By: theproducers2010
Expert Printing & Graphics
Weighing in the costs, the quality of the products, as well as the printing and paper options – Expert Printing & Graphics is definitely on top of their game as compared to other printing service providers out there (Miami area).All in all, nothing beats Expert Printing when it comes to giving you the best value for your money while delivering quality printing services at the same time.The best thing about the services offered by Expert Printing is that the site itself can be your one-stop shop for all your printing needs. You can take your pick from the fast turnaround options that they have and the wide array of printed products that they offer. Finally, when it comes to price, the rates offered by Expert Printing is at par with the rates quoted by their direct competitors – so you will definitely get your money's worth when you take advantage of the services offered by Expert Printing & Graphics.
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By: Giuseppe C.
Mcreations Branding Studio
I own a restaurant for we hired Mcreations to create all our branding and graphics, There is a reason why there clients, (some of your competitors) are most likely doing better business then you, please think about that the next time your shopping around and find a cheaper "printer" (not design studio). With higher quality products, more then a good design, it will be a investment that pays back, check out Mcreations.
By: isy2006
Expert Printing & Graphics
These guys do it all!!! I thought I was going in for generic business cards and they ended up doing all my printing! Cards, envelopes, letterhead and they even did my graphics! I thought I was going to do that elsewhere and the best part of it all was the price and the time they turned it all around!! Very friendly and affordable! Whatelse would you want! Great job Expert Printing!!
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By: Jasmin B.
Smart Graphic Corp
I love how fast they are, I ordered a big family picture, and I couldn't be any more happier with their quality, not only that but they were friendly as well and made me feel welcomed, I asked for 1000 changes and changed the picture 1000 times, they managed to get my picture done perfect and within the time needed. I would definitely recommend it and I will continue using it
By: Dianelis B.
New Discovery Media
Wholeheartedly say that I love your work, are such talented and committed people who do not stop to enjoy what you're doing. My experience in the photo section I had with them was great, the truth is that the love I had fun a lot. I recommend them if you want to have the best experience of their lives. Thank you guys.
By: Angela M.
New Discovery Media
Love to work with them, very professional team, reliable, always on time. They would never waste your time, Jon is a great photographer and director, and his production team leader Liz is wonderful. Will love to work with them forever and ever!
By: Ada M.
Design perfection, combined with excellent navigation of the web and writing to boot! This is the agency you want to hire to grow your business online! We're so happy with the results we've had. Thank you, Elf. :)
By: Mike C.
Mcreations Branding Studio
Excellent Service and Printing Quality! There design and Graphic Services are highly recommended.. We used Mcreations for all our branding, printing and graphic design work what a great experience, thank you!!
By: ethan.wagner.1042
Ann's Print Shop Inc
Everyone is so nice and helpful. Jobs are always finished on time (most of the time, faster), and are always to my specifications. Especially recommend for professional projects.
By: taylorschmidt99
Ann's Print Shop Inc
There's a reason I would never use another print shop in Miami. Every job always gets done to perfection and right on time. The staff is always very friendly and happy to help.

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