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By: sharon.phillipsbryan
Out of probably at least 10 companies I called, DamagedCars did offer the best price for my totaled vehicle, but I experienced several issues with them. First of all, they apparently only work with one towing company in the state of VA who would only come pick up the car during the business day (even though DamagedCars told me the company had evening hours.) Our totaled car was parked at the body shop we had it towed to after our accident, and I had no way to get there during the work day because that was our second car. I couldn't leave the car there any longer than a couple of days so the towing company told me they could pick it up without me if we left the title and keys in the car, and they'd mail us the check. I verified our mailing address on several occasions, but somehow the towing company sent the check to my sister-in-law's address because I guess hers was on the title from when the car was purchased? That's the only possible way I can think of that they got her address. Thankfully she still lived there to receive the check. She lives 30 miles from us though making the whole process annoying. When the check didn't come to our address several business days after the car was picked up I emailed DamagedCars to ask about the status of it, called and left a message with an apparent answering service, called again and spoke to someone who apparently submitted a message to a supervisor and not one person has gotten back to me at all to either explain how the mistake could have been made or at least to apologize for the lack of organization and inconvenience to me. It's nice you all offered more for the vehicle, but if the check is sent to the wrong address it all seems a little bit pointless, don't you think? Seems very unorganized and unprofessional. I will not be using DamagedCars again.
By: david.aston.56
I was searching for someone to buy my 1987 chev celbrity that the engine dropped on and so I can't drive any more . Repair cost was not worth the vehicle. I called one man's comp and he offered me $100. I decided to wait . A co worker said my title was worth more so, I looked and found damaged cars. com they quoted $375. The only problem was cashing a check. So I called the first man back and told him the quote and he offered to match in cash. That sealed the deal. I sold it today . If I didn't need the cash now I would probably have gone with Damaged Cars. com. My only concern is being paid by check. I have never heard of this comp. Respectfully David Aston I must say all the people on the phone were very courteous. The only problem was when I called to cancel the pick up it wasn't registered by the operator who answered the phone I know this because I got a call wanting to schedule a pick up. The company I sold my car to is local in Salt Lake City ,Utah called ' Car sold for cash'. Again they matched the offer and it was cash. The only3 complaints about this company is confusion about my car on the phone . they weren't there at the appointed time agreed. And talking on the phone was a challenge.
By: scollins
I was hesitant to sell my car online but damagedcars gave me the best price so I wanted to figure out how comfortable I could be with the deal. I checked other car buying websites and all of them had some negative reviews but damagedcars appears to be responding to problems if they happen. I checked the Better Business Bureau and they do have the A+ rating they claim and have been in business for a long time. I decided to go through with the sale and everything happened just like it was supposed to. No problems with any surprises, the car was towed away and I was paid on the spot. I am writing this because I would have lost $400 on my car just because I was worried about problems that did not happen. I can't say more than my own experience, but I am glad I took the deal.
By: John H.
Torro Auto Brokers
Purchased a 2013 Chevy Silverado with them back in may had been looking for several months . Saw their ad for a truck that called my attention , miles were a bit high but what struck me was their honesty , unlike most places I went to that the trucks condition didn’t match the miles this place the miles didn’t match the condition , and their help through out the whole process was great no pressure I didn’t feel like I was being forced to buy . Case in point almost 6 months with my new used truck and haven’t had an issue the Truck was everything and more that they claimed it to be . Thanks LJ & Anthony
By: Nick F.
Tried getting a quote with them and they straight up low-balled me. My car had a rebuilt title, and according to the KKB and 5 other car valuation sites the worth of my car was 20-25k. I understand with a rebuilt it's not worth that much, the car would get around 13-15k in a good market. They offered me 6k for a fully fixed undamaged car. Clearly they low ball and resell for market values. Guess they are alright if you want quick cash, but don't think they'll give you anywhere close to what the cars true worth is. I won't ever try quoting with these guys again. Waste of time.
By: Michael R. gives the best offer for your Damaged or Junk auto. My vehicle is a newer model with scratches and minor bumps from a previous car accident, I attempted to get some quotes to see what my vehicle would be worth. Out of all the major companies listed on Google, Damaged cars offered the best value. The staff was nice & courteous, everyone was extremely attentive to my situation and helped me negotiate with my Insurance company. If you have a pending Insurance claim, and need a second option.. Go to and get a quote for your damaged vehicle.
By: robertocleary007
This company was fantastic from beginning to end. I contacted them regarding a pick up of a 1988 Mazda 626 LS. The company contracts out with local towing companies in my area. Once I completed the online form, their follow up was immediate. They gave my info to a tow company who promptly screwed up the whole transaction by not bothering to pick up my car. When I contacted, they immediately apologized for the poor service received and referred me to another tow company who picked car up the next day. Kudos to this great company.
By: braidedcord
I was referred by a friend who had sold a car to damagedcars a couple of years ago and I wanted to work with someone who has been around for a while. The sale was delayed because I had a problem with my title and they were patient while I got a replacement. Once I was ready to sell they were easy to contact and the offer did not change even though a month and a half had passed. I would use them again if I am ever in the situation of having a car that has quit working.
By: Kristine M.
Very professional people. Sale of my Nissan after the engine blew up was better than I could have hoped for. They took me through all of the steps, tow truck driver was there when he said he would be and gave me a check in exchange for the title. Best thing was, they paid $500 more than anyone else would give me for my car. I would do business with again! THANKS
By: happymant
I just wanted to thank you all at for working with me to get my lien holder to help me out an get my sale to your company done. Your company went above and beyond to help secure the sale and I really appreciate it. You all worked so well I am in the process of helping a friend of mine to sell his Jeep to you guys as well... Again thank you all very much.

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