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By: Samantha C.
Vivify -An Oasis For Chiropractic Excellence
Over 4 years ago, my husband couldn't move his right elbow without being in excruciating pain. Then, after a week of being in pain he couldn't move his other elbow as well. We had heard great things from a few people we knew (that would travel more than a half hour weekly) about Vivify so my husband went and within a week he was able to move both arms again. We found out he had scoliosis and a rare neck condition... So he continued treatment.They have helped me through two of my pregnancies! My first pregnancy (prior to chiropractic treatment) I suffered through pubic symphysis diastsis (separation of pubic symphysis) and I just endured it and used a support belt to manage pain. During labor I had so much back pain and though I planned for a home birth after 24 hours of traumatizing back pain I went to the hospital and got an epidural. After birth I suffered with a lot more back pain!!! So, when I found out I was pregnant again I didn't care what sacrifices I had to make I was going to get chiropractic care! It made SUCH a difference! I still had pubic symphysis diastsis and a lot of pelvis pain but every time I got adjusted it was such a relief and it would temporarily take away the pain! I wish I knew my first pregnancy that there was something other than a belt which didn't take the pain away just made it more manageable. It also helped that there was a woman chiropractor to adjust my pubic area which made me feel more comfortable. She also came to my second birth and pressed on certain ligaments during contractions and it made all the differences and helped me birth naturally the second time around! Vivify is owned by a married couple who both come from a family of chiropractors. They are awesome and truly care about their patients! They have gone above and beyond for us so many times and I know I would never get this kind of treatment and care anywhere else! I have come to truly trust them. I recommend my family, friends and everyone I know to go to them.
By: Natalie L.
Great little store right next to sports authority. Yes there is only one person working but I think that's enough for a nutrition store. He knew everything about everything that has to deal with supplements and nutrition and was very honest and all around a nice guy. Gave me samples of some pre-workouts which I really liked which was cool.Prices are competitive and reasonable. I rather buy from this store then some random ebay store and not know what you are getting (example: open, expired, poor quality.)Nice experience, cool people and good products. Would definitely recommend to a friend and come here again.
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By: Marie C.
Medica Pharmacy & Compounding
My dog, Mika, has special needs, and it hasn’t been easy to have her take her medication. I could no longer withstand her health deteriorating, thus I decided to take a step further. I found Medica Pharmacy at the right time. Not only their courtesy and professionalism is peerless, but they were able to compound Mika’s meds to her preference and beneficial needs. Now she’s doing much better and brings so much warmth to the family again. I am truly grateful to the entire staff for their patience and devotion to help Mika!Thank you Medica Pharmacy!
By: Deb R.
Vivify -An Oasis For Chiropractic Excellence
They ROCK. Plain and simple. Incredibly skilled, kind, and attentive. Since beginning treatment, my back pain has decreased immensely and my mobility is back. I've seen chiropractors before and never met a practice where the doctor treated me EVERY visit. Dr. Coffman has been an incredible help and walked me through every step with patience and a lot of jokes. I appreciate that he took a heavy topic (my back pain resulted from an awful car accident) and broke it down so I felt hopeful and at ease.
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By: Wesley P.
U-upgrade Fitness Bootcamp
Love these guys! They are so friendly and their workout routine rivals Shaun T. :) ........................................................................................................................................................................................................
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By: Mia F.
Ricardo Tuero Judo Club
After two years looking and switching my kids around, I am fortunate to have found an instructor that love teaching kids and have passion for his career. This is the very best of the Judo offered by an Olympic winner right in the heart of Miami, FL> This is not a regular review. I feel the need to let people know there's still a good judo in Miami. (Like the one we had back in Cuba).
By: Jerika B.
Vivify -An Oasis For Chiropractic Excellence
I've been going to Vivify since my car accident and I cannot do them justice with words...they've followed-up with me throughout our treatment together...they've gone above and beyond to make me feel cared for instead of like an income...if ever I have questions or send them emails they are quick and thoughtful to reply...and my pain is GONE!!!!! After ONE month! I'm impressed...
By: Renee B.
Medica Pharmacy & Compounding
Dr. Joe and his staff are amazing. They are very knowledgeable and will spend the time to answer any questions you might have. I am doing the HCG and B-12 regiment and have lost 44 lbs. This is the place to go for all your pharmacy or compounding needs. I highly recommend Medica Pharmacy and Compounding. Way to go guys !!!!!! Thanks for all you do for me !!
By: selmas
Jason Armand Fitness Trainer
Jason was so great at helping me get in shape! I needed to look my best for a friend's wedding and I hadn't worked out in months! Jason worked with me 3 times a week for 3 months and I'm in the best shape of my life. He also told me what types of exercises to do when I was working out on my own. He is a great trainer and I'd recommend him to anyone!!!
By: Roxy S.
Medica Pharmacy & Compounding
Dr. Joe and the team are absolutely amazing always so Helpful. They are accommodating, I have lost 19 pounds, they are so attentive I highly recommend them. One of the best compound pharmacies, I have used in over and over! Thank you for everything you do for me and family.

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