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By: andreacorrea
Kotel Financial
Credit repair ir know to be a scam by many...I thought so too..until I signed up at Kotel Financial. There prices mught be a little higher then most credit repair businesses, but this is because they offer VIP service. You can go to their office and sit with the credit specialist, meet everyone in the office and sit back and relax because you WILL SEE results. Everyone at the office is super professional and friendly! My score went up a lot, in only a month! Every penny i payed was worth it! And not only that, they offer many other financial services. So as soon as I get my credit completly recovered, I will also get a loan and ask for some wealth management help. Kotel, I am speechless, thank you so much for all your help and for educating me on how to mantain my credit healthy.
By: Eric S.
Student Aid Center
The only people who are saying this is a scam are people who didn't understand what was supposed to happen. This is not an organization that offers to put your loans in forebearance, they facilitate income-based payments and debt forgiveness. They DO happen to put your loans in forebearance while your application is processed, but that is not the primary function of the organization. Look them up on the Better Business Bureau for more information, where they ARE recognized as a legitimate business.
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By: Andrea Z.
Ocean Bank
International banking center I don't thing it's wonderful to work with people that there is bullying with one official and employees and customers incredible officials is looking cells all day going to shopping just working 30' that's is that's is 3 people that work with team and hear �������� but NOT THE RELATIONSHIPMANAG . The official insult the assistant incredible abuse no body do nothing
By: Chaplain H.
Student Aid Center
STUENT LOAN FORGIVENESSIf you ever had a Christmas wish that came true this is the company that makes it happen! I had over 120k I owed in student loans and because I'm a under paid public servant after $750 and ten years my debt is forgiven!!!!!! Praise God for this company!!!!! I will always keep Michael and that company in my prayers!!!!!
By: m.michele.brown.1
Navy Federal Credit Union
Nice and small branch office; complimentary parking is at 1000 Brickell Plaza just a half of a block away; small waiting area but excellent service. Do not park at Commercial parking meters (risk the possibility of being booted).
By: 305carlosg
Student Aid Center
I was in Debt with over 80k in student loans paying over $1000.00 per month having a hard time to make ends meet. They were able to do a consolidation with one lender for 353.43 for 120 months . Thank you !
By: Louise B.
1st National Bank of South Florida
I really love that the bank offers internet banking, we really like it a lot. It is very convenient and fast and keeps accurate track of all our accounts. It is also so user-friendly.
By: Reese G.
1st National Bank of South Florida
No matter what the staff at 1st National Bank of South Florida are always available and easy to get a hold of. I highly recommend 1st National Bank of South Florida.
By: Rene J.
1st National Bank of South Florida
We have been very satisfied since we started banking with st National Bank of South Florida. They really have no room for improvement. I highly recommend them.
By: isy2006
FirstBank Florida
Great bank! People are very friendly, they have lots of tellers, and no stupid fee's!! They are exactly what I was looking for in a bank!! Thanks guys!

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