to place them in a manner that would enhance the décor of the wedding venue. However, the pictures that were shown to me at meetings prior to the wedding were different from the actual items I was given to work with for the event. According to the bride, the reason for this and other last-minute changes just days before the wedding was to save money, because in her own words, “There was no more in the budget.” As an event planner, I understand how my clients will likely incur unexpected costs, particularly as the big day approaches; however, I am not a miracle worker. I can only take an event as far as their budgets will allow and while seeking the most that their money can buy. In this case, I sympathized with the bride-to-be and even purchased some items for the wedding with my own money, at no additional cost to her. What more could I have done?Furthermore, my company offers several options (one of which is full service), including all decorations, linen, chairs, centerpieces, etc., which often saves time and money for the already overwhelmed client. In this case, the bride chose to handle these details herself and, in fact, refused when I once again extended them to her a week before the wedding. As a result of HER decision, HER wedding did not flow as smoothly as it could have. This resulted in poorly-designed bouquets and centerpieces, a shortage of chair sashes, and a lack of plastic cups and plates, to name a few. To ensure that all wedding guests dined, I left during the wedding reception and purchased cups and plates at my own expense (including gas). Let me reiterated, the bride was supposed to handle these matters herself; yet, I ruined her wedding?? As for the all-important linen, once again, I asked the bride if she wanted me to take her linen, which needed steaming, to my cleaners. She responded that she had a steamer and thus refused. This resulted in what I would refer to as ‘pathetic-looking’ linen that had not, in fact, been steamed. It was only on the DAY OF THE WEDDING that I found out that the bride’s friend who was supposed to steam the linen never showed up, leaving the bride ‘hanging dry’ and forcing her to take them out of storage the DAY OF and use them AS IS!!! As the planner, I was quite disappointed because there was very little I could do with wrinkled linen; but I am a professional and there was no time to complain, so I put my skills and expertise into immediate action and made a quality product with sub-quality materials. I am very appreciative of my many customers who have expressed their appreciation for my willingness to sit and show them ALL packages available in hopes of accommodating their specific needs and budgets. It is important to note that they come to me with 2 important concepts in mind: 1. Let the experts handle the details; that’s why you hired them to begin with, and 2. Do not expect a $5,000 event with a $500 budget. It’s just not possible! So, let’s be fair and take a good, long look in the mirror before slinging false allegations over the internet, which can directly impact another’s livelihood. I can do very little, if anything, with décor or wrinkled linen that showed up the day of the wedding. I can’t make plastic cups and plates magically appear when the bride tells me she’s taking care of it, and I certainly cannot force anyone to make me handle these necessities, NO MATTER HOW HARD I ATTEMPTED TO DO SO. So, if anyone needs to be checked, talk to your friend, the newlywed.
By: dawn3000
Her Majesty's Event Rental & Design
I must address the review above. I am the owner and I am tired of being slandered across the internet from this particular event. The bride who this post is in reference to, chose the decorations for her own wedding. It was my job to simply place them where they needed to be. The pictures that were shown to me at our meetings were different from the items she actually had at the event. She changed many things at the last minute (Thursday before the wedding) to save money because as she said "there was no more budget". I even bought a few things of my own that were free to her because I began to feel sorry for her. She could have paid for full-service and everything would have been taken care of. She made her own bouquets, if thats what they were and designed her own centerpieces. She didnt even have enough chair sashes for her chairs, or napkins for her guests. She ran out of the plastic plates and cups that she bought for her guests to eat on and I went and found a store to get some from, because she couldnt even give guests cake. Guests were forced to eat off of chargers? Her linens were not steam because she took them out of storage the day of. She told me her friend was coming to steam the linen, just like the friends that were supposed to be at the non-existent wedding rehearsal because none of them showed up. I had asked her a week before if she wanted me to take her linens to my cleaners, and she told me she had a steamer. I offered to her to rent centerpieces from me to help and she refused that as well. You are looking at the wrong person sweetheart. If I dont know a full story, I wont mess with someone's livelihood by spreading lies on the internet. You have a problem with the decor that was there? You have a problem with your friend or yourself. I am an event planner and decorator and not a magician. The same day you saw the decor was the same day I saw it. Nothing was what she showed me. So if you want to check something check yourself.
By: Larry M.
Carefree Boat Club of Miami
Carefree boat club Aventura:Great experience. I read the reviews prior to signing up and had some concerns. I went to the Aventura Marina on a Sunday and talked to the Dock Master as well as some club members. Travis, the dock master was very helpful and showed us around and let us look at the clubs boats. We got very positive feedback from the club members and their information did not seem to support the negative reviews posted. A few days later we returned to meet with a representative and sign up. Erich was very helpful and answered all of my questions. The owner happened to be there at the time and he went out of his way to answer some questions and even personally reserved boats for me later in the week. I had a question about the capacity of one of the boats the next day and I called Brian (the owner) with the question. He called me back in less than an hour. The entire staff is very professional and the process is very simple if you follow it. I got a chance to look at all 8 boats at the club. They are all in good shape. I have reserved boats 3 times in the first 7 days as a member and everything was clean, easy and as advertised. We are very happy with our decision to join Carefree boat club and look forward to many more outings with friends and family.
By: managerdvr
Dvr Protection Company Inc
D.V,R. Protection Company,Inc. is the best and most diversified security agencies. Family-owned and operated, D.V,R. Protection Company,Inc. has proudly been serving the South Florida community since 1985. D.V,R. Protection Company,Inc. has forged a reputation based on innovation, quality, professionalism, resourcefulness, experience, and flexibility all of which make it an industry leader. D.V,R. Protection Company, characterized by skilled manpower, expertise and specialty knowledge because it requires its trained security personnel to demonstrate precise and flawless conduct at all times. Each task that its officers undertake calls upon their extensive training which focuses on ensuring the security and safety of your company. More important, D.V,R. Protection Company,Inc.continuously excels amongst the competition with its outstanding customer service and its quest that each of your individual needs will not only be met, but also exceed.
By: Erika A.
Kids Steps Academy
I'm a stay at home mom of a 2.5 year old boy. I visited day care after day care looking for a clean affordable facility. I chose KSA based on their cleanliness, friendly staff and new play ground and class rooms. I never anticipated what a positive change I would see in my son. I'm very happy I enrolled him, he's excited about learning and is benefiting greatly from the love and positive reinforcement he receives daily. I could honestly say I've become a better parent learning from the teachers there. Most importantly my son receives a lot of love and patience and his behavior is proof of this. My favorite part is they text me photos daily of him learning through creative activities. You truly get what you pay for. This is NOT A DAYCARE, it's definitely a learning center. I would urge anyone who has a child to put them in KSA.
By: jamesmsander
Movingclaims Net
I want to say a few words about the service I received from moving just last month. I booked a moving company to move me from NY to CA, and due to a few reasons, one is bad weather for example, I had to reschedule. A few times Because of that everything got delayed; my move didn’t happened when I wanted, my items were delivered late, the moving team I received was annoying and I ended up with some damaged items. I received moving phone number from the foremen to deal with my entire costumer service issues, including filling a claim with the insurance. I am glad the mover hired them as their customer service agent because the stuff at moving is patient, kind and understanding. I want to say thank you again to John, Jenny and Henry!
By: John M.
Movingclaims Net
MovingClaims.Net was a breath of fresh air after such a horrific moving experience! Everything went just as I feared it would. My quote wasn’t guaranteed, the movers took forever to pick-up AND deliver, and MOST of my items were damaged. Pure nightmare from beginning to end. I was instructed to contact Moving Claims & I spoke with Jenny, a manager in the claims department and she was the only person who actually had the least bit of sympathy for my situation. She assisted me in filing my claim and kept me updated throughout the whole process up until I was issued a settlement check. Very grateful for her assistance. This is the ONLY positive review I can write after such a terrible experience.
By: Maritza B.
Best Repair Fix
Although this is a Duplicate call to the Identical problem, I'm not taking away any stars from Fredrick . The reason for the repeat visit is Fredrick Made a suggestion on his first visit to attempt to save us some cash. He advised that his suggestion may not repair the issue, so I was fully informed when I made my decision at that moment. Problem has now been taken care of. I am VERY impressed with the service Fredrick provided. He's got a great attitude, super friendly and doesn't hesitate to share his knowledge. He even took some time from his busy schedule to reveal some preventative measures to reduce the probability of future problems with my own washer. Great job Fredrick !
By: josekersey
Movingclaims Net
My family and I moved from FL to AL this past winter. I didn’t know that the mover I choose would be that clumsy! We received our belongings a week late, without our TV and some other boxes with personal items went missing too. I was so upset! Thank god that was there to help me! John from was on top of things since day one; he helped me file a claim for lost items while he assured me that the moving company is searching for the items. At the end my items were found in GA, in another guy’s home… I got my stuff all thanks to John that was persistent and on top on things.
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By: Xristian C.
Sunrise Van and Car Rental
Our organization, Miami Medical Team at Florida International University (FIU) rented a 15 passenger van for our semester mission trip to New Orleans. We were pleased with the service, and the manager went above and beyond to accommodate my team. The van came equipped with a center console ice chest, snacks, a DVD player, and even some movies to keep us occupied on the long 13 hour trip. We would highly recommend this company to our friends as well as continue to use them for our future trips throughout the United States.

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