Panthers Cleaners in Miami, Florida with Reviews -
By: Sophi G.
Carmel Laundry and Dry Cleaning
First of all this place always opens about 15 min late. It's an old looking laundromat with old things but almost all of the machines work, the prices are very fair and I trust leaving my clothes here and setting a timer on my phone for when to return. Staff is very friendly. I've never had dry cleaning done so I can only account for my feelings about doing my owner laundry and there is no other laundromat that I would go to in the area. It would be nice if someday they remodeled the place and put all new machines and a nice new floor in with a seating area that has wifi. In NY we had a brand new laundromat and it was so nice. I would pay more for the machines if it meant a full remodel of this place. Just a thought for the owners.
By: Ruth H.
One Stop Cleaners
I have a white with blue stripes long sleeve shirt. Being a little absent minded, I washed it with dark colors and left it in the washing machine overnight. When I woke up, I directly put it in the dryer and when I took it out, I discovered black stains on the white portions of the shirt. I searched Yellowpages for stain removal services and stumbled upon One Stop Cleaners. I went in and showed them the stains and they said they will try their best to remove them. I came back the next day and the stains were gone! It's great that they are a green facility and want to help out the environment. I am very satisfied with their service and will come back again for future needs.
By: Laura M.
One Stop Cleaners
I got my jeans dry cleaned here and they did an excellent job. They actually looked brand new! I almost couldn't recognize them. Bonus that they're green.. I didn't even realize that until after the fact. I also like how they answer the phone whenever you call. I called One Stop Cleaners 3x with stupid questions the same day and they were patient and answered my idiotic questions. And, if you're like me and lose your ticket, not to worry.. you can always use your last name :)
By: Lori N.
Cutler Cleaners
I have gone to several cleaners and truly have had a bad experience form losing an article of clothing as well as not getting a stain out of an article of clothing. I am extremely pleased with Cutler Cleaners. They do an excellent job. My clothes comes out amazing every time. The staff is awesome and extremely helpful. The other day I brought a tablecloth that I needed cleaned and they recommended exactly how it should be done. I recommend them highly.
By: Chad M.
One Stop Cleaners
Love this place! It's only a little more expensive than any regular dry cleaners. When I learned that without the harsh chemicals, they couldn't burn my clothes I knew I had to try it out. I brought in a white silk blouse and a wool and silk blazer on my first visit and was very excited to not find any brow spots on my white blouse and that my jacket wasn't shiny from the chemicals. I'm very happy the service here, I highly recommend One Stop Cleaners!
By: Denise G.
Capry French Cleaners Inc
Contrary to the other reviews..I always have great service..I am attended to with respect & the work is superb especially the alterations which I have done frequently. The owners are old school professionals who work hard & maintain an environment of professionalism. If you are looking for kissy kissy this is not the place but if you want professional courtesy with a dignified approach then this is the FRENCH cleaner for you.
By: janet.borges
Super Wash & Dry
There is a problem with the amount of water in the machines, clothes come out dingy and that's unacceptable. I use Tide with Bleach and I had to resoak all my whites at home to remove the yellow stains. Please allow enough water to enter the machines so the detergents can work properly even if you raise your prices!! At least I can do laundry once not three times like I had to do.
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By: Brenda B.
Cutler Cleaners
I’ve been working with the Browman family since I moved to Miami in 1987. How many can say that their dry cleaners have never lost an item, never ruined an item and cared for their clothes as if they were their own. If you want reliable, good service - there is no other dry cleaner to consider. You are also supporting a great small business! All the best, Brenda Bassett
By: Maria L.
Tropical Cleaners
I came to this location because the dry cleaners I usually would go to couldn't give me same day service. I came here and was assisted by the owner. I told him I desperately needed a dress dry cleaned and pressed for a wedding I had to attend only hours away. He did it immediately and only for10 dollars!!! I would usually pay around 15-20 at my other location.
By: Randall S.
One Stop Cleaners
The best dry cleaner I've ever used. They live up to their name. Someone once told me there are always three things available when considering a purchase: Fast, good, and cheap. Now pick two of the above. Somehow they manage all three, with friendly customer service to boot. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you One Stop Cleaners.

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