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By: Edwin S.
Freestyle Fighting Academy
I’ve been training in FFA for about a year and 7 months now. Right now I’m in their amateur fight team. The coaches here have been a great inspiration to me. They are great fighters and great training partners. The gym has been really good to me and helped me to understand and learn the mixed martial arts. I’ve been improving on my striking in mma. Here in this fight team, there are a lot of good training partners. The whole gym itself is really really well. The instructors and the coaches here really take their time to help me learn. The classes are amazing. They really show you how to really get the full fundamentals of competing in mixed martial arts. This is great gym, it’s big enough, it’s cage, everything and anything you would want in a mma gym is here. It’s amazing. It’s the best training you’ll ever have.
By: Danilo M.
Freestyle Fighting Academy
I came from Honduras because I heard of the FFA through Youtube, especially with the tip of the week with Coach Marcos. I just want to say that this is a great academy. You'll feel welcome even though you're new. You'll learn so much, I just came here to train here for a week, but I think I learned about a month's training over here. Everybody's so helpful, if you want to up your skills, whether you're looking for Jiujitsu, wrestling, kickboxing, or you want to do the whole MMA, this is the academy you'll want to go to. The price is good, the coaches are awesome, there is no age, size, or whatever limit. If you just want to go train hard, this is your academy. I came all the way from Honduras and I'm just very very happy I just got to train over here.
By: Regnery C.
Japan Karate Assn Of Miami
Sensei Saito its a top notch instructor with many years of experience, his teachings are prime and work well in any situation. However, most Karate schools want money and so they will keep up to be friendly with all the students, the instructor will be friendly but he wont sugar coat you if you do something wrong, he will try to fix your mistake but if you have no interest and are being plain lazy, then why would you go to a martial arts school. Many parents don't like how they talk to their children, even if they try to fix their mistakes. Karate is part of Budo, in other words "military arts" very few schools can be called Budo arts and this is one of them.
By: judo305
Champion Martial Arts USA
Absolutely the BEST Martial Arts instruction for children and teens. Sensei Angel Perez is a licensed and certified Blackbelt instructor with over 40 years of Martial Arts knowledge and experience. Champion Martial Arts students won a combined 28 medals at the 2010 jr Olympics and jr US Open (15 GOLD) - more than any other Judo school in the USA and is the only Judo school to ever win "BEST Team Award" at any NAGA event (2007). Fun, friendly and family oriented atmosphere in a clean and safe environment. No Contract - No Registration Fee - 1 Week FREE Trial - No Obligation. Join Now and be a Champion!
By: Barbara D.
Perfect Balance Kendall
This review is coming from a person that has done various workout programs until now. I totally love my kickboxing workout, a workout that is tough but so fullfiling. You will see results by just looking at your body and you will also notice how good these classes are by the way you feel about yourself. I have lost 30 pounds and I am sure I will continue to lose more pounds. The trainers are excellent, you have trainers spotting you during the work out to make sure you will not cause injurt to yourself. These trainers motivate you and truly help you accomplish your goal. I fully reccomend tis class !
By: Yoli C.
Shimamoto Dojo
Outstanding Dojo with a highly experienced Okinawan Karate instructor, Sensei Kevin. I honestly cannot say enough about this gentleman's teaching style. The children ALL look up to him. I wish more people knew about this gem of a dojo. Sensei Kevin does not take nonsense from the kids but he is just and fair. The kids respond positively to his instructions and there is a feeling of camaraderie in the dojo. This is all due to his guidance and inspiration. My children have been going for a while here and I cannot recommend it enough. Do your homework and come to this dojo, you will not regret it.
By: Steve S.
Freestyle Fighting Academy
I work for a prison and I decided to join FFA for self defense. When I got here I learned that it was more than just coming here. I learned a couple techniques, this place feels like a family environment and that drove me here everyday. It will change your life. If you want to just try learn a couple of punches, you'll definitely come back here I guarantee that. All I can say I recommend it. I can't imagine anything right now besides coming here at FFA every night. It's worth all your troubles and sacrifices to push through and reach your goals.
By: Melissa R.
Freestyle Fighting Academy
Both my sons go to FFA and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made for my kids. There are lots of activities such as soccer, football, etc., but the martial arts at FFA I think is the best choice because along with teaching self defense the kids are learning great values such as discipline, respect, and other values. You can listen to the speeches the instructors teach and the life lessons, incredible team of coaches.
By: danielita
Kyokuyama Karate
This place is exelent for adults and childrens. The owner and the staff are profecional and dedicated. The classes are fun and motivating, and the best is that you learn something new every day :). If you want to lose weight, learn self defense, or you and your kids want to have a great time and have fun visit this place.This gym teach Kyokushin Karate, Muay-Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing etc. The first class is FREE!! OSU.....
By: John M.
Freestyle Fighting Academy
I’ve been going to FFA for about 9 years now and I’ve been involved in martial arts for over 20 years, and I have to say that this school is the best. Everyday I’m still learning and still growing. It’s like I find something new each class, There’s no limits to what you can learn here. If you’re just a casual hobbyist or a competitor, or anything in between- this is the place to be. Come check it out!

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